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Snap on Inc specializes in the manufacture of sockets for the electronic and software industry since 1920.

Snap on Inc    United States
Snap on Inc manufactures sockets for the electronic and software industry. They offer products like general service sets, impact accessories, impact sockets and flank drive, impact sockets and special purpose, impact swivel sockets and flank drive, power drivers and accessories, power sockets and magnetic and flank drive, ratchets, socket and ratchet accessories, socket drivers, sockets and flank drive, sockets and special purpose, sockets and universal and flank drive, etc.

Arser SPA is a manufacturer of hex socket set screws for more than 40 years.

Arser SPA    Italy
Arser SPA specializes in manufacturing hex socket set screws. Their products include hexagonal socket set screw flat point, hexagonal socket set screw cone point, hexagonal socket set screw dog point, hexagonal socket set screw cup point, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing laminate flooring, baseboards and foams in China since 1997.   jinan  0
LABSUN is a manufacturer of laminate flooring, baseboards and foams in China. The product category includes laminate flooring, floor baseboards moldings, foam, color catalog, and catalog surface.\r\n \r\nSome of the products produced thickness laminate flooring, density of laminate flooring, traffic laminate flooring, use of laminate flooring, click laminate flooring, groove bevel flooring, t-moulding sockets, reducer sockets, reducer jhcarpet sockets, concave line sockets, quarter round sockets, 7 end-cap type sockets, end-cap type f sockets, stair nosing sockets, skirting skirting 60mm, 80mm sockets skiring, and many others.\r\n

B and B Specialties Inc manufactures sockets and fasteners for more than 20 years.

B and B Specialties Inc    United States
B and B Specialties Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of socket screws and specials fasteners for military, aircraft and aerospace industries.

Socket Internet Inc is an internet service provider, which offers local and long distance telephone services for residences and small businesses since 1994.

Socket Internet Inc   Columbia  United States
Socket Internet Inc provides internet services for residential and small businesses. They offer internet services like high speed dsl, accelerated dial up or business networking, premium dial up, standard dial up, priority high speed dsl, web hosting, dial up accelerator, etc.

Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd is a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic products.

Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd    India
Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd specializes in manufacturing mechanical and electronic products. Their products include socket head cap screws, socket low head cap screws, socket counter sunk head screws, socket button head cap screws, hex head bolts, hex nuts, etc.

Lewden Electrical Industries manufactures electrical components for more than 50 years.

Lewden Electrical Industries    United Kingdom
Lewden Electrical Industries specializes in manufacturing electrical components. Their components include industrial plugs, sockets, connectors, cable protectio, splitline, cable and hose protecting systems, and T Line connector, etc.

Larsen Associates distributes various range of electronic products.

Larsen Associates    United States
Larsen Associates specializes in distributing various electronic products. Their products include various sorts of IC adapters, test sockets, IC sockets and connectors, wiring, cables, and chassis, etc., of various manufacturers.

Marwell Corporation supplies meter socket adapters since 1979.

Marwell Corporation    United States
Marwell Corporation specializes in supplying meter socket adapters for electric KWh meters. The company products include extension adapters, socket to socket, single and polyphase, angle adapters, etc.

ISI Werkzeugfabrik GmbH und Co KG is a manufacturer of socket sets since 1970.

ISI Werkzeugfabrik GmbH und Co KG    Germany
ISI Werkzeugfabrik GmbH und Co KG specializes in manufacturing socket sets. Their products include sockets, torque tools, power drive sockets, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.