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Allsteel manufactures press brakes and hydraulic shears, straight side presses, and dish forming presses since 1950.

Allsteel   Valleyfield  Canada
Allsteel specializes in manufacturing brakes and hydraulic shears to the metal forming industry. Their products include turret punch, straight side press, dish forming press, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Baudat GmbH and Co KG specializes in producing hydraulic pumps.

Baudat GmbH and Co KG    Germany
Baudat GmbH and Co KG specializes in producing hydraulic pumps. Their products include leveraged cutters, one hand cutters, two hand cutters, hydraulic cutters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic plate puncher, etc.

Brook Industries Ltd specializes in distributing hydraulic cutting equipments.

Brook Industries Ltd    United Kingdom
Brook Industries Ltd distributes hydraulic cutting equipments and JAG hydraulic cutting equipment to the manufacturing, construction, demolition, recycling, mining, etc. , The company is also a supplier of ENERPAC hydraulic equipment, TUF cold cutting equipment, HOLMATRO recycling equipment and HI-FORCE hydraulic equipment.

Bruce Mooney Associates Inc specializes in selling recycling systems and equipments since 1984.

Bruce Mooney Associates Inc    United States
Bruce Mooney Associates Inc supplies recycling systems and equipments. Their equipments include MRF components, recycling equipment for can, glass, plastic, full beverage, containers, scrap metal, balers, conveyors, handling equipment, other equipment, corrugated containers.

Butech, Inc manufactures coil processing equipment.

Butech, Inc    United States
Butech, Inc specializes in manufacturing coil processing equipment. Their products include scrap chopper, shear, hydraulic roller leveler, flattener, pinch roll, trimmer, etc. Their services include engineering services, field services, manufacturing services, etc.

Darley B. V specializes in manufacturing sheet metalworking equipments for professional industries for more than 50 years.

Darley B. V   Eijsden  Netherlands
Darley B. V manufactures sheet metalworking equipments for professional industries. Their products include shears, EHP pressbrakes, AP pressbrakes, pons and knip machines, bending machines, cathode shears, etc.

Delta Machine Knife Inc distributes wide range of machine blades.

Delta Machine Knife Inc    United States
Delta Machine Knife Inc specializes in supplying various blades for industrial purpose. Few of their products are shear blades, machine knives, blade bolts, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

E. G. Hellers Son Inc supplies metal fabricating machineries since 1916 to the structural steel and metal fabricating industries.

E. G. Hellers Son Inc   Tarzana  United States
E. G. Hellers Son Inc specializes in supplying metal fabricating machineries for structural steel and metal fabricating industries since 1916. The company products include plate rolls, angle rolls, press brakes, shears, rebar machines, tube benders, saws, etc.

eSpectrons Corporation provides products and services for the apparel, garment and dry cleaning industries since 1981.

eSpectrons Corporation    United States
eSpectrons Corporation specializes in distributing products and services for the apparel, garment and dry cleaning industries. Their product includes industrial sewing machine, sewing machine, embroidery machine, cutters, fans, dehumidifier heating cooling air, water heater, etc.

Essay International Inc fabricates press brakes, CNC gauging units, shears, and notchers for more than 25 years.

Essay International Inc    United States
Essay International Inc specializes in fabricating brakes and notchers. Their products include guifil up stroking press brakes, guifil down acting press brakes, and guifil shears, notchers, shears, etc.

Fablamp Ltd. is the builders, importers, and exporters of industrial machinery, performs metal fabrication of equipments and is also a machine tool dealer.

Fablamp Ltd.    United States
Fablamp Ltd. manufactures and supplies press brakes, shears, hand brakes, lathes, presses, drills, milling machines, and saws, etc. The company`s products includes: lever shear, bending brakes, hydraulic shears, hydraulic press brake, mechanical shears, and mechanical press brakes.

Federal Knife Inc. is a supplier of replacement machine blades, and models of shearing, slitting, granulating, planning, and forming equipment for the past 12 years.

Federal Knife Inc.    ,,
Federal Knife Inc. provides resharpening services and replacement saw blades and planer knives to local factories. The company`s supplies includes: industrial machine knives, fabric knives, textile knives, guillotine paper cutter, slitter blades, packaging replacement blades, paper converting, paper trimmers, plastics granulator blades, shear blades, metal slitters, and replacement ironworker/scrap chopper blades, for many machine makes.

John Dean Machinery and Tool Inc distributes machine tools.

John Dean Machinery and Tool Inc    United States
John Dean Machinery and Tool Inc specializes in supplying machine tools. Their product includes CNC bridge machines, lathes and turning machines, CNC single and multi spindle lathes, etc.

KED develops computer programs since 1975.

KED    Germany
KED specializes in developing computer programs for automotive, chemical, and industrial applications. Their products include sheet cad, face sheet, easy plot, easy pipe, guillotine shears, etc.

Liberty Machinery Company is a dealer in the business of purchasing and reselling pre owned metalworking and fabricating machine tools.

Liberty Machinery Company   Lincolnshire  United States
Liberty Machinery Company is a dealer in the business of purchasing and reselling pre owned metalworking and fabricating machine tools. Their products include construction equipments, electronic equipment, environmental equipment, laboratory equipment, material handling, metalworking equipments, woodworking equipments.

MetFab Inc supplies conveyor and stacker systems.

MetFab Inc    United States
MetFab Inc specializes in supplying conveyor and stacker systems. Few of their products include shear conveyors, stackers, and sheet supports.

Rochford Supply Inc supplies upholstery, textile and marine fabrics for customers since 1972.

Rochford Supply Inc    United States
Rochford Supply Inc specializes in the supply of upholstery, textile and marine fabrics for customers. They offer products like fasteners, holiday gift ideas, leather hides, marine carpet, nails, needles, pins, pillows, padding, print, sample books, ropes, cords, staples, textiles, thread and bobbins, upholstery accessories, upholstery buttons, upholstery foam, upholstery tools, webbing, zippers, etc.

Southern Supply and Manufacturing Company Inc distributes industrial, and agricultural cutting tools since 1927.

Southern Supply and Manufacturing Company Inc   St.Petersburg  United States
Southern Supply and Manufacturing Company Inc supplies industrial, agricultural, and commercial businesses for cutting tools. They are specialized for shears, scissors, and thread nippers are used extensively in the garment, textile, and other sewn products industries. They designs, and manufactures straight trimmers, king size thread nippers, super cutter, scissors, pattern snips, heavy duty bent trimmers, and dressmakers shears.



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