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Csip Ltd. specializes in engineering, design, development, manufacturing and support of remote controlled systems in the fields of defence, offshore, oceanology and environmental systems technology since 1983.

Csip Ltd.    United Kingdom
Csip Ltd. works on different fields like environmental systems, remote technology and subsea. The company services include quality analysis, oil in/on water, flow monitoring, cameras and crawlers, telemetry, spill sentry, pan and tilts, hydraulic sub-systems, manipulators, automation systems, defence projects, cable laying, repair, maintenance, and remote operated vehicle. The company is certified to BS EN ISO 9001.

Diving Services is a commercial diving company, and serves for underwater project consultants since 1974.

Diving Services   Peterborough  Canada
Diving Services serves for underwater mechanical works, and video inspections. Their service includes underwater millwright maintenance and repair, underwater construction, submarine cable installation, locating and inspection, pipe line locating, installations and inspections

International Collectibles, Belts and Militaria distributes international collectibles like emblems, belts, etc.

International Collectibles, Belts and Militaria    ,,
International Collectibles, Belts and Militaria specializes in supplying military souvenirs, submarine and other emblems, watches, belts, etc.

Marine Technologies Inc offers marine engineering services to government agencies, municipalities, and port authorities since 1992.

Marine Technologies Inc    United States
Marine Technologies Inc is a commercial diving and marine heavy construction company specializing in contaminated environment diving, inspections, repairs, construction above and below surface, substructure repairs, docks, piers, bulkheads, jetties, sheet piling, pile driving, cathodic protection, etc.

International Submarine Engineering Limited specializes in the manufacture of autonomous and remotely operated robotic vehicles and terrestrial robotics since 1974.

International Submarine Engineering Limited   Port Coquitlam  Canada
International Submarine Engineering Limited specializes in the manufacture of autonomous and remotely operated robotic vehicles and terrestrial robotics. They offer products like remotely operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, unmanned surface vessels, control systems, robotics, manned submarines and submersibles, and spares and tools.

Kramers Equipment Company Inc is a service provider specializing in army surplus, selling jeeps, planes, submarine, etc since 1947.

Kramers Equipment Company Inc    United States
Kramers Equipment Company Inc specializes in army surplus, selling jeeps, planes, submarines. They manufacture products like ropes, blocks, straps, and pulleys. as an army surplus supply, selling jeeps, submarines, planes, tanks and rigging equipment.

Calzoni is a manufacturer of handling and control products for various industries.

Calzoni    Italy
Calzoni specializes in manufacturing handling and control products for various industries. Their products include submarine sensors hoisting masts, submarine air induction, exhaust systems, weapon handling system, minehunting propulsion and control systems, simulators, visual landing aids, portable lighting systems, and commercial aviation lighting. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 110/150.

General Wire Products Inc manufactures wide range of cable products since 1952.

General Wire Products Inc   Worcester  United States
General Wire Products Inc specializes in manufacturing wire and cable products. Few of their products are coaxial cable, telephony coaxial cables, multi conductor telephony cables, bundled RGB sync and hold cables, industrial motor control cables, hi flex cables, etc.

Aluminum Trailer Co specialise in manufacturing precision-built trailers.

Aluminum Trailer Co    United States
Aluminum Trailer Co produce all-aluminum trailers like car haulers, motorcycle trailers, staker trailer, open car hauler, cargo trailer, snow mobile and ATV trailer, and toy hauler. Some examples for the Aluminum Trailer Co work includes manufacture of U. S. Coast Guard equipment storage units, U. S. Navy submarine testing trailers, U. S. Navy submarine testing trailers, emergency response units, Mobile wine bottling units, Automated salmon tagging units, and many more.

Analytical Methods Inc computational fluid dynamics software and consulting services since 1971.

Analytical Methods Inc   Redmond  United States
Analytical Methods Inc is aservice provider, which provides computational fluid dynamics software, consulting servicesand software solutions. The company provides services to commercial submarines, pleasure craft, family cars, sports cars, formula 1 and other racing cars, high speed trains, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, etc.