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Acran Spill Containment Inc is a supplier of battery products since 1980.

Acran Spill Containment Inc   Moreno Valley  United States
Acran Spill Containment Inc specializes in supplying battery products. Their products includes battery racks, sill containment systems, spill response kits, neutra mats, battery terminal insulator, NiCad tubes, neutra tubes, battery trays, NiCad mats, etc.

Aldonex Inc manufactures and distributes DC power supplies and plating equipment since 1967.

Aldonex Inc   Wooddale  United States
Aldonex Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing DC power supplies and plating equipment. Their products include digital remote control, aldonex scr rectifiers, manual or motorized variable transformer, aldonex tap switch rectifiers, aldonex periodic reversing units, water cooled rectifiers, scr pulse rectifiers, etc. , they provide service for parts and service, new and used DC power supplies and other equipment, etc.

American Microsemiconductor Inc supplies semiconductors and obsolete parts.

American Microsemiconductor Inc   Madison  United States
American Microsemiconductor Inc specializes in supplying semiconductors and obsolete parts. Few of their products include semiconductors, diodes, integrated circuits, transistors, optoelectronics, thyristors, etc.

Anacon Automation and Controls distributes various Solid State Electronic Timers, DIN and Panel Mount platform, Switches, etc.

Anacon Automation and Controls   Concord  United States
Anacon Automation and Controls is a representative distributor of Airotronics, Anacon Power and Controls, BT International Safety Relays, Crouzet, Dwyer Instruments, Inc, Love Controls, Teledyne Relays, Fagor Electrónica and Elan GmbH and Co. KG. Few of their products include temperature switches, panel meters, humidity switch, pressure gauges, chart recorders, synchronous motors, stepper motors, safety solenoids, etc.

CKE is a manufacturer of high voltage silicon rectifiers, MOVs, selenium suppressors, silicon carbide varistors, high voltage disk ceramic capacitors, high current and high voltage assemblies since 1980.

CKE    United States
CKE acquired Dean Technology Inc. in 1999. The company products include high voltage diodes and assemblies, high voltage bridges and bridge assemblies, custom high voltage multipliers, etc. CKE introduces the TRANZAP line to provide replacements for silicon zener products.

Comau supplies equipments since 1973.

Comau    ,,
Comau specializes in supplying equipments since 1973. Few of their products include machine tools, laser welding technologies, new control units, teach pendants, powertrain systems, injection moulds, etc.

Control Engineering Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic control products since 1971.

Control Engineering Inc    United States
Control Engineering Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing electrical and electronic control products serving industrial, commercial, and OEM accounts. Their products include liquid level controls, sensing and timing relays, broken wire detection, accessory items.

Electrowind specializes in manufacturing transformers and site equipment electrics, etc.

Electrowind    United Kingdom
Electrowind manufactures transformers and site equipment electrics. Their products includes transformers which includes single phase and 3 phase, lighting, heating or cooling, site equipments, etc.

Empire Electric Company Inc.    ,,
Empire Electric Company Inc. manufactures and distributes transformers, rectifiers, motor controls, pumps, adjustable frequency drives, switchboards, custom control panels and elevator rectifiers. Inc is a search engine, which provides information about finishing industry and their services. Inc    ,, Inc is a site, which provides information about finishing industry and their services including anodizing, plating, powder coating anodizing, black oxide, dip spin coating, electrocoating, electroless plating, electroplating, galvanizing, mechanical plating, passivation, plating, powder coating, sputtering, and vacuum processes.

General Semiconductor Industries Ltd provides sourcing solution since 1996.

General Semiconductor Industries Ltd.   Andover  United Kingdom
General Semiconductor Industries Ltd specializes in providing sourcing solution since 1996. Their products include capacitors, LED, TVS, microprocessors, connectors, relays, optoelectronics, crystals, resistors, electromechanical, RF, diodes, microwave etc.

Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc specializes in failure and construction analysis of electronic devices for more than 70 years.

Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc   Highland  United States
Gideon Analytical Laboratories Inc is a service provider, which specializes in failure and construction analysis of electronic devices used in computer products, mainframe, automotive, trains, aerospace, amplifiers, radios, nuclear reactors, etc.

HBS Equipment Corporation designs, manufactures and supplies automatic and manual plating, metal finishing and cleaning systems for plating, anodizing and printed circuit board industries.

HBS Equipment Corporation   La Mirada  United States
HBS Equipment Corporation products include automated modular plating systems, manual modular plating systems, plating and processing tanks, plating and anodizing assemblies, D. C. power supplies, plating accessories, parts and supplies.

HV Component Associates specializes in designing, and manufacturing high voltage rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers.

HV Component Associates   Farmingdale  United States
HV Component Associates designs, and manufactures high voltage rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers. Their products include high voltage diodes and assemblies, high voltage bridges and bridge assemblies, custom high voltage multipliers, high voltage power supplies, custom high voltage component assemblies, etc.

IXYS Corporation is a distributor of power management semiconductors for more than 20 years.

IXYS Corporation    United States
IXYS Corporation specializes in distributing power management semiconductors. They offer products such as power MOSFETs, IGBT discretes, fast recovery diodes, schottky diodes, low side gate drivers, HV bridge gate drivers, interface ICs, MOSFET modules, IGBT modules, FRED modules, rectifier diodes and bridges, thyristor and diode modules, DCB substrates, etc.

J Tron Inc specializes in electronic distribution for over 11 years.

J Tron Inc   Elmwood Park  United States
J Tron Inc specializes in electronic distribution. They manufacture products like battery holders, breadboards, cable meters, capactors, connetors, crystals, electronic labs, ham accessories, test points, test clips for commercial and industrial purposes.

Metal Weld India manufactures welding machines and welding equipment since 1981

Metal Weld India   Ludhiana  India
Metal Weld India specializes in manufacturing welding machines and welding equipment. Their products include multi process welding machine, arc welding sets dc welding rectifiers, spot welding machines, projection welding machines, special purpose machine, projection welders, etc.

Microtherm specializes in supplying safety devices and components for thermal management.

Microtherm   Lower Eashing  United Kingdom
Microtherm supplies safety devices and components for thermal management. Their products include thermal cutouts, thermostats, thermal fuses, power relays, switches, luminaries and thermistors, indicators, fans, motor and transformer protectors, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.



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