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Engineering Seismology Group Inc produces passive seismic monitoring equipment and supplies associated services since 1993.

Engineering Seismology Group Inc    Canada
Engineering Seismology Group Inc specializes in manufacturing passive seismic monitoring equipment and providing associated services since 1993. Their product includes vibration sensors, electronic data acquisition systems, seismic software, etc. The company is quality certified to 9001:2000 standard.

Paulsson Geophysical Services Inc provides data acquisition, processing, and interpretation services.

Paulsson Geophysical Services Inc   Brea  United States
Paulsson Geophysical Services Inc specializes in providing data acquisition, processing, and interpretation services in 3D borehole seismology and massive 3D VSP. They also offer single well seismic, cross well seismic, and passive seismic monitoring surveys.

MicroStep-MIS develops, manufactures, and supplies variety of monitoring and information systems for various industries.

MicroStep-MIS    Slovakia (Slovak Republic
MicroStep-MIS specializes in developing, manufacturing, and supplying variety of monitoring and information systems for various industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include automatic weather stations, manned weather stations, sensors, displays, radiation monitoring, process control systems, etc.

Davis Lobdell Instruments Inc supplies various surgical instruments.

Davis Lobdell Instruments Inc    United States
Davis Lobdell Instruments Inc specializes in supplying wide range of surgical instruments. Their products include cat paw retractor, circumcision clamp, med cups, emesis basins, solution bowls, coagulation forceps, fiberoptic headlights and accessories.

Mannix Testing and Measurement is a manufacturer of testing and measurement instruments.

Mannix Testing and Measurement    United States
Mannix Testing and Measurement specializes in manufacturing testing and measurement instruments. Their instruments include temperature instruments, airflow instruments, safety instruments, time instruments, industrial instruments, data loggers and recorders, etc.

We are a manufacturing company specialize in supplying surgical and dental instruments, and medical implants throughout the world.   Sialkot  0
PRIMED INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturing company supplying medical implants, surgical and dental instruments throughout the world established at Sialkot.\r\n\r\nOur expertise is in the field of metal related instruments and devices, which is well known for hallmark of quality. Some of the surgical instruments offered by the company include scissors, forceps, first cat, micro scissor.\r\n\r\nThe management team of PRIMED INSTRUMENTS is reinvigorating and developing new products on modern lines in terms of value addition and in collaboration with its partners bringing about a change in the production methods in line with the international level.\r\n is an online directory for process instrumentation.    ,, is an online directory, which specializes in process instrumentation. The directory contains the list of flow instruments, level instruments, pressure and temperature, gas detection, calibration, engineering resources, etc.

Microtech Instruments offers instrument services since 1990.

Microtech Instruments    United States
Microtech Instruments specializes in offering instrument services. Few of their service line includes cahn instruments microbalance, analytical toploaders, analog and digital recording balance, TGA and DCA, etc.

Indian Scientific Instruments Factory manufacrures medical and scientific instruments since 1958.

Indian Scientific Instruments Factory    India
Indian Scientific Instruments Factory specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of medical and scientific instruments. Few of their products are digital electronic balances, chemistry instruments, digital test instruments, prisms, D F physics resistance boxes, galvanometer, rheostats, research microscopes, ISI microscopes, dissecting microscope, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000

Delta Instrumentation Inc manufatures wide range of flow meters.

Delta Instrumentation Inc    United States
Delta Instrumentation Inc specializes in manufacturing various flow meters. Their products include flow meters, pH instrumentation, level instruments, pressure instruments, controls, analyzers, electrical products and custom instrument systems.