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Labinal SA manufactures various wiring systems.

Labinal SA    France
Labinal SA specializes in manufacturing electrical wiring systems for aviation, space and defense markets.

Igena S.A manufactures various wire ropes, turnbuckles, and stainless steel fittings for more than 25 years.

Igena S.A   Barcelona  Spain
Igena S.A specializes in producing wide range of stainless steel wire ropes with fittings, turnbuckles, tensioners, etc., for industrial and commercial applications.

Jaz Zubiaurre S.A is a manufacturer and distributor of wire brushes since 1924.

Jaz Zubiaurre S.A    Spain
Jaz Zubiaurre S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing wire brushes. Their products include twist know wheel, crimped cup brush, twist knot cup brush, tube brush, universal brushes, wire and sweeping brooms, flap discs, flap wheels, etc.

Lamineries Matthey SA supplies cold rolling and alloys products since 1901.

Lamineries Matthey SA    Switzerland
Lamineries Matthey SA specializes in supplying cold rolling and alloys products. Few of their products include copper berylium and nickel beryllium, copper alloys, cold rolled strip and foil, rods, wires and tubes, etc.

D.Koronakis S.A manufactures different types of ropes including wire, synthetic, mooring, and combination ropes since 1967.

D.Koronakis S.A    Greece
D.Koronakis S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing different types of ropes. Their product includes wire, synthetic, mooring, and combination ropes, as well as anchors, anchor chains, rigging gears, fiber slings, on deck equipment and various other accessories. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 standards. D.Koronakis S.A is a member of European Wire Rope Association and associate member of Intertanco.

Industrias Garra S.A is a manufacturer and distributor of wire rope and chain fitting products since 1950.

Industrias Garra S.A    Spain
Industrias Garra S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing wire rope and chain fitting products which are used in fishing, agriculture, industry, building, power lines and in many other different areas. Their products include thimbles, shackles, turnbuckles, eye bolts, nuts, etc.

Gilbert S.A manufactures wide range of industrial machines since 1921.

Gilbert S.A    ,,
Gilbert S.A specializes in manufacturing and distributing various industrial machines. Their products include stationary machines, gantry machines, tilting beam machines, gantry and tilting beam machines, half portal machines, vertical and notching machines, and wire saws.

Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. design and manufacture aerostructures, telecommunication, and information systems for the defense companies since 1975.

Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.    Greece
Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. specializes in designing and manufacturing aero structures, telecommunication, and information systems for the defense companies. Their products include medium size sub assemblies, large size sub assemblies, automatic cutting and stripping of wires, automatic wave soldering, etc.

Telkom SA Ltd offers wireline and wireless telecommunication services in South Africa.

Telkom SA Ltd    South Africa
Telkom SA Ltd specializes in providing wire line and wireless telecommunication services. Their services include data, voice, internet, network solutions, domain name registrations, mail solutions, shared web hosting, etc.

Acerinox SA is a manufacturer of stainless steel products.

Acerinox SA    United States
Acerinox SA specializes in manufacturing stainless steel. Their products include stainless steel flat product which includes slabs, billets, black coil, hot rolled sheet, stainless steel long product which includes smooth turned bars, cold drawn bars, reinforcement bar in coils, hot rolled flat bars, stainless steel wire rod which includes wire, bars for electrodes, welding wire bars, etc.