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Miller Thermometer Company Inc   Hartford  United States
Miller Thermometer Company Inc supplies thermometers. Their products include dial thermometer, pocket thermometer, bimetallic thermometer, diary thermometer, adjustable angle thermometer, tube thermometer, bimetal, bimetal accessories, clocks and timers, lab and floating, refrigerator freezer, etc.

Exergen Corporation is a manufacturer of patented infrared scanners, thermometers, sensors, and controls, for the past two decades.

Exergen Corporation    United States
Exergen Corporation products are used in a various industrial and medical applications for professional and consumer use. The company manufactures non-contact IR temperature sensors, temporal artery thermometers and accessories, and temporal scanners for industrial, medical, and home applications.

Francis L. Freas glass works Inc specializes in manufacturing products like hydrometer, thermometer, and measuring instruments.

Francis L. Freas glass works Inc   Conshohocken  United States
Francis L. Freas glass works Inc manufactures products like battery tester, battery thermometer, battery hydrometer, wine hydrometer, beer hydrometer, beer thermometer, wine, beer, salinometer, medical thermometer, paper scale, wine thieves, and thermometer testers. The company`s hydrometers and thermometers can be certified to N. I. S. T

American Hospital Supply Inc distributes wide range of medical equipments for more than 25 years.

American Hospital Supply Inc    United States
American Hospital Supply Inc specializes in supplying various medical equipments. Few of their products are holter systems, defibrillators, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, spiro meters, pulse oximeters, autoclaves, bed pan washers, waste treatment, washer disinfectors, sphygmomanometers, laryngoscopes, diagnostic sets, vital signs monitors, thermometers, etc. The company also offers health care services.

Armatherm is a manufacture of glass thermometer and areometer products since 1949.

Armatherm    Germany
Armatherm specializes in manufacturing glass thermometer and areometer products. The company has ISO 9001:2000 certification. Their products include bimetal dial thermometers, gas filled measuring system, dial and remote thermometers, measuring and control instruments, etc.

Ircon Inc solves temperature measurement problems. The company was established in 1962.

Ircon Inc    United States
Ircon Inc specializes in providing solutions infrared thermometers, pyrometers, and thermal imagers. The company also offers solutions to noncontact infrared sensors, including two color thermometers, handheld thermometers, line scanners,thermal imaging systems, calibration systems ,and other accessories. Ircon Inc is quality certified to ISO 9001: 2000.

Anton Paar GmbH is a manufacturer of measuring and analysis instruments for research and industry since 1922.

Anton Paar GmbH    United States
Anton Paar GmbH specializes in manufacturing of precision mechanical assemblies and electromechanical components for companies all over the world. Their products include lab density and concentration meters, process instruments, rheometers, viscometers, viscometers, instruments fo x ray structure analysis, temperature measuring instruments, electrokinetic analysis of solid surfaces, etc. The company is quality certified to iso 9001 standard.

S. Brannan and Sons Ltd manufactures varierty of thermometers, pressure gauges and related products since 1913.

S. Brannan and Sons Ltd    United Kingdom
S. Brannan and Sons Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of thermometers, pressure gauges and related products. Their products include soil and propagator thermometers, special purpose mercury thermometers, medical thermometers, baby care thermometers, batch sampling, bath thermometers, beta heavy duty pressure gauges, beta heavy duty altitude gauges, diesel exhaust pyrometers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 : 2000.

Hangzhou Huaan Medical and Health Instruments Co.Ltd develops and manufactures medical instruments since 1997.

Hangzhou Huaan Medical and Health Instruments Co.Ltd    China
Hangzhou Huaan Medical and Health Instruments Co.Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing medical instruments. Their products include digital thermometer which includes pen like digital thermometer, transparent digital thermometer, nipple like digital pacifier thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, wrist digital sphygmomanometer, upperarm digital sphygmomanometer, tinhero autoclaves taning autoclaves, tangor autoclaves, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Firma Werner Bach specializes in the manufacture of thermometers since 1979.

Firma Werner Bach    ,,
Firma Werner Bach specializes in the manufacture of thermometers. They offer products like thermometers, alcohol measuring instruments, barometers, hydrometers, polymeter, rain gauges, sauna instruments, weather station, weather houses, wine accessories, digital measuring instruments, etc.