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Advance Valve supplies safety relief valves since 1961.

Advance Valve    United States
Advance Valve specializes in supplying safety relief valves. Their products include safety valves with flanged connections, flanged steel pressure relief valves, safety valves with threaded connections, cast iron safety valve, cast iron and aluminum safety valve, piston type pressure relief and back pressure valves, pressure reducing valves, etc.

Microchek supplies check valves.

Microchek    United States
Microchek specializes in supplying check valves. Few of their products include microchek valves, check valves, cartridge check valves, etc.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial valves.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd    India
Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd manufactures industrial valves like pilot operated liquid control valve, safety relief valve, pressure reducing valve, gas regulator, knife edge gate valve, jacketed valves, forged steel valves, sight glass and sight flow indicator, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, pulp valve, lubricated plug valve, pinch valve, diaphragm valve, flush bottom valve, etc.

IPS Ltd manufactures excess flow valves, pipelines and hoses for safety and protection for more than 15 years.

IPS Ltd    United Kingdom
IPS Ltd specializes in manufacturing excess flow valves. Their other products include flow fuse, flow limiter, flow check valves, velocity check valves, line burst control valves, pipe rupture safety valves, etc.

Total Valve Systems specializes in the manufacture of valve systems and related products.

Total Valve Systems   Broken Arrow  United States
Total Valve Systems is a manufacturer of valve systems and related products. They offer products like flow control valves, valve and steam specialties, regulators, gauges, boiler safety valves, safety and safety relief valves, gate, globe, angle check valves, stop check valves, etc.

Halogen Valve Systems Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of emergency shutoff systems and hazardous gas detectors.

Halogen Valve Systems Inc   Irvine  United States
Halogen Valve Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of emergency shutoff systems and hazardous gas detectors. Their products include eclipse actuators, typical ton mounting, typical actuator mounting, eclipse and terminator actuator systems, Jupiter and satellite gas detectors, etc.

OCV Control Valves specializes in designing and manufacturing control valves for over 50 years.

OCV Control Valves   Tulsa  United States
OCV Control Valves specializes in designing and manufacturing control valves for over 50 years. Their products include check valves, pressure relief valves, differential control valves, solenoid control valves, pump control valves, pump commander rate of flow valves. pressure reducing valves, digital electronic control valves, float controlled valves, special applications valves, fuel filtration control valves, pump discharge control valves, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Flow Safe Incorporated since 1995 specializes in manufacturing various types of safety relief valves.

Flow Safe Incorporated   Orchard Park  United States
Flow Safe Incorporated provides products like f88 balanced safety relief valve, micro safety valves, soft seated spring operated safety valves, liquid pressure relief valves, and pilot operated safety relief valves to various markets like aerospace, marine, food and beverage.

Autexier manufactures bronze, aluminium bronze, and other copper alloy valves for industrial and marine application.

Autexier specializes in manufacturing wide range bronze, aluminium bronze, and other copper alloy valves. Few of their products are fire hydrant valves, ball valves/visual valves controller, trafo oil valves, safety relief valves, globe valves, check valves, gate valves, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting valves.   Xiamen  0
\"Landee Valve is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of valves. The products category includes ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, safety valve, strainer, and other valve tags. \r\n\r\nSome of the products manufactured are ceramic dome valve, flange end, DN200, PN20, ceramic floating ball valve, class 150, ceramic ball valve, ASTM A351 CF8, 3 inch, forged ball valve, API 6FA, PN150, DN750, ASTM A216 floating ball valve, DN80, PN50, nylon seated full bore ball valve, DN750, gear op, WCB pig ball valve, ASTM A216, 10 inch, 300#, stainless steel full bore ball valve, DIN 2999, etc.\r\n \r\nThe products are used in industries like oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, mining, power generation, construction, and water control. The products are exported to countries like America, Mid East, South Eastern Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.\r\n\r\nLandee Valve has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.\r\n\"\r\n