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Hasselriis Electronics S.L is a distributor of variety of telecommunication test equipments for more than 30 years.

Hasselriis Electronics S.L    Spain
Hasselriis Electronics S.L specializes in distributing variety of telecommunication test equipments. Their products include central office line simulator with SMS and caller ID, telephone line monitor, telephone number analyser, test feed coils and inductors, caller ID and SMS analyser, etc.

Rye Telephone Company provides communication and entertainment services since 1959.

Rye Telephone Company    United States
Rye Telephone Company specializes in providing communication and entertainment services. Their services include residential and business telephone services, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, television, data and internet services.

Karel Electronics Corporation manufactures and supplies variety of telecommunication equipments since 1986.

Karel Electronics Corporation   Bilkent  Turkey
Karel Electronics Corporation specializes in producing and distributing wide range of telecommunication equipments for the telecommunication industry. Their products include wireless systems, GSM gateways, caller ID telephones, ISDN telephones, single line telephones, SOHO systems2, DS series expansion cards, etc.

Intercom Communications is a distributor of voice and data service products.

Intercom Communications    United Kingdom
Intercom Communications specializes in distributing voice and data service products. They offer telephone systems and mobile services.

Microtronix Systems Ltd designs and manufactures telephone test equipments since 1972.

Microtronix Systems Ltd    Canada
Microtronix Systems Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing telephone test equipments. Few of their products include wireline test systems, country kit, digital phones test systems, handset test systems, POTS phones, cordless, caller ID, hands free, VoIP, cellular, and ISDN telephones.

Fontel Inc is a distributor of GN netcom headset solutions. They are specialized for supplying voice, and data communication products.

Fontel Inc    ,,
Fontel Inc is a wholesale distributor of communication products. They provide cabling solutions, and cable management. They offer data products such as network products, routers, voiceover IP, and computers, and voice products such as cordless phone systems, conference telephones, headsets, and voiceover IP

TeleDynamics L.L.P is a wholesale electronics supply and fulfillment company specializing in telecommunication products, home/office equipment, digital imaging, general audio and consumer electronics since 1981.

TeleDynamics L.L.P   Austin  United States
TeleDynamics L.L.P specializes in distributing telecommunication products, home/office equipment, digital imaging, general audio and consumer electronics. Their products include answering devices, audio/video/electronics, caller Id units, corded telephones, installation equipment, mobile equipment, special needs products, storage media, telephone accessories, etc.

Apollo Security is a service provider, which offers innovative security solutions to the companies.

Apollo Security   Newport Beach  United States
Apollo Security specializes in providing innovative security solutions to the companies. Their products include access control software, controllers, alarm and status panels, reader interfaces, stand alone systems, fargo badge printers, etc.

Ahern Communications Corp distributes communications products like telephones, headsets, conference phones, etc.

Ahern Communications Corp    United States
Ahern Communications Corp specializes in distributing communications products like telephones, headsets, conference phones, etc. , their products include phones, telephone systems, cordless phones, wireless and phone headsets, phone recorders, conference phone equipment, two way radios, phone line sharing devices, music on hold systems, clock radios, crosley radios, voice recorders, etc.

Ahern Communications Corporation specializes in the manufacture of telecommunication equipments for commercial purpose.

Ahern Communications Corporation    United States
Ahern Communications Corporation is a manufacturer of telecommunication equipments for commercial purpose. They offer products like cordless phones, corded phones, conference phones, phone headsets, cordless headsets, pc headsets, voip headsets, answering machines, etc.