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Astro Tex Company Inc specializes in supplying rubber products since 1974.

Astro Tex Company Inc   Plano  United States
Astro Tex Company Inc supplies rubber products. Their products include grommets, recessed bumpers, stem bumpers, catch bumpers, bumper pads, screw bumpers, molded parts, lab stoppers, end tips, step bushings, lifter tools, lord mounts, sheet rubber, etc.

Integrity Absorbents distributes industrial absorbent products.

Integrity Absorbents   Sarnia  Canada
Integrity Absorbents specializes in producing industrial absorbent products. Their product includes rolls and pads, socks and pillows, absorbent booms, drain protectors, catch basin inserts, spill kits, bulk absorbents, rugs and matting, etc.

Birmingham Stopper Inc is a manufacturer of metal stoppers since 1892.

Birmingham Stopper Inc    United Kingdom
Birmingham Stopper Inc specializes in manufacturing metal stoppers. Their products include pallet feet, pedestals, tube joints, etc.

Lafitte Cork Portugal Lda is a manufacturer and distributor of cork stoppers since 1956.

Lafitte Cork Portugal Lda    Portugal
Lafitte Cork Portugal Lda specializes in producing and supplying cork stoppers. Lafitte Cork Portugal Lda has divisions like Laffﴥ Li觥, Lafitte Cork and Capsules, and Lafitte Chile.

Manton and cork specializes in corkwood and their products since 1921.

Manton and cork    United States
Manton and cork provides corkwood products. Their products include composition cork sheets and rolls, cork underlayment, cork stoppers, custom cork, cork handles and grips. They are applied in masking plugs, laboratory glassware stoppers, plastic top stoppers, fancy wood top corks, consumer packaging, fishing rods, hand tools, pen grips, ski poles, cork table and giftware, cork display blocks, shoe blocks and sheets, cork stationary, desk accessories, cork floats, musical instrument cork, jar and bottle stoppers.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd specializes in manufacturing weld purging equipment for stainless steel and titanium since 1975.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd    United Kingdom
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd manufactures weld purging equipment for stainless steel and titanium. Their products include tungsten electrode grinders, tungsten welding electrodes, resistance welder electrode force gauges, nylon, aluminium and steel pipe plugs and inflatable stoppers.

Helvoet Pharma is a manufacturer and distributor of rubber closures and aluminium and plastic caps for pharmaceutical industries since 1970.

Helvoet Pharma    Belgium
Helvoet Pharma specializes in manufacturing and distributing rubber closures and aluminium and plastic caps for pharmaceutical industries. They offer stoppers for serum and lyophilization vials, plungers, tip caps and needle shields for prefillable syringes, plungers and lined seals for dental cartridges, stoppers for glass infusion bottles, stoppers and needle shields for blood sampling systems, plungers for infusion pumps, plungers for disposable syringes, all aluminium caps for injection vials and infusion bottles, etc.

Castle Plastics manufactures horses hoof pads since 1920.

Castle Plastics    United States
Castle Plastics specializes in manufacturing horses hoof pads. Their products include flat pads, degree pads, wedge pads, sno ball pads, speciality pads, therapuetic pads, hoof pads, hoof prints.

Italesse srl is a manufacturer of variety of wine glasses, regular glasses, and other wine accessories since 1979.

Italesse srl   Muggia  Italy
Italesse srl specializes in manufacturing variety of wine glasses, regular glasses, and other wine accessories. Their products include goblets, beach line carafes, decanters, sets, wine coolers, ice buckets, ice buckets stands, champagne buckets, corkscrew stoppers, etc.

Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp. set up in 1968 is a distributor of material handling tools and industrial rubber parts.

Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp.    United States
Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp. currently inventory over 2500 different parts like grommets, bumpers, bushings, tips, caps, motor mounts, balls, stoppers, beveled washers, suction cups, tools, o-rings, etc.