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Distek Inc    United States
Distek Inc specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical test instruments. Their products include dissolution testing, disintegration tablet testers, automated UV and HPLC, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Dynamic Engineering Equipments is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and educational equipments since 1990.

Dynamic Engineering Equipments    India
Dynamic Engineering Equipments manufactures and supplies products for: heat transfer lab, refrigeration and A/C lab, hydraulics lab, production engineering lab, thermodynamics lab, applied mechanics lab, electrical M/C lab, structural lab, aerodynamics turbo M/C lab, stress analysis, and other demonstration models, and industrial equipments.

Cement Test Equipment Inc designs and manufactures cement testing instruments.

Cement Test Equipment Inc    United States
Cement Test Equipment Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing cement testing instruments. They supply various models of speed mixers, HPHT consistometers, gas migration apparatus, HPHT fluid loss cell, etc.

Humboldt Mfg Co specializes in providing testing equipment for all material testing needs like soil testing, concrete testing, asphalt testing, geotechnical, aggregate sieves and splitters.

Humboldt Mfg Co   Norridge  United States
Humboldt Mfg Co provides testing equipment for all material testing needs like soil testing, concrete testing, asphalt testing, geotechnical, aggregate sieves and splitters, general lab equipment and astm and aashto testing apparatus for construction materials testing equipment. The company also offers online orders for their products.

Matest Enterprise manufactures testing instruments since 1983.

Matest Enterprise    Italy
Matest Enterprise specializes in manufacturing testing instruments. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Helmco Manufacturing Inc manufactures wide range of laboratory apparatus and industrial valves since 1973.

Helmco Manufacturing Inc    United States
Helmco Manufacturing Inc is a division HMS Inc, which specializes in manufacturing laboratory apparatus and industrial valves.

Hogentogler and Co Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of geotechnical testing apparatus since 1939.

Hogentogler and Co Inc    United States
Hogentogler and Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing geotechnical testing apparatus used in civil and environmental engineering fields. They offer abrasion tester, absorption cone, aggregate washer, air content cement, air indicator chase, air meters, compactor, extractor, institute viscosimeter, permeameter, aspirator pump, autoclave, breaking heads, brushes, centrifuge extractors, etc.

Barron Clark Castings specializes in producing sand and gravity die castings for more than 60 years.

Barron Clark Castings    United Kingdom
Barron Clark Castings produces sand and gravity die castings. Their services include non destructive testing, production pressure testing, dimensional verification, etc. The company has been quality certified to BS EN ISO 9000:2000.

Capelli and Cie Company manufactures and distributes boiler since 1949.

Capelli and Cie Company    France
Capelli and Cie Company specialize in manufacturing and distributing boiler. They also provide piping, frame, boarding and cover, mechanics general, polishing, scouring, sanding, etc., their products include pressure apparatus, tubular exchanger, thermic treatment oven, burner, reactors, condensers, evaporators, sublimators, etc., the company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Geonor Inc supplies wide range of industrial instruments and testing equipments for more than 20 years.

Geonor Inc   Milford  United States
Geonor Inc specializes in distributing industrial instruments and testing equipments for geotechnical investigation, structural engineering, environmental, and meteorological applications. Their products include field vane testing equipments, T-200B series precipitation gauge, settlement monitoring hydrostatic profiler, vibration and blast monitors, cone penetration testing equipments, and fall cone apparatus.