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Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd produces various shellfish products.

Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd   Union Bay  Canada
Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd specializes in manufacturing shellfish products. Their products include canned smoked oysters and various items on scallops, shrimp, prawns, cod, sole, snapper, salmon, crab, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Inversiones Sol Austral a supplier of fish and also provides shellfish processing and packing since 1989.

Inversiones Sol Austral S.A.    Chile
Inversiones Sol Austral frozen fish and shellfish products to export markets. The company provides a wide range of fishes like hake, golden kingclip, kingclip, smelt, chilean sea bass, shortfin mako, swordfish, pomfret, elephant fish, snake eel, salmon, etc.

Rainbow Seafoods Inc distributes fresh and frozen seafood products.

Rainbow Seafoods Inc   Gloucester  United States
Rainbow Seafoods Inc specializes in distributing fresh and frozen seafood products. Few of their products include finfish, shellfish, and shrimps.

Mardon Plc imports and exports frozen seafoods since 1979.

Mardon Plc   Lanchaster  United Kingdom
Mardon Plc specializes in importing and exporting frozen seafoods since 1979. The company products include whole fishes, steaking fishes, industrial blocks, fillet, portions, loins, exotics, pelagics, shellfishes, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Cabinplant A/S manufactures cabinets for spray painting since 1969.

Cabinplant A/S    Denmark
Cabinplant A/S specializes in manufacturing cabinets for spray painting needs. Their products includes axial roller grader, bean cluster separator, inspection conveyor, inspection vibrator, line grader, press conveyor, rotor grader, size grading vibrator, etc.

Institute for Marine Biosciences is a marine bioscience research facility dedicated to integrated systems of biology.

Institute for Marine Biosciences    Canada
Institute for Marine Biosciences is a marine bioscience research facility with the capability to study life from the level of the genome to the whole organism. Their multidisciplinary approach targets three core areas such as aquaculture, natural marine toxins and advanced research technologies. Their expertise includes analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, finfish and shellfish health and nutrition, functional genomics, metabolomics and proteomics.

Laitram Machinery is a manufacturer of seafood processing equipment since 1949.

Laitram Machinery   Los Angeles  United States
Laitram Machinery specializes in manufacturing seafood processing equipments. Their products include automated feed system, model RTFS rock tank and feed system, model LG 70 grader, model ct100 cooker, cold water peelers, CSC lift conveyor, as air separator, after peeler, automatic insert cleaning system, model PCC cleaner, deheading table, etc.

Beaver Street Fisheries specializes in distributing frozen seafood for more than 50 years.

Beaver Street Fisheries   Jacksonville  United States
Beaver Street Fisheries distributes frozen seafood. They offer product like hotels, restaurants and grocery stores. Their products include admiral jacks brand, alligator, breaded seafood, breaded shrimp, calamari, case ready, clams, conch, crab products, crab cakes, crab patty, crab meat stuffing, craw fish, deviled crab, fish, raw, salted, smoked, frog legs, lobster, lobster tails, mussels, octopus, oysters, etc.