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Belgoprocess processes radioactive wastes.

Belgoprocess    Belgium
Belgoprocess is a service provider, which specializes in radioactive waste, treatment, management and storage consulting services.

ADCO Services Inc disposes radioactive and hazardous waste since 1965.

ADCO Services Inc    United States
ADCO Services Inc specializes in disposing radioactive and hazardous waste for the nuclear industry, research and medical fields. Their services include ballast disposal, ewaste disposal, decontamination and decommissioning, fluorescent bulb disposal, sealed source disposal, mixed waste disposal, etc.

JLM Products and Design Inc has developed a wide range of wooden and wood related products and also manufactures radioactive waste containment components since 1983.

JLM Products and Design Inc    United States
JLM Products and Design Inc can design and manufacture any wood, plastic, or steel component. Their products are specialty shipping containment systems, radioactive waste containment systems, etc.

Envirite Inc provides treatment and recycling of metal bearing liquids or solids, including contaminated solids and debris, liquid and dry waste recovery.

Envirite Inc    United States
Envirite Inc specializing in treatment and recycling of metal bearing liquids or solids, including contaminated solids and debris, liquid and dry waste recovery. Their service includes inorganic liquid waste treatment, inorganic solid waste treatment, drummed waste treatment, transportation services, recycling services, remediation and field services, etc.

Envikraft A S designs, manufactures, and installs incineration systems since 1967.

Envikraft A S    Denmark
Envikraft A S specializes in manufacturing incineration systems. Their incinerator systems ranges from cremators to automatic incinerators for infectious medical and pathological waste from hospitals and clinics, low level radioactive waste from nuclear installations, as well as industrial and municipal waste. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Integrated Environmental Services Inc provides environmental consulting services since 1983.

Integrated Environmental Services Inc   Atlanta  United States
Integrated Environmental Services Inc specializes in offering environmental consulting services. They provide technologies and systems for on site management of waste compressed gas cylinders, radioactive materials, chemical biological weapons, and other high hazard elements.

Viridor Waste Management Ltd provides waste management services for environmental applications.

Viridor Waste Management Ltd    United Kingdom
Viridor Waste Management Ltd is a division of Viridor Waste Ltd, which specializes in providing waste management services for environmental applications. Their services include recycling, composting, household waste recycling site management, transfer stations, power generation, energy from waste incineration, clinical and confidential waste service, hazardous waste treatment, commercial liquid and dry waste collection, site restoration and remediation of contaminated land, safe and efficient landfill disposal, waste auditing and minimization services.

Implant Sciences Corporation manufactures and distributes wide range of detection devices since 1984.

Implant Sciences Corporation    United States
Implant Sciences Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying various detection devices for homeland security, semiconductor and medical device industries. They also offer radioactive products for the treatment of cancer. The company also provides state of the art ion implantation and wafer analytical services for the semiconductor industry.

Waste Management Inc. is a service provider of comprehensive waste management services, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Waste Management Inc.    United States
Waste Management Inc.`s industrial services group provides services in waste collection, transportation and disposal services such as recycling, hazardous and special waste disposal and fuels blending operations. The company also plans and provides services on: elimination of hazardous waste, roll off containers, special waste, disposal services, and hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

Biffa Plc provides waste management services

Biffa Plc    United Kingdom
Biffa Plc specializes in providing waste management services. Biffa Plc operates in four divisions such as Collection, special Waste, Landfill, and Power Generation. They offer include waste collection, treatment and recycling, and disposal services.