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Drive Systems srl manufactures and supplies variety of electrical machines for more than forty years.

Drive Systems srl    Italy
Drive Systems srl specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of electrical machine. The company products are DC permanent magnet servomotors, brushless servomotors, gearservomotors, DC motors, planet and worm gearboxes, tachogenerators, shunt motors, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Mini Motor srl manufactures geared motors since 1965.

Mini Motor srl    Italy
Mini Motor srl specializes in manufacturing geared motors. Few of their products include motors, geared motors such as coaxial and wheel, servomotors, variable geared units, and drives. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.

Mitchell Electronics Inc manufactures electronic systems since 1979.

Mitchell Electronics Inc    United States
Mitchell Electronics Inc specializes in manufacturing electronic systems. Few of their products include pulsepro encoder testers, motion control testing instruments, industrial electronics, application notes, etc.

Brusatori Spa manufactures AC and DC rotating electrical machines since 1954.

Brusatori Spa    Italy
Brusatori Spa specializes in manufacturing ac and dc rotating electrical machines. Their products include drive for wound field dc motors, drives and systems for brushless motors, inverters and other components for speed adjustment and automation. The company is qualtiy certified to UNI EN ISO 9002.

Fagor Automation S.Coop manufactures and supplies industrial automation products since 1973.

Fagor Automation S.Coop    Spain
Fagor Automation S.Coop specializes in producing and providing industrial automation products like CNC machines, digital readouts, etc. Their products include linear encoders, rotary encoders, air filter units, digital servo drives systems, brushless AC Servomotors-series FXM, etc.

Deimo Spa manufactures electronic boards and machines for textile machineries since 1981.

Deimo Spa    Italy
Deimo Spa specializes in manufacturing electronic boards and machines for textile machineries. Few of their products are electronic controller for hosiery machine, controller for flat knitting machines, graphic software for textiles, electronic controller for rapier, controller for seamless machines, etc.

ATB specializes in manufacturing electrical motors and drive systems for more than 80 years.

ATB    Austria
ATB is a European manufacturer of electrical motors and drive systems. They help to create innovative products. Their products include industrial motors, drive systems, servomotors, motors for house and garden appliances, drive systems, explosion proof electrical motors, etc.

MicroMo Electronics manufactures electromechanical drive systems, components and controls.

MicroMo Electronics    United States
MicroMo Electronics specializes in producing electromechanical drive systems, components and controls. Their product includes DC motors, brushless DC motors, miniature stepper motors, gearmotors, precision gearheads, encoders, motion control systems and micromechanical systems.

Italian Technology Association Inc is a group of Italian machine tool and machine tool accessory manufacturers.

Italian Technology Association Inc    United States
Italian Technology Association Inc is a group of Italian machine tool and machine tool accessory manufacturers, which offers direct access to world-class metalworking solutions, in stock inventory of machines ready, unparalleled after sales service, full service spare parts warehouse, fully operational demo room, extremely competitive pricing, etc.

Lafert S.p.a.manufactures motors since 1962.

Lafert S.p.a.    Italy
Lafert S.p.a.specializes in manufacturing motors for Industrial Automation sectors. Their products and services include servomotors, drives, marketing service, engineering service, etc. The companys products are quality certified to ISO 9001 standards.