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We specialize in manufacturing of metal abrasives and shot blasting machines.   Nanan  0
Jinxing Steel Shot Co., Ltd. (JX Abrasives), with 20 years development, is a professional manufacturer of metal abrasives and shot blasting machines. Our production lines cover Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot (Zinc, Aluminum, Copper Shot), Special Steel Grit, Hook Shot Blasting Machine, Tumble Shot Blasting Machine, Roller Conveyor Blasting Machine, Blasting Room and so on in a variety of materials, configurations, and sizes, which widely used for surface finishing in aerospace, automotive, shipyard, railway, forge and foundry, pipe, steel structure, aluminum and other industries.\r\n\r\nThe company which has been awarded the certification of ISO-9002 international quality system and UKAS certificate together in China\r\n, has a wide application in some industries such as, steel construction, shipyard, steel & forging aluminum casting, container manufacturing, automobile, aviation, rail vehicles, pipelines, stone cutting.\r\n\r\nJX Abrasives Products\r\n includes Shot Blasting Machine, Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot and Tags\r\n.The product Shot blasting machine includes Roller conveyor shot blast machine, hook shot blast machines, hoist shot blast machine, tumble shot blast machine, rotary table shot blast machine , and blast room etc.\r\n\r\nThe company control system includes the testing of raw material control, production control, product testing, packaging storage of the control. With highly trained staff, modern production and advanced testing equipment.

Dykon Blasting Corp is a rock blasting firm, which provides rock blasting services for utilities, site work, road cuts, marine blasting, mines and quarries.

Dykon Blasting Corp    United States
Dykon Blasting Corp is a rock blasting firm specializes in providing rock blasting services for utilities, site work, road cuts, marine blasting, mines and quarries. Their services include quarry shot service, rock blasting, contract drilling, road cuts, utility blasting, site work, precision controlled rock blasting, etc.

Airblast manufactures and distributes air blast cleaning and shot blast equipment since1974.

Airblast    United Kingdom
Airblast specializes in manufacturing and distributing air blast cleaning and shot blast equipment. They offer equipment for blast rooms, hand blast cabinets, dust extraction systems and a full range of abrasives through to PPE equipment, paint spray booths and painting equipment. Their product include blasting equipment, can crushers, coating, air compressors, dust collectors, lighting, blasting media, personal protection, testing instruments, case studies, video library, etc.

We are a professional manufacturer with combination of design, production, sales and service. We specialize in the production of abrator (shot blasting machine) and metal abrasives, since 1998.   Shanghai  0
SOCO Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer with combination of design, production, sales and service. \r\n\r\nCompany specializes in the production of abrator (shot blasting machine) and metal abrasives, since 1998.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes shot blasting machine, metal abrasives, steel plate pretreatment, shot blasting room, dust removal equipment, precision casting, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes Central soot purifier, stand-alone soot purifier, integrated grinding cleaning tables, cutting fume purification system, wear resistant casting, resin bonded sand casting, water glass investment casting, negative pressure vacuum casting, shot blasting painting room, pneumatic conveying type, mechanical transmission type, sand blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment production line, zinc cut wire shot, copper cut wire shot, carbon steel shot, aluminum cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, overhead conveyor shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products finds applications in automotive industries, steel industries, shipbuilding industries, steel construction, valve industries, foundry industries, steel plate pretreatment, steel tube processing, bearing industries, mould manufacture, electroplate industries, etc.\r\n\r\nSOCO Machinery (Shanghai) Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 international standard quality management system.

We specialize in manufacturing of stainless steel balls, reinforced steel shot, aluminum, zinc pills, etc.

   Taizhou City  0
Taizhou Teliday Hardware Products Co.,Ltd is one of China\s largest production base for steel shot, was founded in 2006, it is located in the famous village of stainless steel - Xinghua City, Zhang Guozhen. The company specializes in the production of stainless steel balls, reinforced steel shot, aluminum, zinc pills, copper balls, sophisticated technology, to provide customers with first-class blast material, has dropped into the waste from the smelting, drawing, cutting balls stop production capacity, products sold abroad.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Stainless steel wire, Stainless steel balls / stainless steel cut wire shot, Shot for marble / stone, edicated Grit, High carbon steel shot / strengthening Shot, Stainless steel iron pills / low carbon steel shot, Shot atomization / spray stainless steel shot, Aluminum balls / aluminum cut wire shot, Zinc pills / zinc cut wire shot, Copper balls / copper cut wire shot, Steel balls / steel shot / Low Bay Shot and Butterfly pill / grinding balls. The company has professional and technical services team and shot peening, shot blasting R & D test center, customers can be related to blasting, blasting experiments, providing professional blasting, shot blasting and technology programs to strengthen and develop blasting, polishing pills process specifications and warranty details.\r\n\r\nProviding Almen gauge, roughness tester, the test piece, a fluorescent pen tracking, phosphor, electromagnetic flow valve, coverage detector, flow rate controller, the specimen holder and the like. The products are widely used in auto parts, motorcycle parts, aerospace, ships, trains, steel and many other industries, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places, by domestic and foreign customers.

Manus Abrasive Systems Inc supplies abrasive blast equipments since 1983.

Manus Abrasive Systems Inc    Canada
Manus Abrasive Systems Inc specializes in distributing abrasive blast equipments. Their product includes manual blast cabinets, pipe blast equipment, abrasive blast lights, hose and fittings, nozzles, etc.

Blastworks Inc is a manufacturer of blast cleaning and shot peening equipments.

Blastworks Inc   Burlington  Canada
Blastworks Inc specializes in manufacturing blast cleaning and shot peening equipments. They also distribute variety of ancillary equipments and replacement parts. Their products include manual blast machine, automated blast machines, automated inline suction blast machine, automated indexing cabinet, etc.

Jet Wheelblast Equipment designs and builds shot blasting machinery and systems.

Jet Wheelblast Equipment    United States
Jet Wheelblast Equipment specializes in designing and building shot blasting machinery and systems. Their products include blast cleaning equipment, blast cleaning wheels, thermoset plastics deflashing, air pollution control equipment, wet blasting. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001.

Blastec Inc specializes in manufacturing airless shot blast machines for metal surface preparation since 1976.

Blastec Inc    United States
Blastec Inc manufactures of airless shot blast machines for metal surface preparation. Their products include structural steel descaling, plate descaling machines, bar descaling, wire descaling, table blast machines, coil descaling, spinner hanger machines, drum descaling, lid descaling, etc.

Shot Blast Inc performs concrete resurfacing and finishing for industrial, commercial, and residential settings including warehouses, roadways, malls, big box stores, and homes. We are the leading concrete floor preparation contractors in the Northeast US

Shot Blast Inc.   Marcus Hook  United States
Offering a wide array of concrete resurfacing services to the Tri-State area and beyond, Shot Blast Inc in Pennsylvania is the go-to name in concrete surface preparation. Far beyond shot blasting, they also offer diamond grinding, scarification, concrete repair and stain removal. Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, from the local mall to the largest bridge, Shot Blast Inc is ready to tackle any job. With state-of-the-art diamond grinders and other equipment, and the finest personnel, Shot Blast is committed to getting the job done right the first time. They assure the finest in service and promise to leave the surface and the surrounding area smooth, clean and appealing. In 1999, Shot Blast Inc set out to be the best in the concrete resurfacing and finishing business, and they’ve done just that.