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We specialize in manufacturing unique range of low cost pallet strapping banding machines called Strap-Pokas, Banding Tools and Printed strapping machines since 1979.   Nottingham  0
Plastic Strapping Company manufactures a unique range of low cost pallet strapping banding machines called Strap-Pokas, Banding Tools, Printed strapping, coil holders, hand tools and bespoke strapping equipment.\r\n\r\nWe also specialize in polypropylene, extruded and woven polyester, antistatic and steel strapping materials.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes box strappers, plastic strapping kits, pallet strappers LOW cost, pallet strappers AUTO, plastic strapping tools, steel strapping tools, friction weld stations, plastic strapping, steel strapping, steal, buckles, corner pieces etc.\r\n\r\n

Allied Packaging Systems and Supplies produces and supplies stitching machines and adding staples since 1938.

Allied Packaging Systems and Supplies    United States
Allied Packaging Systems and Supplies specialize in producing and supplying stitching machines and adding staples. Their equipments include stretch wrappers, case sealers, strapping machines, hot melt equipment, carton erectors, stencil cutters, etc. , they provide services and parts for the machines like strapping machines, tensioners, crimpers and combo tools, carton closing staplers, wire stitchers, stretch wrappers, etc.

Action SPS Inc is a supplier of custom strap products for their customer since 1978.

Action SPS Inc   Indianapolis  United States
Action SPS Inc specializes in supplying custom strap products for their customer. Their products include guitar straps, custom leather guitar straps, custom camera straps, hand made guitar straps, wallets, etc.

Gordian Strapping Limited manufactures and supplies strapping machines and tools for more than 60 years.

Gordian Strapping Limited    United Kingdom
Gordian Strapping Limited specializes in developing and distributing strapping machines and tools. Their product includes automatic strapping machine, semi automatic strapping machine, pallet strapping, strapping materials, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

JEM Strapping Systems manufactures and distributes steel strapping products.

JEM Strapping Systems   Brantford  Canada
JEM Strapping Systems specializes in producing and supplying steel strapping products. Their product includes steel strapping, plastic strapping, steel strapping seals, plastic strapping tools, etc.

We specialize in the production of polyester (PET) strap and strapping machines for the industrial area since 1994.   Foshan  0
PET Strap Packaging Co Ltd is a subsidiary company of STEK Strap Packaging Co Ltd which manufacture’s polyester (PET) strap and strapping machines. The company offers packing systems, strapping machines, pneumatic strapping machine, pneumatic sealing machine, battery strapping machine, manual strapping tool, stretch film, metal seals, plastic edge protector, cardboard corner etc. \r\n\r\nSome of the applications of the products include Aluminum ingot, Glass, Ceramic, Plywood, Construction material like stone, marble and brick, Paper, Cotton baling, Fiber baling, Clothes bailing, Steel plate, Steel pipe etc. The products are sold in countries like America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

Hodges Manufacturing Company manufactures straps, covers, etc. , since 1984.

Hodges Manufacturing Company    United States
Hodges Manufacturing Company products include cargo straps, ratchet straps, hardware, boat covers, all other straps, etc.

American Grounding Systems Inc manufactures commercial grounding straps since 1993.

American Grounding Systems Inc    United States
American Grounding Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various commercial grounding straps. Few of their products are braided ground strap, copper rope strap, stainless steel strip, bare and solid copper straps, tubular straps, cast bronze rod clamps, etc.

Hydraulics Technology Inc manufactures wide range of hydraulic stud and bolt tensioners. The company was established in 1986.

Hydraulics Technology Inc    United States
Hydraulics Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic stud and bolt tensioners. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

El Dorado Guitar Accessories produces and supplies leather guitar straps and accessories since 1991.

El Dorado Guitar Accessories    United States
El Dorado Guitar Accessories specializes in producing and supplying leather guitar straps and accessories. Their products include pain strap models, hand tooled models, guitar strap models, specialty straps, pick guards, engraved hardware, style amp handles, etc.