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EFD Inc is a designer and manufacturer of dispensing systems since 1963.

EFD Inc   East Providence  United States
EFD Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing dispensing systems. They offer products such as dispensers, dispense valves, syringe barrels, solder paste, specialty products, microcoat, etc.

GPD Global manufactures wide variety of automatic dispense systems since 1974.

GPD Global    United States
GPD Global specializes in producing wide variety of automatic dispense systems. The company product includes liquid dispensing systems, microelectronic fluid dispensing, thru hole component prep machines, SMT cover tape peel tester, etc.

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd manufactures consumables.

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd   Galway  Ireland
QTEK Manufacturing Ltd specializes in manufacturing consumables for electronics and associated industries. Few of their products include splice kit, screen cleaning rolls, presaturated wipes, chemistries, dry wipes, temperature tape and dots, fluid dispenser pens, foam wipes, solder wick, and laser cut stencils.

Antex manufactures and distributes various soldering products

Antex   Tavistock  United Kingdom
Antex specializes in manufacturing and supplying of soldering products. Their products include soldering iron, soldering kit, soldering station, professional plumbing tool, etc. The company also sells through online.

We specialize in the distribution of dispensing products for manufacturers, assemblers, designers, formulators, resellers, distributors and repair companies.   Milton Keynes  0
Adhesive Dispensing Ltd offers dispensing products for applying adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids. The systems that eliminate liquid waste, improve process control and eliminate operator hand fatigue.\r\n\r\nThe company produces solutions for activators, cyanoacrylates, sealants, RTV\s, silicones, lubricants, greases, epoxies, anaerobics, thread lockers, UV, inks, paints, solder pastes, fluxes, braze pastes, PVA\s, conformal coatings, solvents, primers and most other fluids.\r\n\r\nSome of the components include syringe barrels, cartridges, dispense tips, nozzles, mixer nozzles, dual cartridges, fittings & connectors, fluid lines & tubing, dispensing bottles, and dispensing pens. Few dispensers are hand plungers, syringe guns, cartridge guns, syringe dispensers, and dispensing equipment.\r\n\r\nSome of the Valves include RTV valves, cyanoacrylate valves, anaerobic valves, UV cure valves, grease valves, solder paste valves, and spray valves, valve controllers, and pressure pots.

Indium Corporation is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of alloys and solders since 1934.

Indium Corporation   Utica  United States
Indium Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing alloys and solders. Their product includes circuit board assembly products, semiconductor packaging and assembly materials, fusible alloys, indium compounds, indium metal, solder fabrications, sputtering materials, solder research kits, liquid fluxes, wave solder, assembly materials, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

MBO UK Ltd manufactures and supplies solder products since 1947.

MBO UK Ltd    United Kingdom
MBO UK Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying solder products. Few of their products include solder pastes, liquid flux, solder wires, solder preforms, BGA spheres and flux gels, solder alloys, tools and accessories, and silver solders. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.

Felder Gmbh manufactures variety of high purity solders and soldering accessories since 1979.

Felder Gmbh    Germany
Felder Gmbh specializes in manufacturing high purity solders and soldering accessories. Few of their products are solder paste, solder wire, etc.

L and M Products Limited supplies various soldering products.

L and M Products Limited   Croydon  United Kingdom
L and M Products Limited specializes in supplying fume control equipments, soldering production equipment and soldering fume extraction products. Few of their products include soldering iron, cleaner air system, tip save, etc.

Superior Flux Mfg Co is a manufacturer of electronics fluxes for wave soldering PCBs, wire tinning, and component tinning.

Superior Flux Mfg Co   Cleveland  United States
Superior Flux Mfg Co specializes in manufacturing electronics fluxes for wave soldering PCBs, wire tinning, and component tinning. Their products include superior nos 650 and 652 for two fluoride free brazing paste fluxes and superior no 29 for fluoride free liquid brazing flux.