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Miller Thermometer Company Inc   Hartford  United States
Miller Thermometer Company Inc supplies thermometers. Their products include dial thermometer, pocket thermometer, bimetallic thermometer, diary thermometer, adjustable angle thermometer, tube thermometer, bimetal, bimetal accessories, clocks and timers, lab and floating, refrigerator freezer, etc.

Cruvinet is a site that provides about wine preservations.

Cruvinet is a site that provides information on dispensing system, and wine preserving. Their features includes Thermoplane glass with convenient sliding doors, panel mounted, remote reading thermometer and thermostat, cooling indicators and open door lights, adjustable pressure gauge, electronically controlled refrigeration, stainless steel adjustable siphon tubes.

Armatherm is a manufacture of glass thermometer and areometer products since 1949.

Armatherm    Germany
Armatherm specializes in manufacturing glass thermometer and areometer products. The company has ISO 9001:2000 certification. Their products include bimetal dial thermometers, gas filled measuring system, dial and remote thermometers, measuring and control instruments, etc.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc designs and manufactures analog and digital circuits since 1983.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc   Sunnyvale  United States
Maxim Integrated Products Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing analog and digital circuits since 1983. The company products include data converters, interface circuits, rf wireless circuits, clocks and oscillators, battery management circuits, fiber optic transceivers, microcontrollers, operation amplifiers, power management circuits, t and e carrier transceivers, switches and multiplexers, sensors, voltage references, and automatic identifications.

Hexagram Inc manufactures automatic meter reading systems since 1972.

Hexagram Inc    United States
Hexagram Inc specializes in manufacturing automatic meter reading systems. Few of their products include STAR AMR networks, STAR AMR solution for submetering, compumatic remotes, and meter reading systems.

WAN Partnership Ltd provides wireless LAN solutions.

WAN Partnership Ltd   Reading  United Kingdom
WAN Partnership Ltd is a service provider, which offers design and installation for wireless LAN solutions.

Optex Co Ltd manufactures and sells security products, automatic door sensors, thermometers and environmental products that utilize applied infrared technology.

Optex Co Ltd    Japan
Optex Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying security products, automatic door sensors, thermometers and environmental products that utilize applied infrared technology. The company product includes intruder detection, outdoor detectors for remote/local video applications, automatic door sensors, customer information systems, measuring equipment, control device, environmental products, etc.

Elster Instromet manufactures gas measuring and regulating devices for more than 150 years.

Elster Instromet    Germany
Elster Instromet specializes in manufacturing energy measuring systems, ultrasonic, turbine, rotary and diaphragm meters. Their products include electronic station flow computers, volume correctors, data read out and evaluation systems and automatic remote data read out devices, etc.

ECCO Corporation is a distributor of specialty instrumentation, process, and filtration products.

ECCO Corporation    
ECCO Corporation products and applications include controls, level, flow, filtration, pressure/vacuum, temperature, sanitary, steam, pumps and mixing.

Enerdyne supplies science and nature related educational products.

Enerdyne    United States
Enerdyne specializes in distributing science and nature related educational products. They also provide information about various science or nature related topics. Few of their products are telescopes, binoculars, magnifiers, brunton compasses, scientific equipment and supplies, petoskey stones, wind chimes, books, posters, charts, maps and globes, satellite images, etc.