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Duval Container Company provides supply and service since 1919.

Duval Container Company    
Duval Container Company sells and service stretch wrap machines, strapping machines and tools, shrink wrap machines, filling machines, taping machines and packaging materials. The company also services on: single face corrugated, gum taping machine, stretch film, hand stretch film dispenser, stretch banding, filament tape, masking tape, box sealing tape, machine grade box sealing tape, kraft paper, strapping kit, and plastic strapping, etc.

We specialize in providing a wide variety of shrink wrap and stretch film products to many different businesses around the United States and Canada.   Cabot  0
U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC specializes in providing a wide variety of shrink wrap and stretch film products to many different businesses around the United States and Canada.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company include Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap Machines, Stretch Wrap Machines, Stretch Film Dispensers & Tools, Specialty Stretch Film, Trash Bags, Tape, Food Packaging, Pallet Covers, etc.\r\n\r\nPackaging products offered by the company includes aluminum foil 101, food plastic wrap 101, packing tape 101, shrink wrap 101, stretch film 101, and trash bag 101, etc. \r\n is a distributor of packaging supplies.    United States specializes in distributing packaging supplies. Some of their products include boxes, shipping envelopes, bags, tape, stretch/shrink/poly, cushioning, mailing tubes, strapping products, protective paper, labels, audio/video packaging.

Kaufman Engineered Systems specializes in the manufacture of industrial engineered systems since 1946.

Kaufman Engineered Systems    United States
Kaufman Engineered Systems is a manufacturer of industrial engineered systems. They offer products like gantry palletizers, low level palletizers, robotic integration, expa wrappers, sxpa wrappers, srpa wrappers, sciv stretch, corner boards, etc.

Harris Industrial Products and Packaging distributes packaging products and machineries since 1985.

Harris Industrial Products and Packaging    United States
Harris Industrial Products and Packaging specializes in supplying packaging products and machineries. Few of their products are packaging films, strapping, poly bags and sheets, tape, shrink wrap systems, carton sealing equipment, strapping equipment, etc.

ITW Stretch Packaging Systems manufactures and distributes stretch film and stretch wrapping machines since 1990.

ITW Stretch Packaging Systems   Arlington Heights  United States
ITW Stretch Packaging Systems specializes in producing and supplying stretch film and stretch wrapping machines. Their product includes rotary arm, turntable and rotary ring, stretch wrappers, machine and hand wrap film, etc.

We specialize in the production of polyester (PET) strap and strapping machines for the industrial area since 1994.   Foshan  0
PET Strap Packaging Co Ltd is a subsidiary company of STEK Strap Packaging Co Ltd which manufacture’s polyester (PET) strap and strapping machines. The company offers packing systems, strapping machines, pneumatic strapping machine, pneumatic sealing machine, battery strapping machine, manual strapping tool, stretch film, metal seals, plastic edge protector, cardboard corner etc. \r\n\r\nSome of the applications of the products include Aluminum ingot, Glass, Ceramic, Plywood, Construction material like stone, marble and brick, Paper, Cotton baling, Fiber baling, Clothes bailing, Steel plate, Steel pipe etc. The products are sold in countries like America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Asmaco Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tapes, stretch films, polyolefin films and hand wrappers.

Asmaco Industries    India
Asmaco Industries specializes in manufacturing and distributing adhesive tapes, stretch films, polyolefin films and hand wrappers. Their products include masking tapes, protection tapes, aluminium foil tapes, polycoated duct tapes, ployolefin films, stretch films, etc.

Eurofilms S.A produces stretch films and PVC thermoshrink films since 2001.

Eurofilms S.A    Poland
Eurofilms S.A specializes in developing stretch films and PVC thermoshrink films. They also offer BOPP polypropylene film, packaging polyester tapes, jumbo film, machine film, hand film, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standard.

All State Staples provides products for shipping and packaging needs for more than 30 years.

All State Staples    United States
All State Staples specializing in providing products for shipping and packaging needs. They offer products like hand box stapling tools, tape dispensers, foot operated clinchers, packing list envelopes, product list, stretch film machines, case sealers, battery powered strapping tool, strapping and tools, industrial markers and coding, etc.