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Dynamic Engineering Equipments is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and educational equipments since 1990.

Dynamic Engineering Equipments    India
Dynamic Engineering Equipments manufactures and supplies products for: heat transfer lab, refrigeration and A/C lab, hydraulics lab, production engineering lab, thermodynamics lab, applied mechanics lab, electrical M/C lab, structural lab, aerodynamics turbo M/C lab, stress analysis, and other demonstration models, and industrial equipments.

Ersatdue supplies and provides service for physical and chemical instruments for more than 20 years.

Ersatdue    ,,
Ersatdue specializes in distributing and providing service for physical and chemical instruments. Their product includes temperature measurement, pressure measurement, level measurement, flow measurement, instrumentation, water analysis, systems and apparatus for metering and telecontrol. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 standard.

HEAD acoustics GmbH develops and provides service related to head-related recording and playback technology, special measurement and analysis techniques since 1986.

HEAD acoustics GmbH   Herzogenrath  Germany
HEAD acoustics GmbH provides head-related recording and playback technology, simulation of human hearing, aurally-equivalent sound diagnosis, enhancement of sound quality, sound design, measuring technology for telecommunications, etc.

Harvard Apparatus supplies bioscience equipments.

Harvard Apparatus    
Harvard Apparatus specializes in supplying bioscience equipments. The company products include ventilators, anesthesia equipments, animal handling products, behavior research products, biological measurement products, cardiovascular products, cell biology products, sample preparation products, syringe pumps, etc.


Angrave Metrology And Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial tool products for more than 60 years.

Angrave Metrology And Supply    United States

ATP Instrumentation Ltd distributes testing, measuring, and weighing equipments since 1990.

ATP Instrumentation Ltd    United Kingdom
ATP Instrumentation Ltd specializes in supplying wide range of testing, measuring, and weighing equipments. Few of their products are airflow measurement, chemical analysis, distance measurement, electrical testing, force measurement, gas detection, humidity monitoring, light measurement, moisture meters, motion monitoring, pressure monitoring, sound level monitoring, etc.

Gracey and Associates supplies sound and vibration instrumentation for over 30 years.

Gracey and Associates    United Kingdom
Gracey and Associates specializes in distributing sound and vibration instrumentation. Few of their products are calibrators, microphones, tape recorders, DAT recorders, building acoustics, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Ono Sokki Co Ltd manufactures and sells electronic measuring instruments since 1954.

Ono Sokki Co Ltd    Japan
Ono Sokki Co Ltd specializes in producing and distributing electronic measuring instruments. The company product includes instruments for measuring dimension and displacement measurement, FFT analyzer and data processing, torque, disc tester, sound and vibration, automotive test system, etc.

\r\nIRA INDUSTRY holds a key & incomparable position in the production of tuning forks, resonance apparatus & other sound music related devices from the past decade. Thanks for showing your continuous confidence in us. \r\n \r\n \r\nDuring our golden experience