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Arrowhead Forensics Inc. manufacturers and distributes crime scene products ranging from fingerprint powders to evidence packaging.

Arrowhead Forensics Inc.    United States
Arrowhead Forensics Inc. a division of Arrowhead Scientific Inc. , manufacturers and sells evidence collection and packaging supplies, which are used in the lab or at the crime scene. The company offers an array of supplies needed to process crime scene evidence plus lab equipment and chemicals. Arrowhead Forensics specialize in property and evidence collection supplies such as: swabs, trace evidence kits, tape, collection bags, powders, lifting tapes, casting powders, tool mark casting, collection vacuums, crime scene marking devices and much more.

Gibson Laboratories Inc supplies various microbiological products. They provide prepared medias, reagents, and ancillary.

Gibson Laboratories Inc    United States
Gibson Laboratories Inc manufactures prepared culture media, stains and reagents, rapid test kits, inocu-swabs, and other microbiological supplies. They are specialized for blood products, oxidase swabs, campy gas, sensi discs, and fungal serology.

EasyBraid Co. is a manufacturer of desolder wick continuing advancement in desoldering technology since 1989.

EasyBraid Co.    United States
EasyBraid Co. products include desoldering braid, inspection systems, stencil rolls, wipes, chemicals, solder soakers and swabs. The company`s wick products are made using ultra fine, oxide free copper braided into a weave configuration which maximizes thermal conduction and solder retention.

Charm Sciences Inc manufactures and supplies food safety test diagnostic solutions since 1978.

Charm Sciences Inc    United States
Charm Sciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying food safety test diagnostic solutions. The solution includes for residue tests, microbiological tests and indicator tests for dairy, meat, grain, honey, water and other industries.

Enterprise Rubber Inc specializes in manufacturing vibration isolation mounts, shock mounts, tarp straps, oil savers, swab cups, flex socks, rubbfeens, etc.

Enterprise Rubber Inc   Akron  United States
Enterprise Rubber Inc manufactures molded rubber standard size vibration isolation mounts, custom rubber bonded to metal products. Enterprise Rubber provides a complete range of technical services from engineering to finished product, including vibration isolation mounts, flex-connector sleeves, screening connectors and rubber parts, tarp straps, swab cups and oil savers, wab cups and custom rubber parts.

Millpledge Veterinary manufactures and supplies veterinary healthcare products for more than 25 years.

Millpledge Veterinary    United Kingdom
Millpledge Veterinary specializes in manufacturing and supplying veterinary healthcare products. Few of their products include bandages, wound dressings, fluid therapy, equine products, orthopedic, surgical products, cotton wools, swabs, and gauzes, protective wears, surgical, nutraceuticals, preparations, and disposables.

Majestic Drug Company is a distributor of pharmaceutical necessities since 1950.

Majestic Drug Company    United States
Majestic Drug Company is a distributor of pharmaceutical necessities. They offer products like mandelay, dentemp, denture wipes, dentool, dentemp, recapit, styptic swabs, wax for braces, etc.

Photographic Solutions Inc is a distributor of variety of camera cleaning products and solutions.

Photographic Solutions Inc    United States
Photographic Solutions Inc specializes in distributing variety of camera cleaning products and solutions. Their products include PEC-12, BRUSHOFF, SENSOR SWAB, ECLIPSE, ECLIPSE E2, Digital Survival Kit, etc.

GMG Inc distributes glassware and porcelain.

GMG Inc   Lawrenceville  United States
GMG Inc specializes in distributing glassware and porcelain. Their products include bacchus collection, cathy collection, dionysus collection, georgio collection, milano collection, orleans collection, afterglow collection, roxi collection, etc.

James Alexander Corporation specializes in the manufacture of glass and plastic ampoule filling and sealing.

James Alexander Corporation    ,,
James Alexander Corporation specializes in the manufacture of glass and plastic ampoule filling and sealing. They offer products like plastic ampole, jac crushable glass, snap top vials, unit dose swabs, jac inhalants, dropper tip assemblies, ammonia inhalant solution, povidone iodine topical solution usp, medicaine topical antiseptic solution, medicaine sting and bite relief, ammonia inhalant solution, acetone alcohol solution, etc.