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Knotts and Company provides mining and casting products.

Knotts and Company    United States
Knotts and Company specializes in providing mining and casting products. Their products include lifting magnet, magnetic pulleys, replacement blades, skirt boards, long wall miner, etc.

Duecker Rubber Service Inc. manufacture belting products since 1957.

Duecker Rubber Service Inc.   Houston  United States
Duecker Rubber Service Inc. provides with conveyor belting, custom fabricated belts, complete field installation, vulcanized splicing fabric and steel cable, belt cleaning systems, skirting and containment systems, expansion joints, impact and abrasion resistant liners.

Bronco Enterprises produces bucket callesd bronco miracle bucket drag scraper for more than 22 years.

Bronco Enterprises   Dexter  United States
Bronco Enterprises specializes in manufacturing bronco miracle bucket drag scraper. Their products include DB-1000, DB-1200, DB-1400, DB-1600, and DB-1800.

Classic Conveyor Components Corp manufactures conveyor components.

Classic Conveyor Components Corp    United States
Classic Conveyor Components Corp specializes in manufacturing conveyor components. The company products include scrapers, scraper blades, plows, slider beds, urethane cable ramps, etc.

Hock Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of blades for planes and other hardworking tools for more than 25 years.

Hock Tools    United States
Hock Tools specializes in manufacturing and distributing blades for planes and other hardworking tools. They offer bench planes, block planes, breakers, burnishers, knives, marking knives, metal spokeshaves, plane kits, scrapers, wooden planes, wooden spokeshaves, etc.

Black Cat Blades specializes in manufacturing cutting edges and wear parts.

Black Cat Blades    Canada
Black Cat Blades manufactures cutting edges and wear parts. Their parts include grader blades and snow plow blades, end bits and wear pads or shoes. Their products include front end loader and backhoe blades.

J and T Machine Knife Inc specialize in the manufacture of industrial machine knife.

J and T Machine Knife Inc   Brampton  Canada
J and T Machine Knife Inc specialize in the manufacture of industrial machine knife. They offer products like slide ways, shear blades, guillotine blades, shear knives, guillotine shear blades, and food processing knives, stainless steel circular slitters, slitter knives, scraper knives, scraper blades, circular knives, mill blades, scrap blades, robots, and robot guide ways.

Federal Knife Inc. is a supplier of replacement machine blades, and models of shearing, slitting, granulating, planning, and forming equipment for the past 12 years.

Federal Knife Inc.    ,,
Federal Knife Inc. provides resharpening services and replacement saw blades and planer knives to local factories. The company`s supplies includes: industrial machine knives, fabric knives, textile knives, guillotine paper cutter, slitter blades, packaging replacement blades, paper converting, paper trimmers, plastics granulator blades, shear blades, metal slitters, and replacement ironworker/scrap chopper blades, for many machine makes.

Diamond sells wide range of diamond cutting tools.

Diamond    United States
Diamond specializes in distributing variety of diamond cutting products. Few of their products are tile blades, abrasive blades, , grinding polishing pads, core bits, diamond chains, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Degelman Industries Ltd. is a manufacturer of trucks and accessories. Degelman Industries Ltd. is a family run company, in Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1962

Degelman Industries Ltd.   Regina  Canada
Degelman Industries Ltd. manufactures rock pickers, dozer blades, land scrapers, land leveler, loaders, rock diggers, grain carts, farm machinery, front end loaders, bulldozers, bull dozers, bull dozer blades, bulldozer blades, tractor blades, mounted harrows, heavy harrows, straw harrows, shuttle carts, and land rollers.