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Kumar Engineering Corporation specializes in manufacturing and exporting heavy steel forgings since 1972.

Kumar Engineering Corporation    India
Kumar Engineering Corporation manufactures and exports heavy steel forgings and free forgings. Their products include rounds, stepped shafts, gear blanks, spindles, rolls, endless rings, spacer rings, discs, sprockets, pinions, flanges, crank shaft etc. in plain carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other qualities of steel. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000:2001.

PIC Design manufactures and supplies mechanical components and systems.

PIC Design   Middlebury  United States
PIC Design specializes in manufacturing and supplying mechanical components and systems. Their products include gears, racks, positioning tables, linear slides, acme lead screws, modular framing elements, shafts, bearings, precision hardware and hardware kits, clamps, brakes, couplings, timing belts, pulleys, and precision tools.

Accushim Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing shim, shim stock, and alignment needs since 1984.

Accushim Inc    United States
Accushim Inc manufactures and distributes shim, shim stock, and alignment needs. Their products include pre-cut slotted stainless steel shims used for shaft alignment, react brand shaft alignment equipment, shaft hog laser shaft alignment system, Belt Hog laser pulley alignment tool, side align horizontal move tool and sat shaft coupling alignment trainer.

Industrial Tube and Steel Corp specializes in distributing products and steel service for metal industry, for over 40 years.

Industrial Tube and Steel Corp   Akron  United States
Industrial Tube and Steel Corp distributes products and steel service for metal industry. The company also provides cast iron and bronze, structural tubing, TGP shafting, and stainless steel tubing.

We specialize in manufacturing hinges since 1984.\r\n   Palmyra  0
Kiesler Machine Inc. is a manufacturer of hinges. The product produced are heavy duty hinges, security hinges, keyed shafts, machine handles, custom weld nuts, shaft collars, sprockets, sprocket hubs, steel hubs for spilt tapered bushings, casters for sliding doors, and stainless set screw.\r\n

Harrison Sports, Inc. designs and develops graphite golf shaft since 1988.

Harrison Sports, Inc.   Pacoima  United States
Harrison Sports, Inc. products include golf shafts, golf club components, titanium shaft, steel shaft, golf components, club fitting, steel lite, etc.

Macro Bars And Wires Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of stainless steel wires since 1978.

Macro Bars And Wires Pvt Ltd    ,,
Macro Bars And Wires Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing stainless steel wires. Their products include anchor, balls, baskets, filters, ropes, scourers, shafts, control cables, chains, springs, etc.

Commercial Forged Products manufactures carbon, alloy and stainless steel forgings for more than 130 years.

Commercial Forged Products   Bedford Park  United States
Commercial Forged Products specializes in manufacturing carbon, alloy and stainless steel forgings. Their services include press forging, upset forging, tube forging, heat treatment, machining, etc., the company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Chong Ma Enterprises Ltd manufactures stainless steel jewelries since 1988.

Chong Ma Enterprises Ltd    Hong Kong
Chong Ma Enterprises Ltd specializes in manufacturing stainless steel jewelries. Few of their products include watchbands, jewelries such as ring, necklace, bracelets, bangles, earring, cuff links, money clips, tie clips, etc.

Metalworks Co Ltd specializes in producing custom made industrial parts.

Metalworks Co Ltd   Xian  China
Metalworks Co Ltd produces custom made industrial parts with materials such as alloy iron and alloy steel, chromium steel, managanese steel, molybdenum steel, etc. Their products include pumps and valves, gas compressors, industrial parts, hardwares, gearwheels, impellers, chainwheels, shafts, etc.