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Tektonic Palates LLC is a producer and supplier of various Tektonic pastes and sauces products since 1962.

Tektonic Palates LLC    United States
Tektonic Palates LLC specializes in producing and distributing wide range of Tektonic paste and sauce products. Few of their products are magma hot paste, savory peanut sauce paste, savory olive paste, hot olive paste, savory sauce, etc.

Mrs.Smiths Bakeries specializes in making variety of pie dish, cobblers, cakes, etc., for more than 20 years.

Mrs.Smiths Bakeries    United States
Mrs. Smiths Bakeries manufactures various kinds of pie dish, ingredients for desserts, etc., for commercial purpose. Few of their dishes are traditional recipe pies, special recipe pies, traditional recipe pie, slices home style cakes, deep dish pie shells, classic cobblers, classic cream pie favorites, etc.

Compagnie Parento Inc supplies fragrances oils for more than 100 years.

Compagnie Parento Inc    United States
Compagnie Parento Inc specializes in supplying fragrances oil for manufacturers of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries, household products, detergents, waxes and polishes.

Dessertco is a manufacturer of gourmet frozen (ready-to-bake) cookie dough.

Dessertco   Vancouver  Canada
Dessertco is a manufacturer of cookies, pies and pizzas. Dessertco provide with cookies like chocolate chip, macadamia milk chocolate, oatmeal raisin, macadamia white, chocolate chunk, oatmeal chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, etc. , and pies like cherry pie, apple pie, bleberry pie, etc. , and pizzas like pepperoni, supreme, etc.

Nellie And Joes is a bottling company provides products include west lime juice, key west style marinades, and dressings since 1968.

Nellie And Joes   Pompano Beach  United States
Nellie And Joes specializes in providing and distributing products include west lime juice, key west style marinades, and dressings. Their products include mojo criollo, key west style cuban marinade, key west traditional marinade, old sour, key lime, mango key lime juice, etc.

Eatem Foods Company manufactures and distributes food bases, savory flavor systems, flavor concentrates, broth concentrates, and seasoning bases since 1983.

Eatem Foods Company    United States
Eatem Foods Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing food bases, savory flavor systems, flavor concentrates, broth concentrates, and seasoning bases. Their products include beef bases, chicken bases, food bases, non GMO bases, kosher bases, organic bases, vegetarian bases, gravy bases, vegan bases, seasoning bases, soup bases, etc.

Calico Pie Limited is a UK company, founded by Simon Orde in 1995.

Calico Pie Limited    United Kingdom
Calico Pie Limited performs designing and developing of software, also offer consultancy in software design and development. The company specializes in developing 32-bit applications for the Windows and Windows NT market.

Gamay since 1987 specializes in producing flavors and colors for food industry

Gamay   New Berlin  United States
Gamay offers products like flavors, colors, dairy flavors, sauces, enzyme modified cheeses, heat stable dairy flavors for food industry

Calico Cottage Inc specializes in distributing fudge making equipment, ingredients and merchandising expertise, since 1964.

Calico Cottage Inc   Amityville  United States
Calico Cottage Inc distributes fudge making equipment, ingredients and merchandising expertise. Their products include hot cocoa mix, microwave vanilla fudge mix, microwave chocolate fudge mix, fudge pie mix, pecan pie mix, fudgy pecan pie mix, calico cottage taffy, candy boxes, digital scales and accessories, bakers scales, hanging scales, bench scales, shipping/receiving scales, etc.

Marnap Industries Inc manufactures compounded flavors and seasonings blends.

Marnap Industries Inc   Buffalo  United States
Marnap Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing compounded flavors and seasonings blends. The company products include animal feed flavors, butter flavors, cheese flavors, citrus flavors, essential oils, fragrances, fruit flavors, masking agents, mint flavors, oleoresins, savory flavors, seasoning blends, vanillas, and vegetable extracts.