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Cookie Man Pty Ltd. business which bakes the fresh, mouth watering biscuits, gifts, snacks, and seasonal since 1958.

Cookie Man Pty Ltd.   Hornsby NSW  Australia
Cookie Man Pty Ltd. business serves and makes cream filled, and chocolate coated cookie products, sweet and savory patisserie. They have introduced coffee, and cold drinks. Apart from these they have gift lines, tins, jars, and boxes etc. which are filled with cookies. Fresh coffee, and cold drinks are complimented by snack line products such as brownies, fudge, and large, chunky style gourmet cookies.

Kempwrights Biscuits Ltd manufactures biscuits since 1876.

Kempwrights Biscuits Ltd    United Kingdom
Kempwrights Biscuits Ltd specialize sin manufacturing and distributing biscuits for their customers. Their products and services include vanilla cream filled sandwich biscuit, unsweetened cracker biscuit, packaging, etc.

Bite Me Biscuits Inc is a manufacturer of variety of biscuits for dogs.

Bite Me Biscuits Inc    ,,
Bite Me Biscuits Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of biscuits for dogs. Their products include crunchy carrot, spinach shamrocks, BBQ chicken and cheese, minty moose, barking biscotti, dog gone bones, dog house cookies, etc.

Tektonic Palates LLC is a producer and supplier of various Tektonic pastes and sauces products since 1962.

Tektonic Palates LLC    United States
Tektonic Palates LLC specializes in producing and distributing wide range of Tektonic paste and sauce products. Few of their products are magma hot paste, savory peanut sauce paste, savory olive paste, hot olive paste, savory sauce, etc.

Grandma Wilds produces and distributes biscuits since 1899.

Grandma Wilds    United Kingdom
Grandma Wilds specializes in manufacturing and supplying biscuits. Their product includes crunchy oat biscuit, fruity shrewsbury biscuit, chocolate chip biscuits, citrus lemon biscuits, etc. They also facilitate online purchasing.

Kalmeijer is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of bakery machines since 1920.

Kalmeijer   Den Haag  Netherlands
Kalmeijer specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of bakery machines. Their products include KGM biscuit machine, KTM biscuit machine, etc.

Compagnie Parento Inc supplies fragrances oils for more than 100 years.

Compagnie Parento Inc    United States
Compagnie Parento Inc specializes in supplying fragrances oil for manufacturers of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries, household products, detergents, waxes and polishes.

OKA Germany specializes in the manufacture of machines for production of biscuits and confectionery for more than 100 years.

OKA Germany   Darmstadt  Germany
OKA Germany is a manufacturer of machines for production of biscuits and confectionery. They offer products like bakery, confectionery, mashmallow, marzipan, decorating, pet food, lab units, and accessories.

Jessicas Biscuit distributes wide range of cookbooks through online.

Jessicas Biscuit   Newton Highlands  United States
Jessicas Biscuit specializes in supplying variety of cookbooks. Their products include the edible rainbow garden, nigella bites, the new making of a cook, anatomy of a dish, blue ribbon country cookbook, the original Boston cooking school cook, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Eatem Foods Company manufactures and distributes food bases, savory flavor systems, flavor concentrates, broth concentrates, and seasoning bases since 1983.

Eatem Foods Company    United States
Eatem Foods Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing food bases, savory flavor systems, flavor concentrates, broth concentrates, and seasoning bases. Their products include beef bases, chicken bases, food bases, non GMO bases, kosher bases, organic bases, vegetarian bases, gravy bases, vegan bases, seasoning bases, soup bases, etc.