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Components For Automation Inc is an agent of solenoid valve products.

Components For Automation Inc   Simi Valley  United States
Components For Automation Inc specializes in providing solenoid valve products. The company is an agent for Fluid Automation Systems. Their products include standard in line valves, valves for manifolding, sub base mounting, water valves, 2 way inert, 3 way inert, flexible tubes, micropro, servo, etc.

Bifold FluidPower Limited is a manufacturer of stainless steel hydraulic and pneumatic control valves.

Bifold FluidPower Limited    United Kingdom
Bifold FluidPower Limited specializes in manufacturing stainless steel hydraulic and pneumatic control valves. Their products include junior series logic valves, domino series pilot valves, poppet valves, flow control, needle, cylinder plug, slide valves, flowline pilot, check valves, etc.

Dormeyer provides various DC solenoids and laminates.

Dormeyer   Vandalia  United States
Dormeyer specializes in supplying wide range of DC solenoids. Their products include linear solenoids, frame solenoids, tubular, pilot solenoids, pancake solenoid, short stroke, actuator, etc.

Flo Control is a manufacturer of solenoid valves and systems for the past 40 years.

Flo Control    ,,
Flo Control designs and manufactures solenoid valves pilots and systems to be used for: air, vacuum and non-aggressive gasses, water and non-aggressive fluids, and aggressive gasses and fluids, etc.

IMI Webber Ltd manufactures and distributes wide range of solenoid valves.

IMI Webber Ltd    United Kingdom
IMI Webber Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing various solenoid valves, which is used for controlling compressed air, inert gases, water, and other fluids. Few of their products are 15mm solenoid valves, 22mm solenoid valves, 32mm solenoid valves, and cartridge solenoid valves. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation manufactures industrial solenoid valves for process control since 1936.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation   Hawthorne  United States
Magnatrol Valve Corporation specializes in manufacturing industrial solenoid valves for process control. Their products include 2 way bronze, stainless steel solenoid valves, solenoid valves, custom engineered valves, special alloys, and also provide temperatures and creative design solutions for applications as well as modifications to standard magnatrol valves. They provide services to industries involved in fluid process control, which includes chemical, power, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, water and waste, metal, textile, food, paper and pulp, navy, marine and general industry including original equipment manufacturers.

FIM Valvole s.r.l manufactures miniature pneumatic solenoid valves since 1995.

FIM Valvole s.r.l   Lodi Vecchio  Italy
FIM Valvole s.r.l specializes in manufacturing various miniature pneumatic solenoid valves including miniature solenoid valves 10mm and miniature solenoid valves 15mm.

Hydracon Company Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of subsea products for more than 40 years.

Hydracon Company Inc    United States
Hydracon Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing subsea products. Their products include proximity switches, limit switches, rotary switches, pushbutton switches, ocean depth pressure switches, underwater electric solenoid actuators, ocean submersible solenoid valves, ocean submersible corrosion resistant solenoid valves, ballast releases, etc.

Asco Valve is a designer and manufacturer of solenoid valves since 1888.

Asco Valve    United States
Asco Valve specializes in designing and manufacturing electrically operated control device for controlling the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam.Their products include position indicators, fuel, gas and oil products, process control pilot valves, micro miniature solenoid valves, sensors, pressure and temperature switches, navy and marine solenoid, etc.

Auto Valve Inc specializes in the manufacture of aerospace valve design for 60 years.

Auto Valve Inc    United States
Auto Valve Inc specializes in the manufacture of aerospace valve design. They offer products like drain valves, check valves, bleed valves, float valves, selector valves, fuel systems, air systems, hydraulic systems, water systems, and solenoid valves.