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KA Switch manufactures switches and flexible jumpers since 1960.

KA Switch    United States
KA Switch specializes in producing current switches and flexible jumpers. Their product includes type HSM, type HSME enclosed contacts, type HVSME enclosed contacts, etc.

Control Switches International Inc supplies salzer disconnect switches and rotary cam switches, shlegal operators devices and terminal blocks.

Control Switches International Inc    United States
Control Switches International Inc specializes in supplying salzer disconnect switches and rotary cam switches, shlegal operators devices and terminal blocks. Their products include quintela din rail and wire duct, YY cable and wire ties, riken motor starters and contactors, etc, enclosures, power and control transformers, relays and circuit breakers, etc., They also offer custom track control design and manufacturing for control panel needs.

Boltswitch is a manufacturer of fusible bolted pressure contact switches.

Boltswitch    United States
Boltswitch specializes in manufacturing wide range of special switches, live-front disconnects, dead front disconnects, transit switches, fuse blocks, etc. Few of their products are bulletin 110, 400-1200 amp class open type switches, bulletin 111, 800-6000 amp fused power circuit devices, bulletin 112a, 400-1200 amp heavy duty enclosed switches, bulletin 113, 800-4000 amp large enclosed switches, bulletin 127 capacitor unit, bulletin 133 cover kit, etc.

Cleaveland Price Inc manufactures and supplies switches since 1974.

Cleaveland Price Inc   Trafford  United States
Cleaveland Price Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying switches since 1974. Cleaveland Price Inc acquired Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1974. The company products include group operated switches, hookstick operated switches, motor operators, and OEM switches.

Ferraz Shawmut distributes wide range of circuit protection devices.

Ferraz Shawmut    United States
Ferraz Shawmut specializes in supplying variety of circuit protection products. Their products include fuse blocks, finger safe fuse holders, power distribution blocks, surge suppression devices, disconnect switches, etc. Few of their brands are AmpTrap, Protistor and Ultra Safe.

Brooks Utility Products Group is a manufacturer of variety of tamper indicating and tamper deterrent security products.

Brooks Utility Products Group   Farmington Hills  United States
Brooks Utility Products Group specializes in manufacturing variety of tamper indicating and tamper deterrent security products. Their products include low profile with potential, meter disconnect device 45, meter disconnect sleeves, relay and switch adapters, etc., Brooks Ekstrom website has merged into the Brooks Utility Products Group.

Canadian Shunt Industries Ltd specializes in supplying DC ammeter shunts since 1972.

Canadian Shunt Industries Ltd    Canada
Canadian Shunt Industries Ltd supplies DC ammeter shunts. Their products include knife switches, disconnects, fused disconnects, hi per shunts, etc. The company`s products has been quality certified to ISO satndard. is an online website for providing electronic products since 1970.    United States specializes in supplying electronic products from various manufactures. Some of their marketing products are pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, contact blocks, magnetic proximity switches, motion sensors, etc.

Ferraz Shawmut Inc. develops and manufactures circuit protection products.

Ferraz Shawmut Inc.    ,,
Ferraz Shawmut Inc. manufactures products like: general purpose fuses, power fuses, miniature/glass fuses, semiconductor fuses, medium voltage fuses, special purpose fuses, ultrasafe fuse holders, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks, and high power switches.

Condo Electric Industrial Supply Inc is a distributor of variety electric controls and power transmission products.

Condo Electric Industrial Supply Inc    United States
Condo Electric Industrial Supply Inc specializes in distributing variety electric controls and power transmission products. Their products include switches, disconnects, motor starters, contactors, breakers, push buttons, selector switches, emergency stop switches, pilot light, etc.