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Central Bottling International Limited provides industrial manufacturing equipment and services to the food, beverage and packaging industries for more than 25 years.

Central Bottling International Limited    United Kingdom
Central Bottling International Limited specializes in providing industrial manufacturing equipment and services to the food, beverage and packaging industries. They provide quick fit, release lightweight change parts, adjustable collation systems, container feed parts, labelling equipment and change parts, colour coded feed parts, etc. Their products include slat band conveyors, zero pressure combining and deceleration systems, ultra low back pressure modular pack conveyor systems, horizontal and vertical accumulation systems, roller pack conveyor systems, crate conveyor systems, elevator and lowerator systems, pallet conveyor systems, etc.

American Rentals Inc provides construction equipments, houseowner equipments, party equipments for rent and sale.

American Rentals Inc    United States
American Rentals Inc specializes in providing construction equipments, houseowner equipments, party equipments for rent and sale. Few of their products include compaction plate, jumping jack compactor, jumping jack compactor diesel, roller 1 ton 36 drum, roller 3 to 5 ton, trench roller 24, space heater, bottle jacks, camper jacks, engine hoist, etc.

Moriwaki Engineering Co Ltd specializes in the development and design of parts for motorcycles and cars since 1973.

Moriwaki Engineering Co Ltd    Japan
Moriwaki Engineering Co Ltd designs and manufactures parts for motorcycles and cars. The company also offers joint research and development in various products and special engineering Japanese motorcycle trading companies, motorcycle aftermarket parts. Few of their products include exhaust, back step, skid pad, carbon parts, front stand, and maintenance stand, stand hook roller m6, stand hook roller m8, stand hook roller m10, catch bottle, etc.

We are a manufacturing enterprise specialize in logistic conveying equipments and conveying components. Our company also supplies services for logistic conveying companies in domestic and abroad.   Shanghai  0
UCH Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise specializes in logistic conveying equipments and conveying components. Company also supplies services for logistic conveying companies in domestic and abroad.\r\n\r\nMain product categories of the company includes conveyor, rollers, top chains, modular belts, machine parts, leveling pads, other parts, skate wheel, universal ball, flow rail, corner track, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes Belt conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, modular belt conveyor, screw conveyor, keel chain conveyor, and bottle turning conveyor and grip top chain conveyor, power roller, free roller, single row sprockets drive, accumulated roller, tapered roller, O type slot roller, steel roller, yy-1200A flat lattice frame modular belt, yy-1100a flat plate modular belt, yy-1400 series modular belt, YY-1500 series modular belt, 1700/1800/5997 series modular belt, yy-1600 series modular belt (mesh belt), sprocket wheel, 820 series top chain, roller chain, 882tab flexible top chain, tooth form top chain, multiflex top chain, small type straight top chain, 802 stainless steel straight top chain, corner track series, side guard, planet wheels, star-shape sprocket, fixed feet, tube ends, handles, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as hinges, flexible spanner & knobs, bracket head series, roller transition chain, frame support elements, supporting base, side bracket, side guard bar, side guard clamp, return wheel, wear strip, support bar, stainless steel accessories, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany provides services for many industries like drink, dairy, beer, top slaughtering firms, machinery trade organizations and international well-known package brands.\r\n\r\nUCH Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9000 standards.

We specialize in the manufacture of lifting tools since 1990.   qingdao  0
ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools co., LTD is a manufacturer of lifting tools like spring balancer, cargo trolley/roller skids, lifting jack, air bearing and casters, permanent magnetic lifter, manual hoist and material handling tools.\r\n\r\nThe company produces tools like spring tools balancer from 1 kg to 400 kg, Cargo trolley/roller skids capacity from 3 tons to 1000 tons, Lifting Jack capacity from 2.5 tons to 100 tons, contains hydraulic jack, and mechanical jack.\r\n\r\nThe company provides Air Casters products like Air rigging system summary, 10 MT Air Casters, 16 MT Air Caster Rigging Systems, 20 MT Air Film Transporters, 32 MT Air Bearings and Casters, and 48 MT Air Bearings Casters.\r\n\r\nThe Machinery Moving Skates including Go Straight Roller Skids, Veered Roller Skid, Steerable Machinery skates, CT Crawler-type roller skids, Lifting Bar, Rotating Moving Dolly, Geared Cargo Trolley, Rotating cargo trolley, Rollers in Parallel, Swivel pad top rollers, and Roller skids kit with nylon wheels are supplied.\r\n\r\nLifting Jack like Hydraulic Toe Jack, Low Toe Jack, Spiral Jack, Bottle Jack, Mechanical Jack/Rack Jack, Toe Jack, and Hydraulic double piston bottle jack are manufactured in this company.\r\n\r\nThese products are widely used while relocating a factory, heavy duty equipment moving, and machinery moving works\r\n

Lithoroll manufactures roller since 1958.

Lithoroll   El Monte  United States
Lithoroll specializes in manufacturing roller. Their products include precision rollers, metal rollers, etc.

Crane Tools installs tools for carpets, vinyl, and laminate floors. Their products includes PVC solid vinyl welding, vinyl rollers.

Crane Tools.    United States
Crane Tools provide installations for carpets, and laminated floors. Their products are vinyl tile cutter, tile box grabber, metal mitre, deluxe dividers, and scribers, inside cove kit, vinyl base corner holder, professional straight edge, delphin knife, vinyl sealer bottle, and adhesive syringe

Alasco Rubber and Plastic Corporation established in 1959 is a manufacturer of a wide range of custom rubber, silicone and cast polyurethane products.

Alasco Rubber and Plastic Corporation    United States
Alasco Rubber and Plastic Corporation manufacture polyurethane rollers, barrel bungs, rubber matting, paper feed rolls, printing rolls, capstans, pinch rollers, holding jigs, gears, and other diverse products. Alasco Rubber and Plastic Corporation is a custom molder of silicones in a wide range of uses from wine industry barrel bungs to custom parts and proto-types in the electronic industry. Alasco Rubber and Plastic Corporation offer over 2, 000 standard small molded parts.

Atlanta Brush manufactures variety of cylinder, strip and punch brushes.

Atlanta Brush    ,,
Atlanta Brush specializes in producing wide range of cylinder, strip and punch brushes.

Lampire Biological Lab Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of polyclonal antibody production services, antibodies, reagents and animal blood products since 1977.

Lampire Biological Lab Inc   Pipersville  United States
Lampire Biological Lab Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying polyclonal antibody production services, antibodies, reagents and animal blood products. The company provides services include bioreactor and cell culture production, control and reagent manufacturing, quality assurance, product development, veterinary sciences and alternative non animal based production methods for mammalian immunoglobulin.