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Carter Products Company Inc specializes in manufacturing products to improve machinery performance, since 1929.

Carter Products Company Inc   Grand Rapids  United States
Carter Products Company Inc manufactures products to improve machinery performance. The company provides technology products like alignment lighting, flip-pod system, inspecto-lights, sanding accessories, sandtrac. The company provides bandsaw products like accuright bandsaw blades, band saw conversion kits, band saw tune-up kits, band saw stabilizer, tension accessories, band saw guides, etc.

Laguna Tools Inc specializes in providing bandsaws, table saws, shapers, etc. , through web.

Laguna Tools Inc    United States
Laguna Tools Inc provides bandsaws, table saws, shapers, etc. , through web. Their products include saws, edgebanders, boring machines, shapers, jointers, planers, sanders, combination machines, bandsaws, etc.

BGR tools manufactures various cutting tools. The company was established in 1974.

BGR tools    ,,
BGR tools specializes in the manufacture of knives, grinders, heads and cylinders, etc. Their products include multi saw collar, selfcentering saw collar, stifling collar, saw guides, etc. The company also distributes to various sawmill and machineries.

Camco Cutting Tools Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing carbide and apf superalloy cutting tips for the sawmill industry.

Camco Cutting Tools Ltd   Kelowna  Canada
Camco Cutting Tools Ltd manufactures and distributes carbide and apf superalloy cutting tips for the sawmill industry. Their products include genuine nickel babbitt, universal grinding wheels, pacific grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheels, wheels, grinding coolants, guide dresser cutters, flux, silver solder, etc.

Modern Engineering Ltd manufactures and distributes machined parts and equipments since 1939.

Modern Engineering Ltd    Canada
Modern Engineering Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing machined parts and equipments. Few of their products include inspection equipments, grinding equipments, CNC CAM softwares, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9002 standard.

Buehler-Tools specializes in manufacturing machine components, tools and parts, since 1900.

Buehler-Tools   Tubental  Canada
Buehler-Tools manufactures machine components, tools and parts like guide bars, bar-shaped machine components, industrial knives for metal, plastic, paper and wood processing, as well as plate- and disc-shaped machine components for precision-conscious firms in the industrial machinery and metallurgical industries.

Hansaloy Corporation is a producer of bread slicing blades for band and reciprocating slicers since 1933.

Hansaloy Corporation   Davenport  United States
Hansaloy Corporation products include slicer blade, band slicer blade, reciprocating slicer blade, food preparation blade, foam and plastic blade, automatic hone, tension gauges, conveyor and cooler chain, etc. , for use in the food processing, packaging, foam, plastics and paperboard industries.

The Anspach Effort Inc is manufacturer of reliable and efficient instrument since 1978.

The Anspach Effort Inc    United States
The Anspach Effort Inc specializes in providing complete range of solutions for all needs in high performance power instruments. They provide their products for neurosurgery, neurotology, otology, and nrthopedics. Their products include adjustable drill guide, black max standard attachments, chuck driver system, compact speed reducer, controlled depth attachments, irrigation pump ii, micro revision attachments, micro saws, minimal access attachments, minimally invasive attachment, qd angle attachments, right and contra angle attachments, sagittal saw, etc.

Champion Technologies Inc distributes brake and clutch products since 1927.

Champion Technologies Inc   Eugene  United States
Champion Technologies Inc distributes brake and friction products Their products include brakes, clutches, saw guides, friction parts, brake bands, etc.

Sawdust Making 101 provides information on woodworking for wood workers.

Sawdust Making 101    ,,
Sawdust Making 101 specializes in providing information on woodworking for wood workers. They provide information on nails, screws and screwdrivers, cutting inside corners, drawing a large curve, electric motors, finishing information, table saws, hand drills, etc. Sawdust Making 101 serves as a guide for wood workers.