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Challenger Oceanic is a manufacturer of deep sea oceanographic instrumentation like particle samplers, water samplers, sediment traps, sensors and spectrometers.

Challenger Oceanic   Haslemere  United Kingdom
Challenger Oceanic other products include: sediment profiling sensors, gamma spectrometers, mass spectrometers and various pumps, pressure tubes, and other electronics items. Challenger Oceanic was an associate partner in the MAST III ARAMIS project, sub contractor on the SEABEE project and the HAB BUOY project.

Hypoguard manufactures medical diagnostic products since 1960.

Hypoguard    ,,
Hypoguard produces medical diagnostic analyzers, devices and services. Hypoguard products are manufactured in compliance with strict industry standards including the U. S. FDA quality system regulation and ISO 9001/13485. They are specialized for professional products such as blood glucose monitoring systems, safety lancets, urine testing equipment, and erythrocyte sedimention rate system.

Dakota Technologies Inc specializes in research, development, and commercial application of innovative technologies that detect, log, and sample contaminants in soil, water, and air.

Dakota Technologies Inc   Fargo  United States
Dakota Technologies Inc specializes in research, development, and commercial application of innovative technologies that detect, log, and sample contaminants in soil, water, and air. Their products inlcude ARSLID 100 monitor, continuous in situ dart profiling system, twin reservoir equilibrated water sampler, oxygen sensor, ballast exchange assurance meter, etc.

Fine Tubes can offer over 60 years experience in precision metal engineering. We support our customers from the initial design, the material selection through to the production, test certification and delivery of the high performance tubes we manufacture.

Fine Tubes Ltd   Plymouth  United Kingdom
Fine Tubes Ltd - \r\nPrecision seamless and welded tubes for the most challenging environments\r\n\r\nFine Tubes can offer over 60 years experience in precision metal engineering. We support our customers from the initial design, the material selection through to the production, test certification and delivery of the high performance tubes we manufacture. \r\n\r\nOur reputation for quality and reliability, drive for innovation in materials, exceptional customer service and continuous improvement underlines our strong commitment to high quality precision tubing. \r\n\r\nThe tubular products we develop are for critical tolerance applications in extreme conditions. \r\n\r\nFine Tubes manufactures tubes in two principle forms:\r\n• Seamless stainless steel tubing, nickel alloy tubes and titanium tubes as straight tubes or coiled tubing from 3mm (0.040in) outer diameter (OD) to 31mm (1½in) OD\r\n• Welded tubes, welded and drawn or seam free stainless steel tubes and nickel tubing as straight tubes or coiled tubing from 3mm (0.118in) OD to 28mm (1¼in) OD\r\nAvailable profile tubes include not only round but also rectangular tubes, square tubes, oval tubes and elliptical and other profiles.\r\n\r\nThe standards and specifications for these tubes and coils are extremely high and serve a wide range of markets.\r\n\r\nAerospace tubes\r\nFine Tubes supplies aerospace tubes to many of today\s leading aerospace programmes. Typical materials used for the aviation industry are excellent weight: strength ratio materials such as Titanium 3Al2.5, 6Al4 and 425, CP and also high temperature Nickel Alloys, stainless grades such as 21-6-9. Our high quality tubes are used as mechanical tubes, hydraulic tubes, and high pressure tubes for torque control rods, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, landing gear, waveguides, convoluting, ducting systems and cryogenic heat exchangers. We have achieved Nadcap approval for heat treatment, NDT and laboratory testing of our tubing. We have also achieved many customer approvals, including Airbus & Rolls-Royce.\r\n \r\n\r\nOil and Gas tubes\r\nFine Tubes’ oil and gas tubing are used in the most challenging subsea and downhole conditions in seawater and sour oil well environments. Materials used are Austenitic, Super Austenitic, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium and Nickel Alloys. Seamless tubes are used for hydraulic tube and instrumentation tube applications, in onshore control panels, topside processing facilities, on subsea manifolds and templates up to 2,500m below the sea’s surface. Seam welded & redrawn tubes with orbital joints are used for subsea umbilicals, subsea control lines and chemical injection tubes. We can produce straight tubes or tube coils up to 10,000 m long. Coiled tubing is also used in onshore or topside hydraulic and instrumentation systems where the longer coils result in fewer connections and can increase the integrity of the overall system. These high pressure tubes need to be able to withstand huge amounts of pressure which is why our stainless steel coils for onshore applications are rated for use up to 60,000psi. \r\nFine Tubes has recently made investments in new manufacturing equipment to produce Super duplex tubes and Duplex tubes in seam welded and redrawn. The investments are targeted at supplying precision tubes in these corrosion resistant grades for applications in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Desalination industry sectors. These high performance tubes are manufactured from strip material, redrawn and heat treated to homogenise the weld seam and produce tubes with equivalent mechanical and corrosion performance to seamless tubing at a lower cost.\r\n\r\nNuclear and Power tubes\r\nThe Nuclear and Power Markets represent one of our key markets for the supply of stainless steel tubes, nickel alloy tubes and reactive metal tubing. Our pedigree in supplying nuclear tubes to the exacting quality needs within the Nuclear industry is supportive by Quality systems and Customer Reference Approvals. Commencing in the 1970s with the development of nuclear fuel cans for the UK AGR market, we have continued to evolve our product range in support of PWR, CANDU and Fossil Fuel Power Generation. Applications include fuel cladding, control rods, leak detection, tie bars, canister tubes, poison tubes, vent tubes, boiler tubes, ERW tubes, heater tubes and C tubes, absorber tubes as well as control and instrumentation tubing.\r\nFor the power industry generally, we provide a range of products from turbine, steam generator tubes, condenser tubes or cooling tubes to hollow conductors, heat exchanger tubes to FGD applications. Our profile tubes include rectangular tubes, square tubes and other profiles.\r\n\r\n \r\nChemical Process tubes \r\nUtilising Fine Tubes’ unique strength of being both a welded tube and seamless tube manufacturer gives our customers complete product flexibility – to choose between a welded tube, a welded and cold drawn tubs, a seam free tube or a completely seamless tube.\r\nWith supply experience far exceeding typical BS/ASTM/ASME/TüV standards, Fine Tubes continue to evolve corrosion resistant alloys for the increasing hostile temperature and operating environments where maximising operating efficiency demands total product reliability.\r\n\r\nApplications as diverse as shell and tube heat exchanger tubes and flow meter tubes, tubes for measurement systems, hydraulic tubes, pneumatic tubes, condenser tubes as well as control and instrumentation tubing, paper production tubes and tubes in acetic acid plants.\r\n\r\nThese can be provided in a multitude of forms for both welded tubes (bead worked or cold redrawn) and seamless tubes. This allows us to offer flexibility and competitiveness for many applications such as use in gas chromatography columns.\r\n\r\nAll Fine Tubes welded tubes can be cold redrawn to improve weld homogenization and further enhance the mechanical and corrosion performance.\r\n\r\nMedical tubes\r\nFine Tubes manufactures medical tubes in for orthopaedic applications such bone implants, bone screws, trauma nails, Marknagel and spinal cages; vascular applications such a catheters and coronary stents and medical device equipment such as surgical instruments, dental instruments and implants, endoscopy equipment and biopsy needles. These areas are characterised by research and materials innovation, two areas where Fine Tubes can also offer development support and expertise.\r\nOur process capability delivers precise control of tube dimensions - typically h8 for OD control and with ID surface finish to a smoothness of 0.2microns achieved by electro polishing.\r\n\r\nThe Fine Tubes quality system is compliant to BS EN 9100 and ISO 9100:2008 requirements and in addition meets the following standards:\r\nTUV AD-2000 Merkblatt W0/TRD 100\r\nPressure equipment directive (PED)\r\nNADCAP approval of ultrasonic testing and heat treatment facilities\r\nRolls-Royce Sabre\r\nRolls-Royce Deutschland\r\nMessier-Dowty PRIDE\r\nWestland Supplier approval\r\nFine Tubes is also listed on the IAQG Oasis and First Point Assessment database.\r\n\r\nFor Further Information CLICK HERE \r\nDon\t Forget To Mention You Have Found Us on SourceTool Directory \r\n\r\n.\r\n\r\n

