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HV Component Associates specializes in designing, and manufacturing high voltage rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers.

HV Component Associates   Farmingdale  United States
HV Component Associates designs, and manufactures high voltage rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers. Their products include high voltage diodes and assemblies, high voltage bridges and bridge assemblies, custom high voltage multipliers, high voltage power supplies, custom high voltage component assemblies, etc.

Dutch Rectifier Group manufactures rectifiers for more than 50 years.

Dutch Rectifier Group   Aalsmeer  Netherlands
Dutch Rectifier Group specializes in manufacturing various rectifiers ranging from 1 A to 20, 000 A, and 1 V to 400 V, which is used in several industrial applications. The company also produces products like pulse reverse modules, welding transformers and battery chargers. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

International Rectifier manufactures power semiconductors since 1947.

International Rectifier   El Segundo  United States
International Rectifier specializes in developing power semiconductors. The company product includes analog, digital and mixed-signal ICs, circuit devices, power systems, components, etc.

Aldonex Inc manufactures and distributes DC power supplies and plating equipment since 1967.

Aldonex Inc   Wooddale  United States
Aldonex Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing DC power supplies and plating equipment. Their products include digital remote control, aldonex scr rectifiers, manual or motorized variable transformer, aldonex tap switch rectifiers, aldonex periodic reversing units, water cooled rectifiers, scr pulse rectifiers, etc. , they provide service for parts and service, new and used DC power supplies and other equipment, etc.

Empire Electric Company Inc.    ,,
Empire Electric Company Inc. manufactures and distributes transformers, rectifiers, motor controls, pumps, adjustable frequency drives, switchboards, custom control panels and elevator rectifiers.

Sun Light Electronics Group specializes in the manufacture of electronic components and related parts for more than 10 years.

Sun Light Electronics Group   Kowloon  Hong Kong
Sun Light Electronics Group manufactures electronic components and related parts. They offer products like silicon rectifier diodes, automotive rectifier diodes, high voltage silicon rectifier, silicon bridge rectifiers, audio power transistor, dvd player, vcd player, dvd home theater, mini vcd hifi, amplifier, portable vcd player, mp3 player.

Diotec Semiconductor AG produces and sells semiconductor devices.

Diotec Semiconductor AG    Germany
Diotec Semiconductor AG specializes in producing and selling semiconductor devices. Few of their product lines include standard rectifiers, rectifiers, schottky diodes, zener diodes, TVS diodes, and HV diodes.

C and H Technology provides online supply of power electronic components and assemblies.

C and H Technology    United States
C and H Technology specializes in providing online supply of power electronic components and assemblies. The site provides search engine to find products by manufacturers. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2001 standard. Few of their products are power semiconductors, bridges, rectifier diodes, clamps, heat sinks, power hybrids, flexible bus bars, etc.

CKE is a manufacturer of high voltage silicon rectifiers, MOVs, selenium suppressors, silicon carbide varistors, high voltage disk ceramic capacitors, high current and high voltage assemblies since 1980.

CKE    United States
CKE acquired Dean Technology Inc. in 1999. The company products include high voltage diodes and assemblies, high voltage bridges and bridge assemblies, custom high voltage multipliers, etc. CKE introduces the TRANZAP line to provide replacements for silicon zener products.

Matcor Inc manufactures cathodic protection systems and products for more than 30 years.

Matcor Inc    United States
Matcor Inc specializes in manufacturing cathodic protection systems and products. Few of their products include anodes, cables, rectifiers, splice kits, test stations, instruments, rectifiers, electronic assemblies, power cables, etc.