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Additions Exhibit System supplies modular exhibit systems.

Additions Exhibit System    United States
Additions Exhibit System specializes in supplying modular exhibit systems. Their products include self casing tabletop displays, tabletop displays, economy displays, graphics or signs displays, heavy duty reversible panel convention exhibit systems, disposable and re usable economy exhibit display systems, convention displays, tabletop display boards, etc.

The Board Room Inc develops circuit boards since 1990.

The Board Room Inc    United States
The Board Room Inc specializes in the development of microprocessor based embedded systems and turnkey printed circuit board assembly. Their products include proactive CDR or AMA testing device, tele trainer, etc.

Kamal and Co manufactures variety of display systems and display boards since 1989.

Kamal and Co    United Kingdom
Kamal and Co specializes in manufacturing and supplying various display systems, and display boards. Few of their products are ceramic white boards, personnel movement board, dry erase weekly planner, document inspection stand, bank token display, bank interest rate board, foreign exchange rate board, gold rate board, etc.

Electroworld designs, manufactures and test electronic assemblies for the electronics industry since 1978.

Electroworld    United States
Electroworld is an electronics manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing and testing of electronic assemblies for the electronics industry. Their products include burn in boards, HTOL boards, HAST Burn in Boards, THB boards.

EDS Swithboards manufactures electrical panels and distribution boards.

EDS Swithboards    South Africa
EDS Swithboards specializes in manufacturing electrical panels like main distribution boards, sub distribution boards, motor control panels, PLC automation panels, power factor panels, bus bar systems, distribution board pillars, mimic display, etc.

Elastomeric Technologies develops elastomeric connectors for sensors, board to board, flex circuit to board and component to board applications, etc.

Elastomeric Technologies    United States
Elastomeric Technologies specializes in developing elastomeric connectors. They provide implementation into electronic interconnection solutions for board to board, flex circuit to board and component to board applications in mobile communications, portable electronic entertainment systems, hand held instrumentation and other space constrained electronic products.

Mania Technologie AG manufactures printed circuit boards for more than 30 years.

Mania Technologie AG    Germany
Mania Technologie AG specializes in manufacturing printed circuit boards. The company products include electrical test systems, drill and rout systems, optical inspection systems, plotters, and softwares.

Embedded Planet LLC designs, develops, and distributes single board computer modules and software products since 1997.

Embedded Planet LLC    United States
Embedded Planet LLC specializes in designing, developing, and distributing single board computer modules and software products. They offer freescale PowerPC, AMCC powerPC, intel xscale, arm and mips, carrier boards, the right tool suite, embedded Linux, green hills software, planetcore, abatron tools, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

Magnetic Concepts Corp manufactures custom magnetic whiteboards, bigboards since 1989.

Magnetic Concepts Corp   Carmel  United States
Magnetic Concepts Corp specializes in manufacturing custom magnetic whiteboards, bigboards for scheduling, planning, job status, project control, calendars, in or out, and applications made to specs. Their products include rolling charts, electronic print boards, bulletin boards, and boards in cabinets, visual accessories include damp erase markers, write on magnets, card holders, letters, numbers, symbols, lining tape, shop signs, custom labels, etc.

Comit Systems Inc. designs chip, board, software and system engineering since 1992. Their products have full high speed complex board.

Comit Systems Inc.   Santa Clara  United States
Comit Systems Inc. is a full service Contract Engineering Company. Their other products are Embedded software including protocol stacks and device drivers, and single board computers, medical electronics for health care, and cash machines, SOC designs, board design, offshore engineering.