Microbial Technologies specializes in developing biologically based treatment systems since 1989.

Microbial Technologies    Canada
Microbial Technologies is an environmental consulting firm that assesses hazards from polluted water, soil, and sediments, and develops biologically based treatment systems for their remediation. Their services include laboratory services, treatment of polluted soil and sediments, treatment of industrial waste water, impact assessment, sewage treatment, and water testing.

Erosion Control is a professional magazine which specializes in providing information on erosion and sediment control since 1993.

Erosion Control   Santa Barbara  United States
Erosion Control is a professional magazine published by Forester communications which provides information on erosion and sediment control since 1993. Other magazines of Forester communications deals with storm water, MSW management, grading and excavation, onsite water treatment, distributed energy, water efficiency, etc.

Hauser and Miller Co supplies gold alloyed products and provides refining services since 1909.

Hauser and Miller Co    
Hauser and Miller Co specializes in supplying gold alloyed products and providing refining services since 1909. Few of their products are bullions, casting grains, discs, solders, tubings, flat sheets, round wires, etc. The company refining services include packaging scraps, refine procedures, rates and turn arounds, etc. .

Hydro-Bios specializes in manufacturing precise-mechanical and electronical apparatus and instruments since 1960.

Hydro-Bios    Germany
Hydro-Bios manufactures precise-mechanical and electronical apparatus and instruments. Their products include multi water sampler, water sampler, multi net, nets, sediment traps, multi parameter probe, bottom sampler, flow meters, etc.

The Huber Group manufactures stainless steel machines and supplies equipments in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment.

The Huber Group    Italy
The Huber Group specializes in manufacturing stainless steel machines and offers equipments in the field of wastewater or sludge treatment. Their activities include mechanical waste water screening, fine screening, screening treatment, grit separation, sludge treatment, sedimentation, etc. The HUBER Group has been quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Integral Inc provides integral consulting service in the fields of environmental science and engineering, public health, and natural and physical sciences since 2002.

Integral Inc    United States
Integral Inc specializes in offering integral consulting service in the fields of environmental science and engineering, public health, and natural and physical sciences. Their service includes risk assessment and toxicology, environmental investigation, engineering and remediation, sediment science and management, environmental assessment and planning, natural resource damage assessment, environmental forensics, air quality services, etc.