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Smart Modular Technologies specializes in the manufacture of computer memory and liquid display solutions for the information technology and electronic industry.

Smart Modular Technologies   Fremont  United States
Smart Modular Technologies produces computer memory and liquid display solutions for the information technology and electronic industry. They offer products like ddr3 sdram, ddr2 sdram, ddr2 fb dimm, ddr sdram, pc133 sdram, dram, sram, controller boards, display solutions, and display systems, etc.

Memory Time Corporation distributes wide range of primary and secondary memory products through online.

Memory Time Corporation   Portland  United States
Memory Time Corporation specializes in supplying various primary and secondary memory products. Their products include 64MB SDRAM, 128MB SDRAM, 256MB SDRAM, drives, enclosures and brackets, video and peripheral cards, USB peripherals, cables, etc., The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Elpida Memory Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of dynamic random access memory silicon chips since 1999.

Elpida Memory Inc   Tokyo  Japan
Elpida Memory Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing dynamic random access memory silicon chips. Their products include DDR3 SDRAM devices, DDR2 SDRAM devices, DDR mobile RAM devices, SDR mobile RAM devices, XDR DRAM devices, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. Inc manufactures and designs memory modules. Inc    United States Inc specializes in manufacturing and designing memory modules for Cisco, Sun, Juniper, PCs, laptops, and legacy devices. The company products include MEM830 16F memory, DDR, SDRAM, etc.

Micron Technology Inc supplies CMOS image sensors and semiconductor products.

Micron Technology Inc    United States
Micron Technology Inc specializes in supplying CMOS image sensors and semiconductor products for computer, medical, security, networking and communications, mobile, consumer electronics, server, and automotive industries. Few of their products include DRAM, DRAM modules, mobile DRAM, PSRAM, NAND flash, CPs, etc.

Hexon Technology Pte Ltd manufactures and distributes memory modules since 1989.

Hexon Technology Pte Ltd    Singapore
Hexon Technology Pte Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing memory modules. The company products include SDRAM, DDR, SODIMM, hard disk, CPUs, and chip.

Crucial Technology is a distributor of variety of memory upgrades and other memory modules since 1996.

Crucial Technology    United States
Crucial Technology specializes in distributing variety of memory upgrades and other memory modules. Their products include DDR, SDRAM, EDO, fast page mode, performance memory, server memory, compactflash, secure digital, card readers, printer memory, flash drives, graphic cards, etc.

CST Inc develops and markets memory testers since 1983.

CST Inc   Dallas  United States
CST Inc specializes in developing and marketing memory testers. The company is capable of producing SP3000, Eureka2, Ez SPD, Handler, Clock Reference, and DocMemory. They offer service like application support, design engineering, tester interface design, custom testing service, memory evaluation, memory module manufacturing and testing consultancy, module PCB design, module prototyping and evaluation, computer memory bus analysis, and memory module compatibility test.

Alpha Memory Inc specializes in supplying memory upgrades.

Alpha Memory Inc   McAllen  United States
Alpha Memory Inc supplies memory upgrades for desktops, notebooks, servers, routers, workstations, printers, faxes and flash memory upgrades for digital cameras, digital video camcorders, handheld PCs, mobile phones, and MP3 players.

Belmont Computers distributes computer components and accessories since 2000.

Belmont Computers    United States
Belmont Computers specializes in distributing hard drives, motherboards, optical drives and other components. The company provides PC repair, Mac repair, custom computer builds, hardware and accessory sales, upgrades, used and refurbished sales. Few of their products include SDRAM, DDR400 PC3200, athlon, Intel core 2 duo, Celeron, etc.