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BS and B Safety Systems LLC designs and manufactures rupture disk since 1931.

BS and B Safety Systems LLC    United States
BS and B Safety Systems LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing rupture disk. Their products include forward acting rupture disks, reverse buckling rupture disks, safety heads, graphite rupture disks, explosion vents, sensors and monitors, custom engineered products, buckling pin relief valves. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001.

High Purity Northwest Inc designs filtration systems and supplies replacement filters for all commercial and industrial applications.

High Purity Northwest Inc    United States
High Purity Northwest Inc products include air and gas filtration, strainers, liquid filtration, lube oil and hydraulic fluids, rupture disks, mixing equipment, etc.

High Temperature Systems Inc is a manufacturer of variety of graphite industrial equipments for more than 29 years.

High Temperature Systems Inc    United States
High Temperature Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of graphite industrial equipments. Their products include molten metal pumps, molten metal transfer piping, DH 102 preheat stations, DH 104 preheat stations, DH 106 preheat stations, DH 108 preheat stations, plate heaters, etc.

Fike Corporation manufactures and supplies various fire protection systems since 1945.

Fike Corporation   Blue Springs  United States
Fike Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of fire protection systems for industrial and commercial applications. Their products include, fire detection systems, industrial explosion and dust explosion systems, fire alarm systems, air monitoring equipments, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Hughes-Primeau Controls, Inc.    ,,
Hughes-Primeau Controls, Inc. is a distributor of electrical heat tracing solutions for industrial and commercial applications, engineered process valves and dampers, valve actuators, limit switches and accessories, magnetic adjustable speed drives and couplings, modular wireless telemetry systems, level and weight instrumentation temperature sensors. The company distributes to the following industries power, steel, process, chemical, refining, etc.

Elfab Ltd manufactures pressure relief safety devices.

Elfab Ltd    United Kingdom
Elfab Ltd specializes in manufacturing pressure relief safety devices. Their product includes bursting discs, bursting panels, explosion panels, detection devices, bursting disc holders, forward acting bursting discs, reverse acting bursting discs, graphite bursting discs, bursting disc replacement products, custom design products, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO standard.

Henderson Industrial Specialties is a distributor of explosion vents, explosion doors, and fracture clips.

Henderson Industrial Specialties    United States
Henderson Industrial Specialties specializes in distributing explosion vents, explosion doors, and fracture clips. They also provide rupture diaphragms and rupture discs, valves, dampers, strainers, line blinds, etc.

Data Storage Depot provides disk, tape, RAID and memory storage products since 1991.

Data Storage Depot   Southbury  United States
Data Storage Depot specializes in distributing disk, tape, RAID and memory storage products for workstations and servers. Their products include tape drives, RAID, SCSI disk drives, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

IPS Ltd manufactures excess flow valves, pipelines and hoses for safety and protection for more than 15 years.

IPS Ltd    United Kingdom
IPS Ltd specializes in manufacturing excess flow valves. Their other products include flow fuse, flow limiter, flow check valves, velocity check valves, line burst control valves, pipe rupture safety valves, etc.

Applied Test Systems Inc is a service provider in providing systems for material testing and process heating since 1965.

Applied Test Systems Inc    United States
Applied Test Systems Inc is a service provider in providing systems for material testing and process heating. They offer products like creep rupture testing, stress rupture testing, universal testing machines, pressure testing, sealant testing, asphalt testing, and calibration blocks. They offer services like installation, calibration, repairs, and training.