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Colombus Showcase manufactures showcases since 1895.

Colombus Showcase    ,,
Colombus Showcase specializes in manufacturing showcases since 1895. They also offer wall sell systems, security systems, food merchandising innovations, pro E, etc. is an an e-marketplace for industry suppliers to showcase their products.    ,, is a trading exchange for food industry. They provide products such as muffins, cereals, bagels, English muffins, cookies, cakes, rice blends, stuffing, ice cream, frozen dough, sorbet, and more.

Ivar Display specializes in the manufacture and design of custom store fixtures, retail displays and pop fixtures since 1966.

Ivar Display   Ontario  United States
Ivar Display specializes in the manufacture and design of custom store fixtures, retail displays and pop fixtures. They offer services like retail, store design, counters and showcases, tradeshow, pop, and custom, sales counter, base, clothing, end cap, display case, garage, glass showcase, gondola, graphics, hardware, inline, newspaper, full vision showcases, sales counters, tower showcases, wall showcases, etc.

We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of cosmetic and jewelry display showcase with more than 10 years.   Guangzhou  0
GZ Acrylic Display Limited is the professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of cosmetic and jewelry display showcase with more than 10 years.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company include cosmetic display, jewelry display, acrylic display, cosmetic showcase, and jewelry showcases, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as pendant display stand, necklace display stand, and bracelet display stand, earring display stand, ring display stand, Cosmetic Island, cosmetic peninnsulam cosmetic cabinet, cosmetic counter, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as cosmetic acrylic display-ARC-136, cosmetic shopping mall isanld-ARC-134, cosmetic shipping mall island-ARC-133, cosmetic cabinet & counter set-ARC-132, cosmetic display cabinet-ARC-122, cosmetic peninsula cabinet-ARC-117, cosmetic mall showcase-ARC-114, jewelry showse-ARC-104, jewelry display cabinet-ARC-098, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are exported to various countries such as North America, South America, East Europe, West Europe, Australia, Canada and South Africa, etc. \r\n\r\nGZ Acrylic Display Limited Company has received SGS certificates for all its products.

We specialize in manufacturer and supplier of Jewellery Showcases, High End Watch Showcases and Jewellery Shop Designing from China.   Dongguan  0
Besty understand the requirements of the world market, design to maximize the sales potential of your product as well as making your products safe and secure. We take into account the persona of your product. In other words we help you design display products that best fit the products you sell. If the display looks fantastic so will your products.\r\n The supply cabinets that stand up to the rigors of the real retail world and with stand constant staff use. Displays that are fast to get stock out and sell. Ultra clear and strong glass. Perfect cabinet joinery and finish. A retail outlet that still looks great after time, keeps making you money.\r\n\r\nThe products are Jewellery Showcases, High End Watch Showcases, Jewellery Shop Designing, High End Watch Store Designing, Cosmetics Cabinets, Cosmetics Store Designing, and Others.\r\n The company specialize in Shops, Kiosks, Showcases, Service Centres, Visual Display Units, Merchandise Displays, Boxing, Shop display furniture and window displays for a wide range of retail stores and shopping malls. The company make all LED lighting in the factory with unique circuit protection as well as easy replacement. Other innovative designs include lifting mechanisms that produce remote controlled pop up kiosks and exhibition displays.

We specialize in manufacture of fixtures and showcases.   Xiamen  0
Xiamen Linke Fixtures and Showcases Co., Ltd is an improving company. We own over than 1500sqm factory in seaside city Xiamen, and have 300sqm showroom. We focus on developing, marketing and manufacturing display showcases, wood fixtures, steel fixtures. At the same time, we offer OEM and ODM service by according to customer\s requests.Our main marke includes North America, Carribean Sea Area, Australia, West Europe etc.\r\n The products are Aluminum Showcase, Frameless Showcase, Economy Wood Showcase, and Other Wood Display.\r\n Competitive price -- As a young company, we quitely study about the retail store fixture business from our competitors, and striving for a better price on every standard product we have.We keep a small profit to move on business into bigger quantity. We keep on improving design, for making more efficiency on production and shipping. Make business into simpler and easier.\r\n\r\nQuality control-- A special cost control team keep us the best flexible on all steps, from incoming inspection, production line control, product testing, shipment inspection.All QC have design background, know every details in product stucture. They are not only finding out problems, but also help to find out a solution to make improve.\r\n\r\nService-- We don\t sell one time product to our customer,we sell something to build a long time replationship from whole world.One-stop solution is available by according to customer requirements. We own responsiblity on anything what we sell defects.Our sales man keep time open for all hours when you have questions and inquiries.\r\n

Kenstan Lock Company is manufacturer of showcase and cabinet locks since 1963.

Kenstan Lock Company   Plainview  United States
Kenstan Lock Company specializes in manufacturing showcase and cabinet locks for commercial, retail and industrial uses. Their products include disc tumbler locks, keymatic locks, interchangeable core locks, pin tumbler locks, strikes, mounting plates, face sleeves, collars, spacers, gang lock hardware and lock packages.

Krell Industries Inc. designs and manufactures audio and video equipment for commercial purpose.

Krell Industries Inc.    United States
Krell Industries Inc. designs and manufactures audio and video equipment for commercial purposes. They offer a wide range of products like amplifiers, subwoofers, showcase, processor, theater amp standard, remote, etc.

Piano Showcase specializes in supplying various benches, lamps, cabinets since 1969.

Piano Showcase   Las Vegas  United States
Piano Showcase supplies various benches, lamps, cabinets, etc. Piano Showcase is a division of Vanda King Entertainment Ltd. Their products include stools, covers, lamps, dollies or wheels, cushions, pads, tuning kits, caster cups, music cabinets, strings and tools, keytops, locks and keys, piano parts, piano covers, organ and keyboard covers, keytop replacement kits, etc.

The Nu-Era Group LLC manufactures and supplies wide range of fixtures and displays since 1949.

The Nu-Era Group LLC   Saint Louis  United States
The Nu-Era Group LLC specializes in manufacturing and selling number of fixtures and displays. Their products include standard line showcases, value line showcases, quick ship showcases, aluminum frame counter cases, jewelry displayers, POP displays, wire countertop displays, mirrors, metal hangers, skirt hangers, padded hangers, coat hangers, slatwall shelving and displayers, minigrid displays, gridwall panels, etc.