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Moss Seal Company specializes in supplying seals and packing products since 1972.

Moss Seal Company   Houston  United States
Moss Seal Company supplies seals and packing products. Their products include o rings, quad rings, t seals, backup rings, oil seals, stat o seals, loaded lip seals, gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, wave springs, lubricants, sealants, rod wipers, disc springs, etc.

Lako Tool And Mfg Inc provides sealing, cutting and punching solutions for packaging industry for more than 30 years.

Lako Tool And Mfg Inc   Perrysburg  United States
Lako Tool And Mfg Inc specializes in providing sealing, cutting and punching solutions for packaging industry. Their products include crimpers, sealing jaws, knives, anvils, hole punches, cartridge heaters and complete head conversions for horizontal and vertical wrappers, etc.

Essential Sealing Products Inc. is a source of fluid sealing devices.

Essential Sealing Products Inc.    ,,
Essential Sealing Products Inc. also provides products like: gasket materials, mechanical seals, braided packing, hydraulic packing, sewn products, expansion joints, textiles, tools and hardware, shim kits, and tapes.

SEAL Systems is a developer of information and document distribution products since 1981.

SEAL Systems   Dortmund  Germany
SEAL Systems specializes in developing information and document distribution products. Their products and services are Document Output Management, Document Input Management, Conversion, SAP Records Management, Tools for SAP DMS, PDM Integrations, Direct Publishing, Archiving, etc.

Brewer Products Inc specializes in distributing materials and equipments.

Brewer Products Inc   Cincinnati  United States
Brewer Products Inc distributes materials and equipments like pavement tools and stencils, tar and asphalt remover, pavement tools and stencils, preparation equipment, asphalt sprayers tanks, asphalt sealer tanks, crack and joint sealants, crack sealing accessories, crack sealing melter, crack sealing applicators, etc.

Aiflon Sealing Materials Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of sealing products.

Aiflon Sealing Materials Co., Ltd   Cixi City  China
Aiflon Sealing Materials Co. , Ltd offer a wide range of sealing raw materials and products, swift computerized quotation, ample finished goods inventory to its customers throughout the world. Aiflon Sealing Materials Co. , Ltd products includes gland packings, semi-metallic gaskets, metallic gasket, gasket sheets, packing materials, gasket materials, heat insulation products, tools like packing tools, injection gun, handy gasket cutter, etc. , and machines like bending machine, grooving machine, welder, etc. Aiflon Sealing Materials Co. , Ltd has been quality certified by ISO 9001.

American Casting and Manufacturing designs and manufactures tamper evident seals and high-security locks for all types of applications.

American Casting and Manufacturing    United States
American Casting and Manufacturing manufactures and supplies all types of strap and truck seals, cable locks, padlocks, printed, numbered and bar coded bag and car seals, padlock, applicator tools, self voiding tapes and bags, bolt locks, lead and wire seals, pull ups, twist locks and more. American Casting and Manufacturing sell its products through authorized distributors and also sell through online sales.

Expansion Seal Technologies specializes in manufacturing products like pipe and tube pressure testing, sleeving and plugging equipment since 1968.

Expansion Seal Technologies   Hatfield  United States
Expansion Seal Technologies specializes in manufacturing products like pipe and tube pressure testing, sleeving and plugging equipment since 1968. Their other products include cpi plugs, boiler tubes, d series tapping tools, plumber tools, system ram packages, manual installation tool, removal tools, tube stabilizers tube sleeving, tube testing guns, est heat exchanger, etc. Their services are power generation, petro chemical, refining, pipeline, shipbuilding and boiler manufacturing.

JEM Strapping Systems manufactures and distributes steel strapping products.

JEM Strapping Systems   Brantford  Canada
JEM Strapping Systems specializes in producing and supplying steel strapping products. Their product includes steel strapping, plastic strapping, steel strapping seals, plastic strapping tools, etc.

Cosmos Electronic Machine Corp and Kabar Manufacturing Corp manufactures radio frequency heat sealing equipment since 1945.

Cosmos Electronic Machine Corp and Kabar Manufacturing Corp    United States
Cosmos Electronic Machine Corp and Kabar Manufacturing Corp specializes in manufacturing radio frequency heat sealing equipment. Their products include standard machinery to fully automatic systems including shuttles, turntables, in line indexers, robotic feeders material and board, stripping, cutting, stacking stations, etc.