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MarineEast manufactures rugged plastic components for more than 20 years.

MarineEast    United States
MarineEast specializes in manufacturing rugged plastic components. Few of their products include adaptors, drains, T fittings, elbows, thru nails, pontoon boats, scuppers, exhaust ports, vents, cup holders, fire ports, fishing, and cleats.

We specialize in manufacturing wall protection & door protection to the UK & Export markets since 1966.   Leeds  0
Yeoman Shield has been manufacturing wall protection & door protection to the UK & Export markets since 1966. Yeoman Shield aims to be a trusted source of information and provide customer services second to none.\r\n\r\nThe company protections include Door Protection, Wall Protection, Corner Protection, Protection Rails, Handrails and Heavy Duty. Door Protection includes Door Panels and Plates, Door Edge Protectors, Door Frame & Architrave, Glazing Beads and Clapping Lath. Wall Protection includes Wall Protection Panels, 200mm Wall Protection Strip, 125mm Wall Protection Strip, 75mm Wall Protection Strip, Imagery, Ultra 60 & Ultra 40 Bed Head Protectors, Guardian Bed Head Protector, 200mm & 125mm Bed Head Protectors, Stainless Steel Foot Rails and Skirting. Corner Protection includes Standard Corner Protection, Ultra Corner Protecton, Corner Trims and Stainless Steel Corner Protection Angles. Protection Rails include 200mm Wall Protection Rails, 125mm Protection Rails, 75mm Wall Protection Rails, 200mm Contra Wall Protection Rails, 125mm Contra Protection Rails, Premier Protection Rails, Rub Rail and Ultra 60 Protection Rails. Handrails include Guardian Handrails, NEW Guardian 50mm dia. Handrail PVCu, NEW Guardian 50mm dia. Handrail Timber, NEW Guardian 50mm dia. Handrail Stainless Steel and NEW Guardian Twin Handrail. Heavy Duty includes D-Fender, New Mini D Fender, Duo Fender & Mini Duo, New E-Fender, Mini E-Fender, Type 1 - Floor Mounted Bollard, Type 2/2a - Floor Mounted Bollard, Type 4 & 5 - Floor Mounted Bollards, HD100 (H) Rubber Corner Protection Angle, HD 100 Rubber Corner Protection Angle, MD75 (H) Rubber Corner Protection Angle, MD75 Rubber Corner Protection Angle, Midi-Fender and Footrails.\r\n\r\nAs a manufacturer and installer of protection solutions for 50 years Yeoman Shield pride on delivering a set of products which meet your requirements no matter how complex. Door Protectors not only protect from unsightly damage but can also be used in certain circumstances to refurbish damaged doors and fire doors in accordance with the RRO regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 (FSO) regulations, making it a more economical alternative to a new set of doors. It is common place in buildings, such as hospitals, hotels, schools and factories, that a wall will be a plain, plastered, painted affair which quickly becomes damaged, marked and grubby. Corner protectors provide the optimum performance and offer a simple, stylish and versatile solution to building protection. Protection rails are designed to prevent damage in areas such as corridors, walkways, receptions and waiting rooms where a barrier rail or bump rail is needed to protect against impact damage caused by the movement of trolleys, equipment, furniture and people. Handrails are ideal for Hospital wards and corridors, care homes, SEN Schools and other public buildings. Designed to be robust and strong, they do not contravene the DDA regulations and meet HTM 69.

We specialize in the manufacture of conveyor belt repair & belt jointing materials for industrial and mining enterprises.   zhengzhou  0
Henan Yinmeite Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of conveyor belt repair & belt jointing materials for industrial and mining enterprises. The company mainly focuses on sales, engineering technic consultation and project on rubber cold splicing repair materials. The main products produced are cold splicing material, cold splicing cement (SK313), repair strip(with CN bonding layer), repair patches, wear resistance rubber sheet( with semi-cured layer), metal primer (SK363), AB compound strip, AB compound cement, and cleaning agent. \r\n\r\nThe company provides conveyor belt maintenance materials, tools and equipment to Power plant, steel plant, coking plant, cement plant, grain, mine, port, chemical industry, the subway and etc. \r\n\r\nThe Hot splicing materials manufactured in the firm include hot splicing glue, uncured tie gum, uncured cover rubber and fabric reinforced network for usual conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, PVC& PVG solid woven belt.\r\n\r\nSpecial tools and product like angle grinder, (L1202 high-power and low-speed), high speed grinder (SA7000C), T2 extruder gun, ply knife, impact bar, impact bed, and special rubber with acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance are sold.\r\n\r\n

Rubber to Metal Bonding specializes in distributing rubber products.

Rubber to Metal Bonding    United States
Rubber to Metal Bonding distributes rubber products. The company`s services includes rubber bonded to metal, rubber rollers, molded rubber, rubber grommets, rubber metal bondings, molded rubber products, and bonded rubber washers.

Bull Rubber Limited manufactures precision moulded rubber components since 1970.

Bull Rubber Limited    United Kingdom
Bull Rubber Limited specalizes in manufacturing precision moulded rubber components. Their products include sleeves, washers, anti vibration mountings, rubber or metal bounded components.

Lewis and Lambert designs, fabricates, contracts HVAC components for more than 35 years.

Lewis and Lambert    United States
Lewis and Lambert specializes in designing, fabricating, contracting HVAC components. Lewis and Lamberts spiral division manufactures spiral pipe and fittings. Their products include angle rings, spiral pipe and fittings, acoustical and thermal panels, etc.

Angling Technics manufactures baitboats. The company was established in 1992.

Angling Technics   Malmesbury  United Kingdom
Angling Technics specializes in manufacturing remote controlled baitboats for fishing. The company products include bivvy light, solar panel, flexi aerial, xenon beacon, digital battery meter, livebait hopper covers, etc.

Contact Rubber Corp. manufacturer of rubber, and urethane contact wheels, expanders, and rubber rollers since 1962. Their molded products are prototyping thru production, rubber to metal bonding

Contact Rubber Corp.   Bristol  United States
Contact Rubber Corp. manufacturer of rubber contact wheels and rubber rollers used on abrasive belt grinding equipment. They also manufacture urethane and rubber molded products, rubber prototyping and design. Their rubber roller and wheel recovery service includes silicone, polyurethane, buna N, neoprene, EPDM, and hypalon.

Aero Rubber Company Inc manufactures and supplies industrial rubber products since 1973.

Aero Rubber Company Inc    United States
Aero Rubber Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying industrial rubber products. Their products include molded, extruded and die cut rubber products, fabricated gaskets, matting, sheeting lab, hose ducting, rubber bands, stationery, industrial, pallet, drum liner, rubber bracelets, custom rubber bands, promotional rubber bands, silicone bracelets, printed wrist bands, awareness bracelets, etc. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Cascade Rubber Products Inc designs, manufactures and distributes custom rubber molding products since 1974.

Cascade Rubber Products Inc    United States
Cascade Rubber Products Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing custom rubber molding products. They also offer rubber rope.