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Air Structures American Technologies Inc. has been designing and installing air-supported and frame-supported structures for sport, recreational and industrial uses for over 35 years.

Air Structures American Technologies Inc.    United States
Air Structures American Technologies Inc. air-supported and frame-supported structures are multipurpose architectural cable sports dome which have artificial turf that retracts to reveal a wood-surfaced basketball floor and provisions for track events and tennis programs and at the upper level a six lane running track circles the 300 foot diameter dome. Air Structures American Technologies Inc. air-supported structures find wide use in a variety of industrial applications, including construction, bulk storage and environmental protection. Air Structures American Technologies Inc. military uses air-supported structures form domes that cover radar antennas.

Alaska Structures manufactures fabric buildings for commercial and industrial applications.

Alaska Structures   Anchorage  United States
Since 1975, Alaska Structures has been providing fabric buildings for various industries. These include the aviation industry, oil and gas industry, mining industry, mineral exploration, arctic research, industrial warehousing and storage, public works and construction. Alaska Structures produces a long line of products including aircraft hangars, turnkey camps, workstations and storage facilities.

Composite is a design, engineering and project management consultancy specializing in carbon fibre composite structures for more than 30 years.

Composite    ,,
Composite specializes in designing and developing structures of advanced composite materials. They provide carbon composite structures projects for clients in the automotive, marine, medical, industrial manufacturing, motor racing and sporting goods sectors.

Midwest Design Group LLC specializes in providing 3d computer aided designs for building structures since 1989.

Midwest Design Group LLC    United States
Midwest Design Group LLC provides 3d computer aided designs for architects to create building structures. The company offers designs for office buildings, distribution centers, office and warehouses, retail centers, restaurants, sports and country clubs, medical offices, dental offices, and residences.

A Best Enterprises Inc provides solutions for dynamic, and changing indoor racquet sports market since 1985.

A Best Enterprises Inc    United States
A Best Enterprises Inc finds solutions for dynamic and changing indoor racquet sports market. They provide services for structural fin wall systems, structural post wall systems, and moveable walls. They are specialized for products such as fin walls, post walls, glass walls, glass doors, glass railings, and moveable walls.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying aluminium structure tents since 1997.\r\n   zhuhai  0
\"Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminium structure tents.\r\n\r\nThe company manfactures products including Party marquee, Wedding marquee, Event marquee, Warehouse tent, Exhibition Tent, Pagoda tent, Clear span tent, Double decker tent, Sports structures, Special Tents, and Marquee Accessories.\r\n\r\nZhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd. has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.\r\n\r\n\"\r\n

General Composites Inc designs and manufactures composite components for medical, aerospace, and sports industries since1987.

General Composites Inc   Westport  United States
General Composites Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing composite components for medical, aerospace, and sports industries. Their products include composite canoe and kayak paddles, lightweight rowing shell seats, carbon fiber and nylon backpack frame sheets, structural rowing shell ribs composed of carbon fiber and fiberglass, etc.

Floor Gres since1962 specializes in the field of construction of domestic buildings and residential structures.

Floor Gres   Fiorano Modenese  Italy
Floor Gres has constructed water pack, sport field, hotel, well, residential buildings, and swimming pools, raised floors, and ventilated facade

Copri Systems specializes in supplying static, folding and telescopic canopies, domes and tunnel systems for industrial, commercial, sports and leisure activities.

Copri Systems    United Kingdom
Copri Systems supplies static, folding and telescopic canopies, domes and tunnel systems for industrial, commercial, sports and leisure activities. Their products include rear wall, side wall, domes, dock shelters, rigid clad, aluminium cantrail systems, truck covering systems, fixed covers, telescopic covers, etc.

We specialize in providing and install flexible modular building systems.   Rugby  0
Useful Structures is a division of Relocatable Buildings Ltd. Having been in business for over 10 years, we specialise in the supply and installation of temporary and permanent modular buildings; from straightforward warehouses to fully wired, heated, plumbed and air conditioned offices. We have worked on a wide range of temporary and permanent structures, whether they are in situ for months or decades.\r\n Centrally based in Rugby, Useful Structures operates all over the UK and has worked with some of the most prestigious names in the construction, engineering, contracting and business world.\r\n Within our extensive portfolio we have modular building systems for sale and hire, including Offices\r\n, Marketing Suites, Sports Halls\r\n, Waste Management Facilities, and Warehouse and Loading Canopies\r\n.\r\n\r\nWhether collaborating with the end user or in tandem with your architects and creative design teams, we can provide you with a temporary or permanent modular building to meet your exact requirements. Every building is designed by world class engineers to meet your exact needs. Each one will meet and exceed the building control standards required for each application, whether that is for a warehouse or a fully fitted office.Centrally based in Warwickshire, we supply and install flexible, cost effective, contemporary modular building systems which are long lasting alternatives to traditional solutions.\r\n\r\nThe company understand the varying demands on industrial, commercial, sports, storage and manufacturing buildings and ensure that, no matter, large or small, however basic or detailed, however grand or modest; our client\s every requirement is fulfilled on time and on budget, wherever you are in the UK.\r\nTemporary and permanent warehouses, loading canopies, sports halls and waste management facilities are just a few of the applications that the wide, clear span Alpha and Beta systems have been used for. Whatever your requirement, these very cost effective structures can be quickly installed directly onto an existing base, with no need for traditional foundations.\r\n