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Daqarta is a sound card software that offers micrphone calibrations, distortion measurement, etc.

Daqarta    ,,
Daqarta is a service provider, which provides software used with sound cards as shareware. The company`s software provides spectrum analysis, spectrograms, signal averaging, signal generation, and offers calibration of volume controls.

ELICO Ltd. manufacture electronic analytical instruments, professional grade switches and software development and services since 1976.

ELICO Ltd.    India
ELICO Ltd. manufacture professional Grade switches, toggle and push button switches for use in consumer electronics and telecommunication industries. The company products include UV-VIS spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, NIR spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometer, IR gas analysers, etc. , ELICO Ltd. is certified with ISO 9001.

Graphpad Software Inc creates software for scientists to provide researchers with the tools to simplify data analysis, statistics and graphing since 1984.

Graphpad Software Inc   San Diego  United States
Graphpad Software Inc specializes in developing software for scientists to provide researchers with the tools to simplify data analysis, statistics and graphing. Their product includes graphpad prism, graphpad instat, graphpad statmate, etc.

The MathWorks Inc develops and supplies technical computing softwares since 1984.

The MathWorks Inc    United Kingdom
The MathWorks Inc specializes in developing and supplying technical computing softwares. The company offers matlab features such as simbiology, link for modelsim, distributed computing toolboxes, data acquisition toolboxes, instrument control toolboxes, simulink features includes simhydraulics, simevents, systemtest, and video and image processing blocksets.



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