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KMG Chemicals Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemical products since 1986.

KMG Chemicals Inc    ,,
KMG Chemicals Inc specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing specialty chemicals to niche market customers in North America. Their products include rabon oral larviside, rabon 50 wp insecticide, rabon larvicide premix, pentachlorophenol products, creosote and coal tar solution, creosote oil, etc.

Blackman Uhler Chemical Specialties Division manufactures specialty chemical for over 60 years.

Blackman Uhler Chemical Specialties Division    United States
Blackman Uhler Chemical Specialties Division specializes in manufacturing specialty chemical. BU Chemical Key process applications includes hydrogenation, methylations, spray drying.

Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems is a manufacturer, and supplier of fire fighting and security systems and components for heavy risk industries and facilities, since 1967.

Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems    Italy
Fas Spa Fire Fighting Systems manufactures products like: monitor nozzles, foam chambers-foam pourer, monitor branchpipes, portable branchpipes, high expansion foam generators, towers, trailers, extinguishing gas systems, and fire fighting package machine for tannery machine. The company follows the Italian and international norms (UNI -NFPA - UL/FM - ASME) at all stages of production. The company is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company.

Atwater Foods LLC produces markets and delivers dried and dehydrated fruits, fruit products.

Atwater Foods LLC   Lyndonville  United States
Atwater Foods LLC produces dried fruit products for retail and specialty food marketers, distributors and industrial users throughout the world. Atwater Foods LLC specializes in products such as Dried Cherry Products, Dried Cranberry Products, Dried Blueberry Products, Dried Apple Products, Organic Sweetened Dried Cherries, Organic Sweetened Dried Cranberries, Dried Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Dried Blueberries, frozen tart cherries, Cherry Concentrate, Brine Sweet Cherries, etc. Atwater Foods LLC exports its products to various parts of the world and its products are even sold through online.

American Coatings is a developer of color graphics, cad, xerographic, digital and diazo media for 50 years.

American Coatings    ,,
American Coatings specializes in manufacturing and distributing specialty paper and other color media. Their products include color graphics, cad, xerographic, high end color graphic media, digital and diazo media.

Nexus Media Ltd supplies office products.

Nexus Media Ltd    United Kingdom
Nexus Media Ltd specializes in distributing office products. Few of their products are commercial shredder, computer printable items, dry-erase boards, papers, packaging papers, fax machines, etc.

Avery Dennison Graphics Division offers adhesive and specialty media for professional graphics providers.

Avery Dennison Graphics Division   Painesville  United States
Avery Dennison Graphics Division specializes in providing adhesive and specialty media for professional graphics providers. Their products includes cast, calendered, reflective, ag, imaging products, etc.

International Finishing Corp offers vibratory finishing, tumbling, and waste water treatment service.

International Finishing Corp    United States
International Finishing Corp is a service provider, which specializes in providing vibratory finishing, tumbling, and waste water treatment service.

Pennfield Corporation specializes in the manufacture of food and agricultural products for commercial purpose since 1919.

Pennfield Corporation   Lancaster  United States
Pennfield Corporation is a manufacturer of food and agricultural products for commercial purpose. They offer products like milk replacers, calf and heifer feeds, dry cow feeds, top dress feeds and minerals, and specialty feeds.

Linde Gas is a supplier of industrial and specialty gas since 1877.

Linde Gas    ,,
Linde Gas specializes in supplying industrial and specialty gas. Their products include industrial bulk gases, industrial cylinder gases, dry ice, medical gases, onsite gas supply systems, personal protection equipment, etc. , The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001:2000.