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Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment for more than 30 years.

Axyos    Australia
Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment. They offer products like hospital dryers, environmental, ovens, incubators, water baths, shaking, and refrigerated incubators.

Thermal Product Solutions is a manufacture of thermal products.

Thermal Product Solutions    United States
Thermal Product Solutions specializes in manufacturing thermal products. Their products include enviromental rooms, forced air industrial ovens, incubators, vaccum chambers, thermal shock chambers, vibration test systems, etc.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc is a designer and manufacturer of chillers, heat exchangers since 1913.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc   Ossipee  United States
Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing chillers, heat exchangers. Their products include high performance refrigerated and non refrigerated chillers and heating systems which includes air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, non refrigerated heat exchangers, specialty fluids chillers, etc.

Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd supplies various refrigeration parts for the past 16 years.

Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd    Canada
Ammonia Master Refrigeration Ltd specializes in supplying various refrigeration parts. Their services include artificial ice plants, commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, heat reclaim system design and dehumidification, parts and services. The company also provides parts and equipments.

Alltemp Products Company Limited manufactures and distributes electric motor and components since 1970.

Alltemp Products Company Limited    Canada
Alltemp Products Company Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing electric motor and components for the refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliance, plumbing and electrical industries. Their products include refrigeration and air conditioning components which includes access fittings, accumulators, air conditioner brackets, air conditioner filters, electrical components includes conduit connectors, current relays, disconnect switches, heating components includes bearings, blower wheels, combustion chambers, electric motors includes agitator motors, air boosters, air compressor motors, accessories includes adhesives, bearings, blower wheels, etc.

Calorex Ltd specializes in manufacturing heat pumps and dehumidifiers, for more than 28 years.

Calorex Ltd    
Calorex Ltd manufactures heat pumps and dehumidifiers like refrigerant commercial dehumidifers, desiccant dehumidifiers, hot water heat pumps, process drying process drying humidifier, mobile dehumidifiers, air conditioning fans, automatic heater/chiller machines for pools, indoor pool dehumidification, swimming pool heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, etc.

Bay Voltex Corporation manufactures and sells temperature control systems since 1980.

Bay Voltex Corporation    United States
Bay Voltex Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying temperature control systems. Their products include mercury series, single channel chillers, 19 rack mount chillers, cooling systems for cat scanner, hre series heat exchangers, etc.

HENGEL Industrie offers a complete range of refrigerated facilities for the bakers, pastry makers, ice-cream makers and chocolate makers since 1983.

HENGEL Industrie    France
HENGEL Industrie products include deep-freezers, refrigerators and freezers, retarder provers cabinets, retarder provers chambers, blast freezers, refrigerated tables, etc.

SKOPE Industries Ltd specializes in the manufacture and design of commercial refrigeration and heating products for industrial and residential use since 1965.

SKOPE Industries Ltd    New Zealand
SKOPE Industries Ltd manufactures and designs refrigeration and heating products for industrial and residential use. They offer products like domestic heating, background heating, space heating, bathroom heating, food preparation and storage, horizontal display and storage, vertical display and storage, etc.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute is a trade association for manufacturers of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipments.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute    United States
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute is a trade association for manufacturers of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipments. They also provide product rating standards, product certification programs, communications programs, and statistical programs.