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We specialize in providing online ruber distributor.   Ridderkerk  0
Rubber Webshop shopping for rubber flooring, rubber breedribloper, fijnribloper rubber, rubber carpet diamond plate, diamond rubber carpet, rubber hammer carpet, marble rubber carpet, rubber studs and floor rubber sports flooring. The company sell silicone tubing, round rubber cords, rubber rectangular rubber cords, and various rubber profiles: rubber U-shaped profile, rubber side profile, rubber bodywork profile, foam rubber profile or rubber fender d profile.\r\nThe company have a wide range of rubber matting runners. Rubber runners are used as protection of floors or as an anti-slip for stairs and wet areas. The result Olympic Training Rubber Discs are made of rubber, break up the discs are not, and they also do not damage the floor. The products are Rubber flooring, Rubber for animals, Ringmats, Cords, Rubber profiles, Pvc plates, Snakes, Sheet rubber, Ecogrid plastic grids, Stair nosing, Rubber floor mats, Load floor mats, Cable mats, Cellular rubber, and Adhesive or kit.\r\nThe various types of rubber mats. Ring mats are used as entrance mat / doormat, doormat, but also as a sports floor, or in workplaces and walking areas commonly used. The mats are very easy to make each other through connectors. The oploopmat , or laadklepmat , is used in horse or horse trailers, wagons. For the stable course you can use the stalmat , also paardenmat said. The ribbed surface of the mats stable for extra grip and can therefore also be used as anti-slip mat, for example, in buses, trams or vans.\r\nRubber round cord is used as a bump stop because of its shock-absorbing properties, but also as, for example, rubber band, rubber cord or the like opvulsnoer. The range of silicone hoses is spacious. They are single-layered flexible transparent silicone hoses, which are commonly used in medical laboratories, and various industrial applications.

Cord Master Engineering is a design oriented, custom manufacturer of power supply cords, cord sets, and lead assemblies for over 40 years.

Cord Master Engineering   North Adams  United States
Cord Master Engineering specializes in custom manufacturing of power supply cords, cord sets, and lead assemblies. Their products include rubber cordage and rubber moldings, molded lead assemblies, long length cords, custom designed moldings, etc., The company is quality certified to AS 9100 and ISO 9001:2000.

We specialize in manufacturing international power cords, extension cord set, IEC /jumper power cords, rubber cable, wire harness, plug insert, and other electronics wire since 2004.\r\n   Ningbo  0
\"Ningbo Jianuo Electronics Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of international power cords, extension cord set, IEC /jumper power cords, rubber cable, wire harness, plug insert, and other electronics wire. The product category includes american power cords, international power cords, IEC 60320 connector, lamp cord with switch, plug insert, wire harness, rubber cable, HDMI cable, cable ties, working lamp, and night light.\r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are Dryer Cords, Locking power supply cords, GFCI Protection adapter, LA0041 LA052B, LA001C LA002B, WL-001, Y cable, South Africa plug with C13 Connector, UK power cords, AC power cord, power cords, and many more. \r\n\r\nNingbo Jianuo Electronics Co.,Ltd has been quality certified to UL, CUL, VDE, SAA, BSI, IMQ, FI, SEV, CEBEC, IRAM, PSE, and GS certifications. \r\n\"\r\n

Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Corporation manufactures standard adaptors, power cords, and electrical cables.

Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Corporation    China
Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Corporation specializes in manufacturing standard adaptors, power cords and electrical cables. Few of their products are cord sets, rubber line or PVC flexible cord, power cord with switch, extension cord, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Thomas A. Caserta Inc specializes in manufacturing rubber products, since 1948.

Thomas A. Caserta Inc    United States
Thomas A. Caserta Inc manufactures rubber products like rubber washers, rubber gaskets, rubber tubin, rubber bushings, and rubber cord. The company`s rubber is made from materials like EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, viton, silicone, and SBR.

Denver Rubber Company performs design and construction of custom fabricated gaskets and industrial hose assemblies for the past 30 years.

Denver Rubber Company    
Denver Rubber Company is a custom manufacturer of rubber and elastomeric components for the industrial marketplace. The company custom die cut, slit, hand cut and laminate rubber and elastomeric materials to match the most exacting specifications and prints. The company also provides: bulk hose, bulk couplings, and custom hose assemblies for use in industrial OEM markets.

Marco Rubber and Plastic Products Inc is a distributor of rubber and plastic products used for industrial and commercial purpose.

Marco Rubber and Plastic Products Inc   North Andover  United States
Marco Rubber and Plastic Products Inc is a distributor specializing in rubber and plastic products used in industrial and commercial purpose. They offer products like o rings, o rings cord, splicing kits, grommets, square rings, x rings, back up rings, rod wipers, scrapers, u cups, mechanical seals, etc.

Flexan Corporation specializes in engineering, compounding and molding of custom rubber components since 1946.

Flexan Corporation    United States
Flexan Corporation specializes in engineering, compounding and molding of custom rubber components since 1946. The company has been certified to 9001:2000. Their products include insert molding, micro precision components, medical grade components, implant grade silicone components, rubber bonded to metal or plastic, paper handling and rollers, food and water handling products, automotive components, etc.

Elastoproxy Inc produces standard and custom industrial rubber products since 1989.

Elastoproxy Inc    Canada
Elastoproxy Inc specializes in producing standard and custom industrial rubber products. Their products include solid profiles, sponge profiles, bulb trim seals, edge trims, dual durometer, window channels, weather stripping, insulation, heater hose, latches, gaskets, sheet stock, cord stock, etc.

Facab Lynen is a manufacturer of electric cables and wires since 1886.

Facab Lynen    ,,
Facab Lynen manufactures products like: suspension materials, core identification materials, cable drums, energy and safety cables like: self supporting power cables, polyurethane cables, rubber sheathed cables, halogen free cables, telecom and data cables like: cables for industrial electronics, EIB installation cables, computer cables, telecommunication cables, self supporting power cables, tension and crush resistant cords, mining communication and signal cables, fiber optical cables, and compound products like: cable compounds based on rubber, PVC, color master batches for rubber, and for PVC.