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Betenbender Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing shear, press brake, etc since 1972.

Betenbender Manufacturing Inc   Coggon  United States
Betenbender Manufacturing Inc manufactures shear, press brake, etc. , their products include shear blade sales, shear blade sharpening, press brake tooling, retrofit shear back gauges, retrofit press brake back gauges, fast cam software, shears, press brakes, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, saws, etc.

MetFab Inc supplies conveyor and stacker systems.

MetFab Inc    United States
MetFab Inc specializes in supplying conveyor and stacker systems. Few of their products include shear conveyors, stackers, and sheet supports.

Bonika Shears specializes in supplying hair cutting scissors and shears as well as the scimech scissor sharpening machine and equipment since1988.

Bonika Shears   Duluth  United States
Bonika Shears supplies hair cutting scissors and shears as well as the scimech scissor sharpening machine and equipment. Their products include hair scissors, raxors, combs, scissor sharpening, clipper sharpening, cutting aid, nipper set, scissor head headband, etc.

Butech, Inc manufactures coil processing equipment.

Butech, Inc    United States
Butech, Inc specializes in manufacturing coil processing equipment. Their products include scrap chopper, shear, hydraulic roller leveler, flattener, pinch roll, trimmer, etc. Their services include engineering services, field services, manufacturing services, etc.

Bowe Knives manufactures variety of industrial shear blades for more than 35 years.

Bowe Knives    United States
Bowe Knives is a division of bowe machine company, which specializes in manufacturing wide range of industrial shear blades for scrap processing and demolition industries. Their products include alligator shears, baler shears, mobile shears, and shredder rotors.

Joshua Roth Ltd is a distributor of bonsai tool products.

Joshua Roth Ltd    United States
Joshua Roth Ltd specializes in distributor of bonsai tool products. They offer products such as bonsai tool rolls, branch cutters special purpose, branch cutters standard concave, cut dressings, cutters and wire pliers, jin, grafting and root tools, knives NHS, shears bonsai hasami, shears bud trimming, shears leaf trimmers, shears pruning, shears satsuki hasami, etc.

Shears for Hair, No Fancy Name, Just Hair Cutting Scissors for at the Best Possible Anyone that Cuts Hair; Stylist, Barbers, Professional Groomers, Cosmetology Students, Barber Students, and Pet Grooming Students, Even the Home Hair Cutter! We Also Have   Lexington  United States
Shears for Hair carries Scissors for the hair cutting professional and accessories to help them do their jobs, whether you are a Hairstylist, Barber, or Professional Pet Groomer. We Specialize in Hair cutting shears for man and beast! We Also Have Salon, Spa and Shop Wear, Salon, Shop, and Spa Towels and Other Accessories for the Haircutting Professional!, No Fancy Name, Just Great Cutting Prices, We Are A Cut Above the Rest! Please note we have access to thousands of shears and scissors, we could never lists them all on our site! We Specialize in Special Orders. Can\t find those shears/scissors you are looking for? Call us! We can usually get anything you want at an even better price!

We specialize in designing, building and selling hydraulic press brake, CNC hydraulic press brake, guillotines shear and CNC guillotine shear, since 2003.   suzhou  0
Suzhou Dafu Machine Tools Co., LTD specializes in designing, building and selling hydraulic press brake, CNC hydraulic press brake, guillotines shear and CNC guillotine shear, since 2003.\r\n\r\nProduct line of the company includes press brakes, CNC press brakes, Guillotine shears, CNC guillotine shear, swing beam shear, etc.\r\n\r\nVarious products offered by the company includes 63T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, 100T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, 250T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, 400T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake,600T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake , 1000T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, 1600T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, 40T Hydraulic Press Brake, 80T Hydraulic Press Brake , 200T Hydraulic Press Brake , 300T Hydraulic Press Brake, 500T Hydraulic Press Brake, ZYS-6 CNC Guillotine Shear, ZYS-8 CNC Guillotine Shear, ZYS-10 CNC Guillotine Shear, ZYS-12 CNC Guillotine Shear, ZYS-16 CNC Guillotine Shear, QC11Y-6 Guillotine Shear, QC11Y-8 Guillotine Shear, QC11Y-10 Guillotine Shear, QC11Y-12 Guillotine Shear, QC11Y-16 Guillotine Shear, QC12Y-4 Pendulum Plate Shear, QC12Y-6 Pendulum Plate Shear, QC12Y-8 Pendulum Plate Shear, QC12Y-12 Pendulum Plate Shear, QC12Y-40 Pendulum Plate Shear, etc. \r\n\r\nCompany has been equipped with various machines like large floor type boring and milling machines, CNC planer milling machines, CNC planer boring machines, CNC machining center, CNC lathes, and CNC grinding machines.\r\n\r\nSuzhou Dafu Machine Tools Co., LTD has received certificates like CE, ISO 9001:2000, AAA certification, Export Exequatur, Top brand, etc.\r\n

Essay International Inc fabricates press brakes, CNC gauging units, shears, and notchers for more than 25 years.

Essay International Inc    United States
Essay International Inc specializes in fabricating brakes and notchers. Their products include guifil up stroking press brakes, guifil down acting press brakes, and guifil shears, notchers, shears, etc.

Bemcor Inc specializes in the manufacture of direct drives and friction screw presses for commercial purpose.

Bemcor Inc    United States
Bemcor Inc is a manufacturer of direct drives and friction screw presses for commercial purpose. They offer products like hydraulic shears, mechanical shears, hot shears, screw shears, electric upsetters, cnc fabricating lines, etc.