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ARRL is a service provider, which offers amateur radio communications and experimentations since 1890.

ARRL    United States
ARRL specializes in providing amateur radio communications and experimentations. Their services include licensing and upgrading, antennas, transmission lines and propagation, circuit design, conference and proceedings, etc.

Dynetics is a manufacturer of ballistic missiles, radar system analysis, and provides engineering support for the US army and Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) and the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) for the past 30 years.

Dynetics    United States
Dynetics also provides services on radio frequency missile seeker systems performance evaluation, hardware-in-the-loop and flight test support, and modeling and simulation. The company also provides services for air force on specialized aerodynamic systems. The company`s other products and services includes: intelligence, systems research and development, hardware and software products, systems analysis, engineering and integration, IT, assurance and operations, acquisition, logistics and program support, test, evaluation and experimentation, program planning and budgeting, and rapid prototyping, tooling and plastic molding. is a service provider, which offers experimental science for everyone.   Fort Collins  United States specializes in providing experimental science for everyone. Their products include books, magnets and magnetism, needful things, renewable energy, etc.

Leading Edge Air Foils LLC is a dealer of ultralight and experimental aircraft parts and supplies, and sell flight and engine instruments.

Leading Edge Air Foils LLC   Lyons  United States
Leading Edge Air Foils LLC is an authorized Kodiak service center for rotax engines. The company products are avionics books and manuals, exhaust systems, pilot supplies, harnesses, shop and hangar, seat belts and shoulder, tubing, etc.

Chronos Vision manufactures and distributes high quality devices for eye tracking and machine vision.

Chronos Vision   Berlin  Germany
Chronos Vision was founded in 1998 by Dr. rer.nat. Friedrich-J. Baartz and Prof. Dr. -Ing. Andrew H. Clarke to design, manufacture and distribute high resolution image processing systems. The company name was chosen to reflect our commitment to high resolution measurement in both the spatial and the temporal domains.\r\n\r\nDrawing from the expertise of Prof. Clarke’s research group at the Vestibular Lab of the Charité Medical School Berlin, the company designed and developed its binocular 3D eye tracker. The development of a spaceflight- qualified model as a general-purpose experimental facility on board the International Space Station (ISS) was supported by the German Space Agency (DLR) and other industrial partners. This system was uploaded and deployed on the ISS in 2004. In the meantime the commercially available version has become state-of-the-art technology in research and clinical labs worldwide.\r\n\r\nOther developments include lightweight eye trackers for bedside examinations, remote tracking cameras for animal research and fMRI-compatible systems, running at sampling rates of 1000 Hz and beyond. More recently Chronos Vision has taken over the production and distribution of scleral search coils from its previous partner Skalar Medical. The search coil technique is still regarded by many as the gold standard in eye movement measurement.\r\n\r\nChronos Vision possesses expertise in the fields of eye movement measurement (eye tracking) and industrial machine vision, the latter as German distributor for the 3D Vision products of the German-Swedish company SICK/IVP. These devices provide 3-dimensional profiles at frame rates of up to 30kHz.

Excalibur specializes in manufacturing experimental or light sport aircraft.

Excalibur   Sebring  United States
Excalibur specializes in manufacturing experimental or light sport aircraft. Their products include hirth with gearbox, fuel injection and oil injection, rotax, aerotwin fuel injected 4 stroke.

Modern Biology Inc distributes wide range of experimental equipments.

Modern Biology Inc    United States
Modern Biology Inc specializes in supplying variety of experimental equipments. Few of their product are thermalcycler, water baths, vortex mixer, centrifuges, bacterial incubator, transilluminator, spectrophometer, light boxes, bag sealer, s centrifuge and test tubes, carboys, etc.

Brainwashed Inc offers record label, which contains articles and contacts for experimental bands.

Brainwashed Inc   Arlington  United States
Brainwashed Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing articles and contacts for experimental bands including nurse with wound, coil, and the legendary pink dots.

Artificial Paradises is a digital film art-film organization specializing in experimental cinema and computer multimedia, etc.

Artificial Paradises    United Kingdom
Artificial Paradises is a ascii physical digital film art-film organization for experimental cinema, alchemical processing, computer multimedia generation/script and light and dark machines.

ATK Space Systems designs, manufactures and distributes robust, space sub systems and integrated systems.

ATK Space Systems   San Diego  United States
ATK Space Systems is an advanced weapon and space systems specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing robust, space sub systems and integrated systems. Their products include advanced weapon systems, space systems, conventional munitions, rocket motors, etc.