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Spraying Systems Co is a manufacturer of industrial spray products since 1937.

Spraying Systems Co   Carol Stream  United States
Spraying Systems Co specializes in manufacturing industrial spray products. Their products include liquid strainers, air atomizing nozzles, metal pretreatment nozzles, air control nozzles, automatic spray nozzles, custom lances and injectors, accessories, lubrication packages, etc.

Devco Corporation is a one stop shopping center for providing lubricating systems.

Devco Corporation   Parsippany  United States
Devco Corporation offer items including industrial lubricating and lubrication pumps, machinery lubricating and lubrication equipment, lube systems, lube devices, machine oilers, oil pumps, lubricating devices, mist lubricators, spray lubricators, automatic cyclic pumps, constant level oilers, chain lubrication and lubricating devices, pneumatic lubricating systems and air Line lubrication devices.

CTS provides thermal spray coatings and dry film lubricant coating.

CTS    United States
CTS specializes in providing thermal spray coatings and dry film lubricant coating for aerospace industries, turbines, automotives, machined parts, etc.

Chem and Lube manufactures lubricant products for industrial needs since 1970.

Chem and Lube    United States
Chem and Lube specializes in manufacturing lubricant products for industrial needs. The company product includes degreasers, food grade, greases, gear oils, compressor fluids, specialties, coolants, circulating oils, hydraulic fluids, rust preventives, etc.

Barker Inc specializes in providing lubricants or coolants.

Barker Inc    United States
Barker Inc provides lubricants or coolants. Their products include machine coolants, spray equipment, lubie lumber, grade markers, amark lumber markers, woodworking lubricants, etc.

Spanjaard Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing lubricants and allied chemical products.

Spanjaard Ltd    ,,
Spanjaard Ltd manufactures and distributes lubricants and allied chemical products. Their products include anti mist, anti scuff paste, anti scuff spray, battery terminal protector, bicycle chain and linkage, bicycle cleaner and protector, brake cleaner, c v joint grease, air drying film, clean dry lubricating film, etc.

Ishan Precision Indco Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of lubrication products since 1971.

Ishan Precision Indco Ltd    Taiwan, Republic of China
Ishan Precision Indco Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing lubrication products. Their products include lubricator, grease oiler, spray mist lubricator, piston distributor, resist distributor, pump and motor, etc.

Motul is a manufacturer of various kinds of lubricants used in transport, marine, automobiles, farm machinery, civil engineering, etc., since 1932.

Motul   Aubervilliers  France
Motul specializes in producing lubricants like Gear 300, 90 PA, Hypo BM LS, Motorsport : 300Vs, RBF 600 Factory Line, RBF 600 Factory Line, Tekma Ultima 10W40, Tekma Mega 15W-40, etc., for various purpose in industrial and commercial utilities. They produces few other maintenance products like cleaning sprays brake clean, resin remover, protec tondeuse, chain lube road urban pocket, lubricant sprays, etc.

Chemie Technik GmbH is a manufacturer of high performance lubricants, oil and gasoline additives mainly for use in the automotive sector since 1956.

Chemie Technik GmbH   Wuerttemberg  Germany
Chemie Technik GmbH in the 70`s focused their products more towards power increasing lubrication for industrial and handicraft applications. The company markets their product under the brand name ELKALUB. The company manufactures products like: lubricating oils, greases, greases for the food industry, cutting, cooling and corrosion protection agents, sprays, and cartridges.

Angler Chemical Co manufactures lubricants and metal finishing chemicals for metal products since 1946.

Angler Chemical Co    United States
Angler Chemical Co specializes in manufacturing lubricants, cutting fluids for metal compounds. Few of their products include cleaners, metal forming, containers, phosphate, etc.