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Applied Biosystems is a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical and biotechnology related products.

Applied Biosystems   Foster City  United States
Applied Biosystems specializes in manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical and biotechnology related products. Their products are used to develop new drug. Their products include binding event analyzers and reagents, cell signaling, neuraminidase and reporter gene assays, ELISA and western blotting, expression vectors, substrates and reagents, mass spectrometers, HPLC systems, microarray scanners, DNA sequencers, electrophoresis reagents, hybridization probe labeling, expression vectors, etc.

All the Virology on the WWW provides various information on viruses, virology, microbiology, and infectious diseases through internet.

All the Virology on the WWW    ,,
All the Virology on the WWW specializes in providing various information on viruses, virology, microbiology, and infectious diseases. The website provides collections of virology sites like specific virus sites, AIDS and HIV, plant viruses, graduate programs in virology, anti-viral drug resources, viral vectors and gene therapy, viral genome sequence data, electron micrographs and macromolecular images, virological techniques, vaccine and vaccine development, etc.

DNA Sequencing specializes in providing automated DNA sequencing services.

DNA Sequencing    United States
DNA Sequencing is a service provider, which offers automated DNA sequencing services to the university, commercial and government customers. Their DNA sequencing is performed by molecular biologists using ABI Prism 377 and ABI Prism 3700 and ABI Prism 3730 DNA sequencers.

VectorWorks producesand supplies CAD software since 1985.

VectorWorks    ,,
VectorWorks specializes in manufacturing and supplying CAD products for several applications like architecture, landscaping, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and lighting, and stage design.

Vector Shirts is a manufacture of custom embroidery and screen printing products since 1996.

Vector Shirts   Hamlet  United States
Vector Shirts specializes in manufacturing custom embroidery and screen printing products. They specialize in providing american made clothing. Their products include polo shirts, bowling shirts, denim, casual wear, outer wear, hats, etc.

SVG Open Conference Series is an annual gathering of people involved in the use and further development of 2D vector graphics format SVG.

SVG Open Conference Series    Japan
SVG Open Conference Series is an annual gathering, which specializes in providing information about 2D vector graphics. Their conference is based on scalable vector graphics, which is an open standard of the World Wide Web consortium enabling graphics to be delivered over the web using accessible and human-readable XML.

We provide complete sequencing and fragment analysis service including analysis, editing, gene assembly, template quality scanning and many methods for troubleshooting. We have extensive experience with GC rich template, secondary structure and other diff

DNA Analysis, LLC   Cincinnati  United States
DNA Analysis, LLC is a new company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The technical staff has more than 25 years of combined experience working in academia and has started the company to provide low cost sequencing and fragment analysis to the research community. We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients and are happy to discuss any problematic template, sequencing and fragment analysis project at any time. We have experience working with problematic templates including GC rich and secondary structure and will troubleshoot difficult templates that can be problematic though basic sequencing chemistry. We provide a full service and every sequence result is analyzed and edited before it is released. We also provide a full assembly service and assemble and edit the full result using the chromatograms.

Apollo Solutions Ltd is a distributor of innovative, integrity control solutions to the industries.

Apollo Solutions Ltd    United Kingdom
Apollo Solutions Ltd specializes in distributing innovative, high integrity control solutions to the industries. Their products include variable speed drives, oxygen sensors, process automation, oxygen trim systems, process boiler sequencing, etc.

LabSmith Inc designs and manufactures various precision electronic products and components for laboratory research since 1995.

LabSmith Inc   Livermore  United States
LabSmith Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing wide range of electronic products and components for laboratory research. Their products include programmable logic sequencers, high voltage sequencing, synchronized video microscopes, etc. provides information about design tools.    United Kingdom specializes in providing information about design tools. They provide reviews, articles, and tutorials for dtp, photo editing, drawing, web design, vector drawing, bitmap and photo editing, and 3D software.