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Aguss manufactures of aguss centrifugal clutches and gearboxes for more than 20 years.

Aguss    Denmark
Aguss specializes in manufacturing aguss centrifugal clutches and gearboxes. Their products include construction machinery, pumps, refrigerators, compressors, ventilators, tools, textile machinery, Karts, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Labnet International Inc manufactures and distributes laboratory equipments.

Labnet International Inc   Woodbridge  United States
Labnet International Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing various laboratory equipments. Their products include centrifuges, liquid handling products, molecular biology equipment, benchtop shakers and rockers, incubators and laboratory plastics.

Hitachi Koki Co Ltd manufactures wide range of industrial power tools for more than 20 years.

Hitachi Koki Co Ltd   Tokyo  Japan
Hitachi Koki Co Ltd specializes in producing and supplying various industrial power tools. Few of their products are preparative ultracentrifuges, micro ultracentrifuges, high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, high-capacity refrigerated centrifuge, compact centrifuges, blood cell washing centrifuges, large-scale continuous flow ultracentrifuge, rotors, adaptors, tubes, vacuum pumps, air compressor, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO:9000.

Ashland Electric Products Inc manufactures motors, fans, and blowers for commercial, industrial, and military applications since 1953.

Ashland Electric Products Inc    United States
Ashland Electric Products Inc sspecializes in manufacturing wide range of motors, fans, and blowers. The company products are inverter driven centrifugal blower, inverted centrifugal blower, stator, rotor sets, centrifuge motor, centrifugal blower, vaneaxial fans, airborne refrigerant compressor motor, Induction motors, etc.

D and D Maintenance and Millwright Service Inc fabricates piping, refrigeration systems and equipments for the past sixteen years.

D and D Maintenance and Millwright Service Inc    United States
D and D Maintenance and Millwright Service Inc is a service provider, which specializes in the fabrication of piping, refrigeration and insulation products for food, dairy and beverage industry. Their services include process piping, ripping, utility piping, refrigeration, insulating, etc.

J Hogan Refrigeration and Mechanical Co Inc provides refrigeration and mechanical system services since 1968.

J Hogan Refrigeration and Mechanical Co Inc   Peru  United States
J Hogan Refrigeration and Mechanical Co Inc specializes in offering refrigeration and mechanical system services. Their service includes ammonia refrigeration, HVAC, sheet metal fabrication, welding, digital control systems, piping, etc.

Johnson Controls manufactures integrated products, systems and services for the residential and light commercial markets.

Johnson Controls   York  United States
Johnson Controls specializes in manufacturing of integrated products, systems and services for the residential and light commercial markets. YORK was acquired by Johnson Controls. Their products include residential, light commercial hvac industrial commercial hvac, industrial refrigeration products.

BLM Automatic Clutch Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing several types of centrifugal clutches for a variety of small and large applications.

BLM Automatic Clutch Ltd   Niagara Falls  United States
BLM Automatic Clutch Ltd designs and manufactures several types of centrifugal clutches for a variety of small and large applications. Their products include type e, hmu type f, integral sheave type soft start c, etc. Their products are based on two main designs which inlcude 4 block series clutches and 6 block series, 4 block series finds application in chippers, tampers, concrete pumps, mortar mixers and conveyors, refrigeration, etc, 6 Block Series are used in large industrial and varied commercial applications such as crushers, fans deep well pumps, centrifuges, brake drums, textile machinery, etc.

Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd supplies various refrigeration parts for the past 16 years.

Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd    Canada
Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd specializes in supplying various refrigeration parts. Their services include artificial ice plants, commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, heat reclaim system design and dehumidification, parts and services. The company also provides parts and equipments.

Amtekco Industries Inc manufactures custom equipment for the food service areas in the supermarket, convenient store and plumbing wholesale industries.

Amtekco Industries Inc   Columbus  United States
Amtekco Industries Inc specializes in manufactures various supermarket floor plan, c store, plumbing wholesale, fixture and caswork, etc. Few of their products include fresh fish case, half hex floral cooler, mobile ice display merchandisers slant top, mobile refrigerated units, open refrigerated self serve case, pizza station, refrigerated beverage case, refrigerated enclosed case, etc.