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Hyman Hendler and Sons designs and sells ribbons and trims for decorative purpose since 1930.

Hyman Hendler and Sons    United States
Hyman Hendler and Sons specializes in manufacturing and supplying ribbons and trims for decorative purpose. Their product includes yarn dyed cotton and rayon grosgrain, cotton and rayon washable pre shrunk grosgrain, nylon satin, satin back velvet, rayon satin, rayon picot taffetta, etc.

Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd is a manufacturer of chemicals and plastics, fibers, etc., for industrial and commercial use.

Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd    Japan
Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd specializes in producing chemicals and plastics, fibers, etc. Their products includes methyl methacrylate monomer, functional esters, fine chemicals, organic solvents, thiodipropionic acid, chemicals, acrylic sheet, acrylic molding material, plastic modifier, specialty products, construction materials, water tanks, carbon fibers and composite materials, hollow fiber membrane elements, water purifiers, etc., for industrial and commercial purposes.

Conso manufacturer of decorative trimmings for the home furnishings industry in the world since 1867. Conso deals with millinery trimmings for the fashion industry.

Conso    United States
Conso manufacturer of decorative trimmings. Their products are manufactured in a variety of yarns such as rayon, and acetate, cotton, polyester, UFAC approved yarns for the furniture industry. Their accessory products are raffia, shell, wooden, metal, glass beads, and even feathers. Conso is a manufacturer and marketer of ribbons and trimmings for the apparel, craft, and home decorating

Ganpati Tubes and Fabricators Pvt Ltd manufacture tubes for mills, and slitting lines.

Ganpati Tubes and Fabricators Pvt Ltd    India
Ganpati Tubes and Fabricators Pvt Ltd designs and manufactures steel pipes, and tubes. They are specialized for manufacturing products such as galvanized pipes. Their products are used by fertilizers, furniture, heat exchangers, instruments, Pharmaceuticals, and paper and rayon.

Agro Engineers manufactures machinery and automobile gears, mechanical engineering power transmission gears since 1969.

Agro Engineers   Kota  India
Agro Engineers focuses on providing a complete gear service, from design, engineering and product development, to complete manufacture and sales of gears, gearboxes and related power transmission mechanisms. Agro Engineers manufactures products like machinery and automobile gears, and power transmission gears like worm gear boxes, custom gears, gear boxes, gear shafts, pinions, racks, pinion gears, chain sprockets, etc. Agro Engineers products satisfies the need of industries like stone, mining, engineering, cement, fertilizers, rayons, textiles, chemicals, nuclear, thermal, hydro electric plants, coal handling plant, hydro multipurpose projects, and many other applications. Agro Engineers is quality certified to ISO 9001. Agro Engineers also works for govt. projects, large scale industries and small scale industries.

ELMRAD ENGINEERING CO. PVT. LTD. is a manufacturer of mechanical variable speed drives for over 25 years.

ELMRAD ENGINEERING CO. PVT. LTD. manufacture and distribute variable helical geared motor, variable worm geared motor, worm gearbox, double worm reduction gearbox, worm geared motor, heli-worm gearbox, helical gearbox to industries like cable, cement, food, leather, machine tools, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastic, polymer, printing, paints, pumps, rayon, etc.

Ganga Acrowools Limited manufactures and supplies fine count yarns and coarse count yarns for over 60 years.

Ganga Acrowools Limited   Ludhiana  India
Ganga Acrowools Limited specializes in manufacturing and supplying fine count yarns and coarse count yarns. Their products include acrylic yarns, woollen yarns or blended yarns, hosiery yarns, blanket yarns, carpet yarns, hand knitting yarns, weaving yarns, etc.

Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of air compressors and vacuum pumps for various industrial applications since 1985.

Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd   Ahmedabad  India
Indo air Compressors Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of air compressors and vacuum pumps for various industrial applications. Their products include single stage compressors, two stage compressors, multi stage high pressure compressors, single and two stage dry vacuum pumps, heavy duty water cooled compressors, etc.

Cogetex S. A. manufactures products such as fabrics, yarn, and raw cotton.

Cogetex S. A.   Geneva  Switzerland
Cogetex S. A. is a supplier of variety of textiles from fibres to fabrics, including yarn and cloth, grey and bleached, made of cotton and a large variety of other raw materials and blends. The company also provides services from technical advice and products development to financing and credit facilities.

Leigh Fibers Inc is a manufacturer, buyer and seller of textile waste and fiber by products since 1922.

Leigh Fibers Inc   Spartanburg  United States
Leigh Fibers Inc specializes in processing, buying, and selling textile waste and fiber by products. Their products include cleaned cotton waste and gin motes, willowed card waste, lint cleaned card waste, lint cleaned motes, card waste for spinners, opened thread, fabrics, and filament waste, etc. they produce products of various fiber types, including cotton, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, rayon, acetate, wool, jute and hard fibers, aramids, synthetic fiber blends, and blends of natural and synthetic fibers.