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Microchek supplies check valves.

Microchek    United States
Microchek specializes in supplying check valves. Few of their products include microchek valves, check valves, cartridge check valves, etc.

Advance Valve supplies safety relief valves since 1961.

Advance Valve    United States
Advance Valve specializes in supplying safety relief valves. Their products include safety valves with flanged connections, flanged steel pressure relief valves, safety valves with threaded connections, cast iron safety valve, cast iron and aluminum safety valve, piston type pressure relief and back pressure valves, pressure reducing valves, etc.

Flow Safe Incorporated since 1995 specializes in manufacturing various types of safety relief valves.

Flow Safe Incorporated   Orchard Park  United States
Flow Safe Incorporated provides products like f88 balanced safety relief valve, micro safety valves, soft seated spring operated safety valves, liquid pressure relief valves, and pilot operated safety relief valves to various markets like aerospace, marine, food and beverage.

Halkey Roberts manufactures valves for medical, inflation and pressure relief applications since 1941.

Halkey Roberts   St. Petersburg  United States
Halkey Roberts specializes in manufacturing valves for medical, inflation and pressure relief applications since 1941. The company products include tubing clamps, check valves, hand pumps and flow control valves, luer syringe valves, needleless valves, swabable valves, poppet valves, tube end valves, urinary drain valves, Y ports, T ports, PVC tubing flanges, fill and drain valves, in line valves, pressure activated and pressure relief valves. life jacket inflators and manifolds, oral inflation tubes and valves, inflatable boat valves, PVC tubing flanges, inflation valves container valves, mounting flanges, boat valves, sight glasses and humidity indicators etc. The company had been quality certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-13485.

Aquatrol Inc is a manufacturer of municipal power, steam and water filtration systems since 1947.

Aquatrol Inc    United States
Aquatrol Inc specializes in manufacturing municipal power, steam and water filtration systems. Their products include ASME section VIII steam, air, gas, safety relief valve, liquid relief, by pass over protection pressure relief valve, ball seated air steam gas safety relief valve, non code steam, liquid safety relief valve, pressure and vacuum relief valve, etc.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial valves.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd    India
Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd manufactures industrial valves like pilot operated liquid control valve, safety relief valve, pressure reducing valve, gas regulator, knife edge gate valve, jacketed valves, forged steel valves, sight glass and sight flow indicator, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, pulp valve, lubricated plug valve, pinch valve, diaphragm valve, flush bottom valve, etc.

Kepner Products Company designs and manufactures flow control valves since 1948.

Kepner Products Company    United States
Kepner Products Company specializes in producing flow control valves. Their product includes check and relief check valves, relief valves, shuttle valves, split flange, lock or pilot valve, etc.

Glenfield Valves specializes in manufacturing valves, since 1852.

Glenfield Valves    
Glenfield Valves manufactures valves like gate valves, air relief valves, check valves, butterfly valves, flow and pressure control valves, in-line regulating valves, submerged discharge valves, free discharge valves, ball float valves and fire hydrants.

Generant is a designer and manufacturer of pressure and flow control devices for various industrial applications for more than 75 years.

Generant    United States
Generant specializes in designing and manufacturing pressure and flow control devices for various industrial applications. Their products include check valves, relief valves, needle valves, tube fittings, safety relief valves, thermal relief valves, pressure regulators, etc.

Anderson Greenwood manufactures various pilot operated safety relief valves. The company was established in 1947.

Anderson Greenwood    United States
Anderson Greenwood specializes in manufacturing pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and manifolds. Few of their products include direct spring, operated pressure, relief, pilot operated, pressure relief, tank protection. etc.