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Gow-Mac Instrument Co manufactures instruments and thermal conductivity since 1935.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co   Bethlehem  United States
Gow-Mac Instrument Co designs, and manufactures thermal conductivity detectors. They are specialized for products such as gas chromatographs, binary gas analyzers, process instrumentation, custom, applicated instrumentation, gas handling equipment, and gas leak detectors.

LeCroy Corporation manufactures oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers since 1964.

LeCroy Corporation    United States
LeCroy Corporation specializes in manufacturing oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers for electronic industrial applications. Their products includes wave expert series, vehicle bus analyzers, wavejet series, compare oscilloscope, serial data analyzers, fibre channel, protocol test card, differential amplifiers, etc. They offer services like instrument service, training, technical support service, protocol solutions, etc.

Data Physics Corporation specializes in providing signal processing solutions since 1984.

Data Physics Corporation   San Jose  United States
Data Physics Corporation provides signal processing solutions. Their products include dynamic signal analyzers, vibration controllers, shakers and accessories. The company has been quality certified to 9001:2000.

John Fairstein is a site, which provides medical holography work and historical images.

John Fairstein    ,,
John Fairstein is a service provider, which specializes in providing medical holography work and historical images.

CIC Photonics Inc manufactures analytical, industrial instrumentation and sampling systems.

CIC Photonics Inc    United States
CIC Photonics Inc specializes in manufacturing analytical, industrial instrumentation and sampling systems. The company product includes gas analysis systems and FTIR accessories.

Armatek Controls Limited is a distributor of instruments and industrial controls since 1966.

Armatek Controls Limited    Canada
Armatek Controls Limited specializes in providing instruments and industrial controls for more than 40 years. Their products include orifice plates, flanges and accessories, custom panels, cabinets, thermocouples, rtds, assemblies, interconnecting wire, temperature assemblies, thermocouple wire and cable, etc.

Tektronix Inc manufactures and distributes test, measurement, and monitoring equipment for global communications networks since 1946.

Tektronix Inc   Richardson  United States
Tektronix Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing test, measurement, and monitoring equipment for global communications networks. Their products include oscilloscopes, real-time spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, signal generators, probes and accessories, signal analyzers, generators and monitors, mpeg analyzers, generators, network diagnostics products, network management products.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc specializes in providing calibration services.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc    United States
Ballantine Laboratories Inc provides calibration services. Their products include calibrators and automated systems, thermal voltage converters, meters, thermal elements, probes, manuals, accessories, parts, etc.

GIGA Electronics Ltd distributes wide range of telecom test and measurement instruments.

GIGA Electronics Ltd   Sofia  Bulgaria
GIGA Electronics Ltd specializes in supplying various testing and measuring instruments for telecommunication industry. Their products include direction finding and monitoring equipment, RF radiation detection and exposure assessment instruments, RF and microwave components and accessories.

Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc serves laboratories and online, industries, government research, utilities, municipalities for water and waste water analysis and control since 1991.

Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc   Arlington  United States
Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc specializes in serving laboratories and online, industries, government research, utilities, municipalities for water and waste water analysis and control. Their services include analytical instrumentation for sensing, monitoring, treating and controlling, waste water sludge odor grease reduction, hazardous waste material testing and storage, soil contamination, instrument consulting and sales.