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MSS specializes in offering customized ophthalmic services and equipments since 1991.

MSS   Bloomington  United States
MSS offers customized ophthalmic services and equipments. Their products and services include surgical services, diagnostic services, contracted equipment and supplies, etc.

United Safety Pvt Ltd manufactures respirators and masks since 1996.

United Safety Pvt Ltd   Navi Mumbai  India
United Safety Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing respirators and masks. Their products include non toxic nuisance dust, toxic dust, surgical disposables, and pharma hygiene. The company`s products are marketed under the brand names Delux masks and respirators and Delux surgical disposables.

Gayatri House manufactures variety of medical and surgical instruments.

Gayatri House   New Delhi  India
Gayatri House specializes in manufacturing wide range of medical and surgical instruments. Few of their products are sphygmomanometer, laryngoscope, vaccine carrier minature lamps, monitoring equipments suction unit, hammer, stainless steel medical equipment, surgical blades, etc.

The Columbus Serum Company supplies veterinarian equipment and products since 1922.

The Columbus Serum Company    ,,
The Columbus Serum Company specializes in supplying veterinarian equipment and products. They represent 150 vendors offering over 15, 000 products. Their equipments include anesthesia machines, vaporizers, clippers, dryers, stainless steel cages, surgery tables, treatment tables, surgical and exam lights, stools, electronic patient monitors, prep tables, endoscopy instruments and systems, electrosurgical units, laser surgical units, etc.

leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Manicure & Pedicure and All Sort Scissors like as Barber, Thinning, Surgical, Dental, Eye, operation scissors

daimtraders   sialkot  Pakistan
DAIMTRADERS are the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Manicure & Pedicure and All Sort Scissors like as Barber, Thinning, Surgical, Dental, Eye, operation scissors in Sialkot Pakistan for the last many years, we are enjoying good reputation in the business market. We are working under quality management system, we have our own manufacturing units which are very modern and latest, our price are very economical to the other suppliers.\r\n\r\nWe produce high quality Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Hospital, Manicure & Pedicure Instruments. we request you kindly extend your co-operation and start business with our company for these above mentioned products, we will serve you better than other, you can see some of our products on our web site at this address\r\n\r\n

South West Health provides healthcare services since 2001.

South West Health   Yarmouth  Canada
South West Health specializes in providing healthcare services. They offer services in fields like clinical services, cancer services, palliative care, critical care, renal dialysis, surgical, general medicine, maternal and child unit, ambulatory care, diagnostic imaging, etc.

Intuitive Surgical Inc develops surgical systems and instruments for surgeons and hospitals since 1999.

Intuitive Surgical Inc   Sunnyvale  United States
Intuitive Surgical Inc specializes in developing surgical systems and instruments for surgeons and hospitals. The company product includes da vinci surgical system, da vinci s surgical system, endowrist instruments, etc.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of surgical instruments, E.N.T surgery, gynecology, diagnostic, dental instruments, single use instruments, sterilizing instruments, veterinary instruments and scissors.   Sialkot  0
NataMED Instruments is a leading manufacturer and exporter of first quality general surgical instruments, E.N.T surgery, gynecology, diagnostic, dental instruments, single use instruments, sterilizing instruments, veterinary instruments and scissors. \r\n\r\nMain product categories of the company includes general surgery, bone surgery, rectum, gall stone and urology, gynecology and obstetrics, cardiovascular surgery, neuro surgery, sterilizing instruments, lipo suction, E.N.T surgery, dental surgery, single use instruments, veterinary instruments, surgical developments, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products finds applications in hospitals, healthcare professionals, clinics, medical, dental, vet care companies, medical and dental shops. Products are also exported to various countries such as European, South and Central Asian Community, Central and South America, Australia, USA, Germany and United Kingdom.\r\n\r\nNataMED Instruments Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and its products have received certifications like ISO 13485:2003, CE-Mark Certificates Page 1, EC Declaration of Conformity, Analytical Test Report from Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory, and Membership Certificate of The Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Association of Pakistan.

MetalX International, is offers you the wide range of professional quality instruments to set highest standard of quality and reliability.\r\nOur goal is to set the highest standards of quality, reliability and service with every product offered. We serve p

metalx international   sialkot  Pakistan
Welcome to the new innovation of Metalx International. It\s Contains all kind of instruments which are produced exclusively for our customers of the western world. Metalx International surgical group has been producing precision instruments of the finest quality with keen concentration on detail , Blending the theory and experiment in its products. Metalx International stood at leading role long before due to its unmatched quality standards and strict business ethics. A collective , sharp innovative sense of creativity is ultimately meeting the world\s largest companies demands. Most advanced mechanism and a motivated team of experts are pacing towards the new horizons of scientific explorations through world\s latest mechanized producing facilities. Now, the planet knows , the Metalx International has become synonym of quality , Innovation and High Performance of surgical scenario of the world. Metalx International is resetting the trends by its mastery and empirical approach. Metalx International was established sometimes during 1996 with limited scope of work.\r\n\r\nMetalx International products are all kind of Surgical & Dental Instruments. we believe that if you check our trial order \"YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE\".\r\n\r\nOur company is one of the leading manufacturer of Surgical & Dental Instruments and we are the member of Sialkot chamber of commerce & Industries. Our unit is fully equipped with modern equipments & highly skilled & dedicated craftsmanship, quality control Inspectors & satisfied professional who keep our customers going smoothly for a long & happy business relationship. Our team of master craftsman can reproduce any samples according to specific requirement of our customers. High quality products & unstinted Co-operation is always appreciated by our customers.\r\n\r\nWHY WE ARE AT THE TOP\r\n\r\nBecause We Have,\r\n\r\nHonesty is the only policy.\r\n\r\nConsistent performance in Quality.\r\n\r\nIdeal manufacturing Environment.\r\n\r\nLargest unit of Surgical & Dental instruments.\r\n\r\nLatest imported technical facilities.

Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp is a manufacturer of surgical, dental, and beauty care instruments.

Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp   Sialkot  Pakistan
Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp specializes in manufacturing surgical, dental and beauty care instruments. Their products include manicure, tungsten carbide instruments, laryngoscopes, hollow wears, dental instruments, eye instruments, general surgery instruments, bone instruments, and veterinary instruments. The company has been quality certified to ISO-9002.