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American Innovations Inc specializes in providing tests for Bomb Resistant Waste Receptacles since 1995.

American Innovations Inc    United States
American Innovations Inc provides test for bomb resistant waste receptacles. They service to public safety and facility security, bomb resistant waste receptacles, bomb receptacles protective criteria, etc.

Mills Engineering creates and supplies trash receptacles for more than 40 years.

Mills Engineering   White City  United States
Mills Engineering specializes in manufacturing and distributing trash receptacles. Their product includes ashtray urns of various models.

Bohlmann manufactures wide range of concrete products.

Bohlmann    United States
Bohlmann specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of concrete products. The company products are security barriers, concrete planters, trash receptacles, benches, steel trash and benches, drinking fountains, etc.

Dawn Enterprises specializes in manufacturing stone aggregate waste receptacles, cigarette urns, ash and trash units, since 1975.

Dawn Enterprises    United States
Dawn Enterprises manufactures stone aggregate waste receptacles, cigarette urns, ash and trash units, lids, accessories, planters, benches, bollards, stone aggregate receptacles, concrete receptacles, custom benches, exotic woods, memorial plaques, outdoor ashtrays, recycling containers, trash containers, waste barrels, security bollards, park benches and trash chutes, etc.

Anduran Inc manufactures various waste receptacles, utility containers, etc.

Anduran Inc    United States
Anduran Inc specializes in manufacturing a wide range of waste receptacle utility containers for municipal and commercial applications. . Their products include rectangular, plastic, round, plastic, recycle station, replacement liners, drum tops, disposable receptacles, etc.

Titan Manufacturing is a manufacturer of furniture products for more than 25 years.

Titan Manufacturing   Boxborough  United States
Titan Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing furniture products. Their products include benches, trash receptacles, planters, picnic tables and ash urns, etc.

Glaro manufactures wide range of office products and other related accessories since 1945.

Glaro   Hauppauge  United States
Glaro specializes in manufacturing variety of office products and other related accessories for hotels, casinos, institutions, and public places. Few of their products are six wheel carts, safety and security sign panels, sign frames, sign holders and menu displays, drop boxes, waste receptacles, etc.

Chicago Trashpacker was formed in 1984, developed a superior line of vertical trash compactors. Chicago Trashpacker provides waste volume reduction, lowering waste disposal costs and facilitating recycling.

Chicago Trashpacker    United States
Chicago Trashpacker products includes: indoor compactors, marine compactors, and accessories. The company`s compactors are used in restaurants, fast food services, cafeterias, hospitals, schools, cruise and military ships, and offices.

Associated Paper Inc specializes in supplying packaging and shipping products, sanitary maintenance products, office products, and food service products since 1967.

Associated Paper Inc   Conyers  United States
Associated Paper Inc supplies packaging and shipping products, sanitary maintenance products, office products, and food service products. Their other products include paper products, can liners, chemical products, cleaning equipment, matting, receptacles, tools and hardware, etc.

Maglin Site Furniture Inc designs and manufactures public site furniture.

Maglin Site Furniture Inc   Woodstock  
Maglin Site Furniture Inc. manufactures a wide range of products including seating, trash containers, ash receptacles, bollards, bike racks, planters, cluster seating and recycling stations.\r\n\r\nFor over twenty years we\\ve been making the public furniture you require for your projects. Whether the test is from saltspray, sunshine or skateboarders - our furniture must perform to the high standards you demand.